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Katchakid® Pool Safety Net

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Remember, the Katchakid® barrier is a supplementary pool safety aid. The best safety around pools is undivided and competent adult supervision. A Katchakid barrier can never replace adult supervision. Nor can it be a guarantee against drownings or other accidents. Complies with ASTM Standard F1346-91 Manual Pool Safety Cover.

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SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Read before operating your Katchakid. Failure to following these WARNINGS could result in serious injury or death.

Thank you... for choosing the Katchakid pool safety net system (the Katchakid). Meticulously developed, rigorously tested and perfected over four decades – far longer than any of its competitors – the ASTM Standard F1346-91 compliant Katchakid incorporates modern innovation in child pool safety. That’s why Katchakid is at the forefront of the pool protection industry. Over 350,000 parents, schools, communities and safety experts worldwide rely on it. Although we make every effort to provide you with the safest product available, we want to stress the following: As a swimming pool (spa or pond) owner, be aware that you must ensure your child’s safety. There is a risk of accidents or drowning when around any body of water. Katchakid recommends “layers” of protection, of which our cover is one. You should not rely on any one layer to be impermeable. Please use your swimming pool with caution. If after reading this Manual you are uncertain of the safe operation of a Katchakid and or if any person whomsoever gives you conflicting or confusing information on use of any aspect of the Katchakid, please call Katchakid, Inc. for clarification. If a sales person or installer gives information that contradicts this Manual, you should disregard their instruction on that topic and direct your question to our corporate office – Toll Free 1.888.552.8242. For service or maintenance, please contact your distributor or local Katchakid branch.

Your local Katchakid representative is: ___________________________________________________________________________________ For Authorized Service please call: _____________ – _____________ – _____________________ Installation Date: _____ / _____ /_____

Partially covered pools: Always completely uncover the pool before use. A partially covered pool poses a safety hazard. Never allow anyone to swim under the net. Pool water level: Never cover the pool without the proper water level under the net. It is recommended that this distance be 6 to 7 inches. You may be able to lower the water level for more room. Safety hazards are a possibility if the water level is not maintained within this range. Please note always consult your swimming pool manufacturer’s manual for recommended water levels before taking action. Cover operations: Only properly instructed responsible individuals should operate the Katchakid. The Katchakid is a manual safety net system, and its operation requires some strength; therefore, caution should be used or medical opinion should be sought before operation of the Katchakid by individuals who are pregnant, suffer from heart problems, weak or lower back problems, or any physically limiting disability or health condition. Playing or jumping on net: Do not allow children or adults to play or jump on the Katchakid. Children should not be permitted to operate the Katchakid. Avoid walking on net: Although the Katchakid is designed to support an adult’s weight, do not walk on the cover except in the event of an emergency. Walking around net: Although level with the swimming pool’s surface, care should be taken when walking around the Katchakid to avoid the possibility of tripping.

Use only on pool on which originally installed: All Katchakid’s are custom designed to form fit to the shape of the pool for which they are made and are not intended for use on any other pool. The Katchakid must only be used on the pool for which it was originally installed. The Katchakid cannot be safely used on any other swimming pool or other water feature other than that for which it was originally installed. Proper installation: The professionals at Katchakid Inc strongly recommend that certified pool safety net technicians perform the installation of a Katchakid. Improper installation could result in serious injury or death. Maintenance: Always replace your Katchakid on your swimming pool, spa and or water feature when not in use. Please make sure that your pool service company, or anyone in charge of your pool maintenance, is aware of all the information and warnings within this Manual. Cleaning: When properly positioned, anchored, and tensioned, the Katchakid will not interfere with most standard pool cleaning equipment, such as Barracudas, Creepy Crawlies and Polaris systems. When chemically treating your swimming pool, properly dilute concentrated chemicals before pouring them through the Katchakid. If in doubt about the proper dilution ratio, please contact the manufacturer of the chemical you are using. Storage: Before storing your Katchakid pool , remove all leaves and debris from the net’s surface. Spray with a hose and gently brush to remove dirt. The Katchakid does not need to be dried prior to storage. Katchakid recommends storing the Katchakid far enough off of the ground to avoid damage by mice and rodents. Never place the cover near chemicals or a heat source, as excessive heat can melt the cover.

REMOVAL OF YOUR KATCHAKID If you do not understand any of the following instructions, please watch the video footage that was left with you and/or contact your local Katchakid distributor for further assistance.


1. Place EZ-Ratchet fastener into the EZ-Ratchet anchor (C).

(Central Tension System)

2. Attach the EZ-Ratchet’s clasp to the loop on the central tension pulley rope. 3. Pull the handle away from the pool until the CTS (Central Tension System) fastener can be removed from its anchor (B). Remove the fastener from the anchor. 4. Maintain tension on the handle as you press the EZ-Ratchet release button. Slowly allow the CTS to release.


5. Now that the tension is released, remove the remaining CTS fastener from its anchor (A).


6. Release the EZ-Ratchet fastener from its anchor (C) and store the EZRatchet in a safe place. WATER


18" to









7. Now give the Katchakid a couple of firm tugs. You have now successfully released the CTS. 8. Now you can remove all of the fasteners from their anchors. Fasteners located in the centers of the lengths and the width will be easiest to remove when the cover is relaxed. When removing the net these anchors should be removed first. 9. Once all fasteners are free from their anchors the Katchakid is rolled up onto the EZ-Roller. There will be an anchor specifically for the EZRoller located in one corner of the pool area. Your net roller must be positioned and anchored in this same anchor each time. 10. Begin to roll up the Katchakid. (When rolling up the cover, the roller should turn clockwise for right-handed cranks (counter clockwise for left-handed). As you roll the net, make sure that the net squares pass evenly through the square hole and smoothly over the top of the EZRoller, taking care not to let the net fall over the sides. If required, move the EZ-Roller and store it in a secure place.

RE-COVERING THE WATER FEATURE WITH YOUR KATCHAKID Always re-cover your pool, spa, or other water feature with your Katchakid after use.

1. Position the Katchakid’s EZ-Roller in the correct position facing the pool. Insert the EZ-Roller fastener into the EZ-Roller anchor. 2. Taking the corner of the cover marked by the start tag begin to unroll the Katchakid from the EZ-Roller by walking along the edge of the pool towards the start anchor at opposite corner while simultaneously pulling the Katchakid from the EZ-Roller. 3. As the net is shaped exactly to the shape of your pool, it must be replaced in exactly the same position each time. The specially marked start tag fastener and anchor will assist you in the proper alignment of your Katchakid. Place the start tag’s fastener into its anchor. 4. Now walk around the pool and insert the remaining fasteners into their anchors. When replacing the Katchakid it is advisable to attach the corner fasteners first. Fasteners located near the imaginary lines that pass through the CTS should be the last to be secured before closing the CTS. 5. Place the CTS fastener into anchor A. (The anchor not in line with the EZ-Ratchet’s anchor) 6. Attach the EZ-Ratchet’s Clasp to the CTS’s loop. 7. Place the EZ-Ratchet’s fastener into the EZ-Ratchet’s anchor (C). 8. Before finally closing the CTS walk around the swimming pool making sure all fasteners are firmly secured in their anchors. 9. Pull the EZ-Ratchet’s handle away from the pool until the remaining CTS fastener reaches its anchor (B). Place the fastener into its anchor (B). Maintain the tension on the handle as you press the EZ-Ratchet’s release button. Ensure the fastener remains in the anchor (B). 10. Remove the EZ-Ratchet’s fastener from its anchor (C) and detach the EZ-Ratchet’s clasp from the CTS’s loop. Store the EZ-Ratchet in a safe place. If required, move the EZ-Roller and store it in a secure place.

WATER FEATURE SAFETY There is no substitute for competent and constant adult supervision. Please review the following safety recommendations.

� Never – not even for a second – leave children alone around open standing water of any kind – Swimming Pool, Spa, Pond, River etc... Always know where your children are.

� If you have a pool safety fence, do not leave chairs, ladders or other objects near the pool that would allow a child to climb up and over the fence. Make sure all fence gates have self-closing latches.

� Never rely entirely on a safety device or product – nothing can replace constant adult supervision.

� Make sure your child understands how jumping or diving into water can result in injury. Know the depth of the water and the location of underwater hazards before permitting children to jump or dive.

� Never allow your children to swim alone or without an adult present. � Check the pool first when your child is missing. � Never think or assume that someone is watching your child, unless you have designated an adult to watch the water. � When entertaining or using the pool, always designate an adult who can swim to watch the water at all times. Life Guards can be hired for a day. � Maintain your water feature. Keep the water clear and clean so visibility is kept at a maximum.

� Teach your children to swim and cope with all conditions of all types of water – e.g. depth, water temperature, tides, currents, and weather.


LIMITED WARRANTY This product warranty you received from your seller is a limited warranty. The warranty does not cover damage to the Katchakid caused by, among other things:

� Use approved personal flotation devices whenever on a boat or fishing, and while playing near a river, lake, or ocean.


� Teach children not to walk, skate, or ride on weak or thawing ice on any body of water.

Remove the cover(s) completely before entry of bathers, entrapment is possible.

• Coping wear

� Teach your child to never attempt to rescue a pet.

Non-secured or improperly secured covers are a hazard. Do not walk on the cover except in an emergency.

• Incorrect replacement of a net

� Inform your child of the methods to obtain help.

• Improper installation by an uncertified installer

• The installation of a Katchakid on a water feature for which it was not originally installed

� Position all swimming pool jets in such a way that any floating objects will end up in the shallow end of the pool, close to the steps or ladder.

� Support efforts in your state to pass legislation to establish basic safety requirements for all swimming areas both public and private.

Failiure to follow all instructions may result in injury or drowning. Katchakid meets ASTM F1346-91 class msc when used as instructed.

• External heat sources

� Remove all toys and floating objects from the pool when it is not in use.

� Learn CPR and support the inclusion of CPR training in school.


• Animal and or pet chews.

� Never allow bikes and ‘rideable’ toys in the pool area.

� Counsel children, especially teenagers, about the dangers of alcohol and drug consumption during water related recreational activities.

To reduce the risk of drowning, do not permit children to use this product.

• Acts of god, weather, and other events beyond the control of Katchakid, Inc.

� Have a telephone jack installed by the pool. Never go to answer a door or telephone bell while your children are swimming or your pool is unprotected. � Buy and have on hand equipment approved by the US Coast Guard: life-preservers, life jackets, shepherd’s crook etc... Make sure children’s caregivers and supervisors know all the safety precautions and are fully trained in CPR.

� Remove all water from containers, such as pails and 5-gallon buckets, immediately after use and put containers away. � Never leave a child unattended in the bathroom. Keep toilet lids closed and locked and bath plugs out of reach.

Remember, the Katchakid net is a supplementary water safety aid. The best safety around pools is the undivided attention of a competent adult. A Katchakid net can never replace adult supervision, nor can it be a guarantee against drowning or other accidents.

• Unauthorized or improper modification of the Katchakid These are some but not all of the situations that are not covered under the warranty and will cause your Katchakid to fail to comply to the ASTM F1346-91 standard. If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact Katchakid, Inc.