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invisible. This programme establishes a connection to a SMTP server which will transport the e-mail to the given e-mail address with the help of further SMTP-servers if necessary. To be able to use this service you must have an e-mail account with a mail provider (e.g. AOL or Yahoo) and the following settings have to be made which are different for every mail provider (e.g. AOL or Yahoo). Name of the SMTP Server (e.g. or User name to register to the SMTP Server Password to register to the SMTP Server On our Telic website you can find a list of the approved e-mail providers which we have tested. To see which settings have to be used on the STD32 to be able to take advantage of this service please read chapter 8.

2.6 Webserver A webserver is a programme which runs on a device (the so called server) that sends data and documents to clients (standard webbrowsers such as Internet Explorer or Firefox). Webservers are mainly used as www-service in the internet. The data and documents can be retrieved and read from any computer connected to the internet worldwide. Such a webserver has also been implemented on the STD32. To use this function several particularities have to be observed. You can find more detailed information in chapter 9. 53

Telic STD 32 Bedienungsanleitung  

Bedienungsanleitung des Telemetriemodules TELIC STD 32