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PG Editorial Welcome to this year’s edition of PG Times, the supplement to our school newspaper Brihtne Glavce. In this issue you will be able to read an extraordinary interview with one of the biggest boy band attractions of our time! If boy bands are not your cup of tea, then you might enjoy our articles about different topical issues such as ecology. Having a teenage crisis? No worries. Go through our advice column, other teens are experiencing similar problems to yours – and they might have already found the solutions. Don’t forget to enjoy are literary sections and browse through are comics and riddles. And last – but not least – enjoy your summer holidays! Katarina Gostinčar

How To Save The Planet Simple! Follow these rules: 1. We must save the energy. 2. We must make electric cars. 3. We musn't smoke. 4. We must save the water. 5. We must recycle. 6. We musn't dispose rubish just anywhere. 8. We shouldn't use fuel. 9. We should use bio fuel. XXXXX, 8. a

The American way of life Americans are very interesting people. I like some things about their lifestyle and there are also things that I don’t like. First, let’s see some good things. They have so many amazing fast food restaurants like McDonald’s Burger King, Subway, KFC, Pizza Hut etc. I would love to have them all here in Slovenia. I know it’s not healthy, but admit it, fast food is delicious. Then there is Amazon. It must be amazing to have everything on one online shop. We have Mimovrste, but it’s nothing compared to

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