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Easiest language to learn for everyone What is he easiest language to learn? Is there a most easy language to learn at all? What makes a language easy? Read this article and tips about easy language learning.


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Some people claim that specific languages of the world are more easy to learn than others. English , for example, is said to be one of the easiest ones. Is this the reason, why English is the language of the world? In comparison, Chinese or Japanese are known to be difficult languages. But is this true as well? Speaking Chinese, for instance, does not seem to be the hardest thing ever. However, writing and reading Chinese is more demanding. Nevertheless, this impression is highly subjective, since the western world is less used to languages without letters or with different ones. A Japanese person may think that Chinese is the easiest language to learn, since characters may be similar and words as well. If we think about German, we might think that other European languages are highly easy to learn for them. However, this is not true for all European languages. In Europe, languages belong to different language groups. Therefore, German is not at all similar to Finnish, which has more similarities with Russian, for instance. Dutch or Swedish might be seen as the easiest languages to learn for German-speakers. An equal situation an be observed with Spanish and Italian, which show many similarities in Vocabulary, Grammar and pronunciation. Also France is counted as one of those European languages that belong the southern group of similar languages. Another criteria besides the mother tongue when talking about easiness of learning languages, is previous knowledge of other languages. If a Chinese person has been studying Croatian before it might be easier to learn Bosnian as a second language rather than Finnish. All these factors play an essential role when talking about the easiest language to learn. As a result, it is hard to say what language is the easiest to learn for you. It is individual and subjective. Of course, one can find lists and rankings of languages regarding their easiness of learning them. However, those rankings should represent the majority. As those lists are mainly created by people from the western world, the results are primarily true for the western majority.

Also the learning method plays a role! Not only does the mother tongue and previous knowledge play a role in perceived difficulty of learning a specific language, but also the language learning method that is used for studying is important. Consider the following situation: You want to learn Chinese. For 3 years you have been taking classes in Chinese language. However, the teacher focuses on learning 2

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vocabulary lists and grammar rules. Sometimes the teacher speaks in Chinese, but mostly activities are explained in English. You don´t need to talk much during lessons, because writing is more important for the teacher. After three years you are still not able to talk with a Chinese person in an everyday situation, because you don´t know the correct words to use, neither do you understand what the other person says. This is a typical situation and many students encounter this problem. Unfortunately, teachers still focus on learning vocabularies by hard and often, the language to be learned is not used in lectures. This is a problem for students and may create the impression that this specific language is difficult to learn. Therefore it is of upmost importance to choose a language learning method and stick to it. Many learning methods especially for languages exist and information about them can be found easily on the Internet. Some of them might not be the perfect method to learn a language for every single person. So it is essential to gather information about the methods and then choose the right one, which is in accordance with your learning preferences and also with your learning goals. If you aim to speak Spanish, but you don´t really need to write in Spanish, then you should rather choose a learning method that focuses on speaking and listening. You don´t know where to start searching for language learning techniques? The Birkenbihl Method to foreign language learning is highly recommended. This method suits almost everybody – especially if your focus is speaking and understanding a foreign language.

The Birkenbihl Approach can help you to learn a foreign language. With this method, every language is the easiest language to learn. Try it yourself!


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Easiest language to learn for everyone  

What is he easiest language to learn? Is there a most easy language to learn at all? What makes a language easy? Read this article and tips...