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Time of activation Input 1 Time of activation Input 2 Invert Input 1 Invert Input 2 2nd alarm number 3rd alarm number 4th alarm number 5th alarm number new password event text 1 event text 2 Start-up alarm Text add clip to the extended clip list remove clip from the extended clip list

I1:xxx. (seconds) I2:xxx. (seconds) V1:x. (x= 1/0 ) V2:x. (x= 1/0 ) C2:<number>. C3:<number>. C4:<number>. C5:<number>. PN:xxxx. E1:<text>. E2:<text>. PT:<text>. CL:<nummer>. CD:<nummer>.

7.1 Send SMS Commands By sending a SMS to the STD32 you can switch the outputs or make individual configuration settings. Those SMS have the following format which is described below: In order to avoid unauthorized usage, every configuration command to the STD32 must start with a 4-digit password. Control commands (for example: switching an output or status requests) do not require a password.


Telic STD 32 Bedienungsanleitung  

Bedienungsanleitung des Telemetriemodules TELIC STD 32