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Motoko Okumoto

Takayuki Ako

Koji Kato

The Center for the Promotion of Integrated Sciences The Graduate University for Advanced Studies Kanagawa, JAPAN

The museum of Tokyo Institute of Technology Tokyo Institute of Technology Tokyo, JAPAN

The museum of Tohoku Gakuin University Tohoku Gakuin University Miyagi, JAPAN



□Photograph record

□Register in the database

1500~2000items were damaged by the Earthquake and Tsunami.


Tag □Yes(No.



<Results of the inspections


) )

Exhibition and Interview

01. Salt pollution 02. Fungus


03. Insect damage

05. Thread

04. Clay, sand or dust


05. Clay,sand, dust


06. Breach


07. Deformation

09. Pottery

08. Abrasion )

09. Others (


《Remarks column》

After Cleaning

These items had been cleaned by the student volunteers who are students of TGU and other 6 universities. Totaled over 550 students had participated in the restoration project of the museum of TGU.





Cleaning and Repairing


Written by cake ink □Yes/□No



) Indicator(

Aqueous cleaning □Yes □No


) Person in charge(


) Person in charge(

Changes after the first cleaning □Yes □No

Changes after the second cleaning □Yes □No

The dairy of the project

The analysis of the cleaning process For example, the most damage of restoration is a wreckage of materials during cleaning. The wreckages of materials were happened in the act of brushing.

The human error analysis from the diary 1:An incomplete form Ex.(2011.7.28)

We missed to take photos after clearing. instruction was not transferred to all.


1:An incomplete form Ex.(2011.7.7)

We failed to clean an item with water despite the request of the medical record not to be used water. Read the instruction of the medical record!


They held the exhibition at the building of the former community center where a department in charge of the management of cultural assets was located.

These information will be involved in the new catalog of these items

No. of Work

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Tohoku Gakuin University (TGU) rescued and accepted these items.

For the catalog of these items

Medical Record of Cultural Properties(Ayukawa Repository)

Initial state

Rescue of cultural properties from Ayukawa Repository at Miyagi, Japan

The medical record of a damaged item

Sharing the narratives

The narrative note

The student asked the interviewee to talk about their memories and episodes associated with displayed materials. .

International Congress 2013

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