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NEW electronic dispenser Hygenius Hands No-Touch, COSTS and HYGIENE under control.


hygenius hands No-Touch M  AXIMUM HYGIENE COST CONTROL


Hygenius Hands No-Touch.

MORE INNOVATION The new Hygenius Hands No-Touch dispenser has an electronic sensor that detects hand movements and automatically provides hand-towel without touching the dispenser. By a simple hand movement in front of the sensor the towel is dispensed and ready to use.


MORE HYGIENE The user does not touch the dispenser. The user touches only the handtowel required. The sealed dispenser helps to avoid contamination risks. The handtowel is dispensed only after hand movement in front of the sensor.


MORE COST CONTROL The one by one dispensing system for the towel sheets reduces paper consumption. The adaptable time delay between towel dispensing reduces towel waste (from 1 to 4 seconds). The dispenser does not give out the second towel sheet, until the user has not torn the first one.

THE HYGENIUS HANDS RANGE Hygenius Hands White 620 Cod. 861055 Pure pulp - PEFC certified. Suitable for food contact. 2-ply - 155 m - 6 rolls per box. Ideal for all environments of the Ho.Re.Ca. sector that require high quality, maximum performance and total client satisfaction.

Hygenius Hands Eco 600 Cod. 861061 Regenerated recycled paper. Ecolabel certified. 2-ply - 150 m - 6 rolls per box. Ideal for premises that want to offer clients a quality service with respect to the environment.

Hygenius Hands Natural 620 Cod. 861059 Recycled paper - Ecolabel certified. 2-ply - 155 m - 6 rolls per box. Ideal for premises that require an excellent relationship between environment, quality and convenience. The product is made from recycled fibres that come from Tetra Pak beverage cartons, and as they have not undergone bleaching processes they have maintained typical natural colour of cellulose.

Hygenius Hands Blue 620

Hygenius Hands White No Clog 620

Cod. 861058

Cod. 861068

Pure pulp - PEFC certified. Suitable for food contact. 2-ply - 155 m - 6 rolls per box.

Pure Pulp – PEFC certified. 2-ply -155m – 6 rolls per box. Ideal to avoid drain blockages. Special paper that, even if thrown by mistake into the WC, dissolves quickly in the water and so avoids the risk of pipe blockages.

Ideal for areas dedicated to food preparation. The blue colouring makes even the smallest piece of paper left in food immediately visible.

PEFC 18-32-05


PEFC is the forest certification that guarantees the correct environmental management of forests from which cellulose comes.

EU Ecolabel: IT/04/001

Ecolabel is the quality ecological label that guarantees the respect of severe criteria for the protection of the environment required at a European level.

Stampato su carta ecologica Symbol Freelife Satin delle Cartiere Fedrigoni. CAR_006_EST 04/11 TM

WHY CHOOSE HYGENIUS HANDS no-touch? Comparison with other hand-drying systems HYGENIUS HANDS NO TOUCH





*** ***

** ***

** ***

=== *

=== **

Ratio between efficiency and convenience






Drying quality and hygiene

*** ** ***

** *** **

** *** **

* === ***

* * *






Waste reduction No queues

Easy to refill Maintenance reduction (refill frequency and emptying out wastepaper bins) User satisfaction

*** Excellent ** Sufficient * Bad

TECHNICAL FEATURES Comunicazione: Lindbergh srl - Fotografia: SM Photo Art - Si ringrazia per la collaborazione Showroom Berni.

Code: 892252 - Dimensions: 32,5x31x22 (cm hxlxd)

Adaptable sheet lengths from 20 cm to 36 cm. Suitable also for highly frequented areas. Roll length up to 155m with distribution up to 755 sheets. A warning light will flash when batteries need changing. Easy recharging and maintenance. Key-locking system. Conform to HACCP standards.

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