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You know it well

You hear it often, because apparently thought is loud , Is real , and reach to all people. Feel like you’re sitting alone in the room And looked at the wound scarred.

Yes –this is picture of a dream , which is well known to me. Everything is an illusion, miscerable swamp, Where everything is drowning like a log. Look around , are you sure everything is as it seems?

Can you safely say that the star had never cast a shadow, It’s just a mystifivation, which does’t go to us. You know well the rules of the game, You know you’re not the only one.

You can’t buy for money the most beautiful moments in your life And remember about this the miss does’t always mean suffering At the end , despite all the advantages of this story I have it at the same time for everything and for nothing.

This is nothing, that you come to the world and break the perfect design. This is how two steps forward, and then five back. So, it’s best to have your own world ,whitout a plan and rationale , And let it enter into force without any invitation.

by: Adrian Arendarski Agnieszka Winiarska Anita Ustarbowska Monika Wantke

You know it well.  

Adrian, Agnieszka, Anita and Monika

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