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THE COLLECTION Inspired by the fascinating Yakan people of Basilan, famous for their beautiful weaving, the Heritage Collection is composed of limited edition, culture passionate styles for the modern woman. For the first wave of DESIGNS, the collection highlights the Bunga-sama type of weaving, which mimics the markings of the skin of the python snake.

Statement drop earrings & statement cuff,  Farah Abu Accessories (; Tisiphone necklace, Bosquejo Bazaar; Gaddang Belt, The Manila Collectible Co.

Beaded bib necklace & turquoise cuff, Farah Abu Accessories; Gaddang Tapis, The Manila Collectible Co.

“I am what the water gave me, / a smoke-ring in a jar, / the braided rope / my ladder-to-the-light, / my shivering bird heart / caught” 

― Pascale Petit, What the Water Gave Me: Poems After Frida Kahlo

When the weather is fine

Feather earrings & Necklace, Farah Abu Accessories; Floral midriff and black & honeysuckle skirt, Michele Sison et Kleid; Malong (worn as shawl), Yakang Yaka Barter

Suwat headpiece, The Manila Collectible Co., Necklace, Farah Abu Accessories; Red Jersey

On Fil: feather earrings, necklace, Farah Abu Accessories; Floral midriff, black and honeysuckle skirt, Michele Sison et Kleid On Rose Joy: drop earrings, Farah Abu Accessories; Ifugao vest, The Manila Collectible Co., red jersey dress, Michele Sison et Kelid twitter | yllashoes instagram | yllashoes email |

photography | April Arevalo models | Fil Kepler, Rose Joy Pinuela makeup | Diane Lorenzana

SPECIAL THANKS Farah Abu Accessories | Bosquejo Bazaar Accessories | The Manila Collectible Co. | Michele Sison et Kleid Kelly Marian Murga Mortensen |

Ylla Heritage Collection 2014  

Step into the beautiful story of the Yakans, intricately loomed into each strand... Inspired by the fascinating Yakans of Basilan, Philippi...

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