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Lisa Recently Published 2008 Identification Robbery Facts: *Identity theft improved over 20%. *Over 9 thousand individuals were affected by identity theft offenses. *The average cost of identity theft was over $500.00, although many were much higher. *Identity theft offenses are developing even quicker. Over 70% of identity theft offenses happen within a week of the identity being thieved. That's up from 33% in 2005. *Although identity criminals are getting more innovative, conventional methods of identity theft like taking purses, accessories, checkbooks and charge and cards are still the most likely. Once identity criminals have this details in hand, they can increase the details by finding out even more on-line. Despite identity theft avoidance technological innovation from programs to code services, identity theft is increasing. Not only is it developing more frequently, it is developing even quicker. Checking monthly claims from financial and credit score organizations is advice but it just may not be enough. Many have converted to on-line financial to evaluation their dealings everyday by Clickatell SMS Invoices wants to get customers details even quicker. What's even quicker than verifying everyday on-line on even e-mail alerts? Clickatell SMS Receipts Clickatell SMS Invoices is a assistance used by financial institutions, financial institution, payment processor chips or creditors to inform clients instantly by word to their cellular cellphone of all dealings. Over 3 thousand individuals use and rely on mobile phones everyday and that SMS technological innovation is already built into every cellular cellphone. With over 200 thousand texts sent in 2008, individuals are already acquainted with the process. Over 80% of the first cellular cellphone creation already uses texts and a increasing 40% of their mother and father are finding the textual content trend as well. Notifying clients instantly gives clients an advantage to identify faults or scams and stop it instantly. Providing Clickatell SMS ReceiptsTM gives power to customers. According to Wayne Van Dyke, chief executive and creator of Javelin, "Customers want more control, and organizations should offer tools to clients to check details, username and passwords."

He contributes that "customers can be just as effective and help get scams, because one out of two scams cases is first recognized by the client." Ever on eBay? On Facebook? Clickatell is too. Moneybookers, the quickest growing e-wallet assistance available to both Myspace and eBay customers, is already using Clickatell SMS Invoices real-time technological innovation to offer quick notifies to clients. "Real-time SMS notifies, such as those provided by Clickatell, help make Moneybookers one of the most protected options to pay on the internet. With Clickatell SMS Invoices, we will offer our clients yet another mind-easing protection feature for their on the internet dealings," says Nikoiai Riesenkampff, Co-CEO of Moneybooker.. Clickatell SMS Invoices Customers include: -Standard Bank -First Nationwide Bank -Nedbank -CapiTec -Old Mutual -Moneybookers -Metropolitan Life -Visa -S1 Organization and others Why S1 Organizations Use Clickatell "Convenience and protection are two of the driving factors in the adopting of cellular financial by customers and on the internet company financial customers", said Robert Fitzgibbons, S1's Vice President of Product Technique. "By offering practical SMS notifies immediately to the client's cellular cellphone, banking organizations can inform clients of consideration position, build believe in in the cellular route, and website by reducing expensive client started toll-free phone calls. Given Clickatell's experience in offering enterprise-quality SMS for financial institutions around the world, they have the respected systems in place to offer protected, excellent alternatives to their clients." Is your financial institution TXTing U? With cellular cellphone texts we have real-communication with our family members, friends and

colleagues. Clickatell SMS Invoices is using that same technological innovation to avoid identity theft ASAP.

==== ==== check clickatell and get discount ==== ====

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