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DOMESTIC DESIGN CLIENT: Young Business Couple LOCATION: Castlefield, Manchester DURATION: 6 Weeks

Designing an urban house for a young business couple in Castlefield, Manchester, using Frank Lloyd-Wright as the design influence for the architectural principles. The client required both public space and personal living space within the house.

This bespoke house was designed for a young professional couple who both need to work from home: he is an art dealer and has other entrepreneurial business interests, she is a journalist and successful novelist. The couple required entertaining space which could be converted into a gallery so consideration of the divide between personal living space and public space was incredibly important. The waterside locality was also something that had to be highly considered in the design of the house as the couple owned a barge that was to be moored directly outside the property.


I was asked to be influenced by the architect Frank Lloyd-Wright, as the couple deeply admired the architectural principles that this architect used in the building, Fallingwater.



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