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==== ==== learn all tricks on and secrets on wow check the official website ==== ==== There are some household pets in WoW that are very unusual, some are unusual because you can only get them in one position and in a restricted amount, some are unusual because you will need to stage your rep in one of the many faction categories in the overall activity, and then there is the Westfall Hen. This WoW Pet is available to all but only if you know about it in progress and only if you know how to get it. Rare WoW Pet - The Westfall Chicken: The Westfall Hen is a bright chicken and like any other WoW pet do not have a exclusive objective other than having a awesome associate on your part while you perform the overall activity. If you perform on a RP activity hosting server or if you like to get in to a WoW outfit a pet chicken can be awesome to have, but any chicken will do, right? So the Westfall Hen is more of a position pet than anything else. How To Get The Westfall Hen On WoW? Sine spot 3.1.0 the WoW Pet - Westfall Hen, can be acquire by Group and Partnership (Before the spot only Partnership gamer could get this WoW pet in the way described here, and Group required to think outside the box to get it). All you need to do to get this unusual WoW Pet is finish the pursuit providing by anyone of the flock in WoW... WoW flock providing quests? This is the key for this exclusive WoW pet - Getting the pursuit from the chicken. The pursuit is not available for you if you just look for it, you will need to know what to do, and how to do it... How to do the WoW Quest ("CLUCK!") for the WoW Hen Pet? To get the pursuit for acquiring the Westfall Hen you will need to emote /chicken when you focus on a chicken. There is a little opportunity you will get it to - "looks at you confused. Perhaps you should examine it", then you can get the pursuit. Before you get the pursuit it is recommended to get the pursuit product you will need, Special Hen Nourish. You can buy Special Hen Nourish from Cultivator Saldean in Westfall (Alliance) or from Bill Saldean in Brill (Horde). The Special Hen Nourish revenue for 25 birdwatcher.

You can use a macro to get the chicken to provide you the pursuit, as you will need to do a lot of emotes to get it. Then get the pursuit, fed the chicken with the Special Hen Nourish and finish the pursuit. The chicken than will lay a Hen Egg, which you can take to understand how to call the Westfall Hen WoW pet. The lay egg can be selected by anyone, so take it easily. The egg and the pet are holds when grabbed - so you cannot offer or buy it.

==== ==== learn all tricks on and secrets on wow check the official website ==== ====

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learn all tricks on and secrets on wow check the official website