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From the Committee Ülle Kurm 1991–1995 Krista Mits (vice chair) Külli Kõrgesaar Pilvi Kapp Nora Toots Beatrice Ulanova Eda Tamm Valmar Kokkota Aino Kreitsman Leelo Kaskman Tiiu-Mai Loko Mare Jõul 1995–1997 Nora Toots Eda Tamm Kaarin Raud Pilvi Kapp Külli Kõrgesaar Ülle Kurm

Carmen Ruus 1997–2001 Eda Tamm Nora Toots Ülle Kurm Ene Nõlvak-Donohoe Ilmar Anvelt Ene Soolepp Erika Puusemp

Leena Punga 2007–2011 Ilmar Anvelt Annela Laht Kaie Merila Katrin Ojaveer Erika Hunt Erika Puusemp

Juta Hennoste 2001–2007 Reet Leidik Ülli Roostoja Reet Noorlaid Ilmar Anvelt Erika Puusemp Krista Ummik

By now four years have passed since the present committee was elected to take care of EATE and keep our traditions alive. We would like to express our gratitude to all our members, lecturers and always helpful friends for the wonderful years we have had together. We have had many inspiring meetings at our annual conferences and traditional summer seminars. Our warmest thanks go to all the writers who have contributed to our newsletter OPEN! which has become an important part of our association. 2011 marks the 20th birthday of our association. Today we have more than 300 members in almost all the parts of Estonia. And we are proud to say that the number of participants in our summer seminars in Pärnu has reached 260. Although not all the members take part in both of our traditional events, we have managed to attract quite a big number of non-members to attend. We are thankful to the lecturers, participants and book sellers from Allecto, Dialoog, Studium, Koolibri and TEA for their support and compliments. But EATE is more than just two traditional events. We are open to all the EL teachers and if they cannot attend our events, we would be glad if they stayed in contact through OPEN! or e-mail. And it would be wise to ask our colleagues if they want to join EATE. We are not aimed to become a mass organisation, but the teachers should know that they are welcome to join and make our organisation more effective and up-to-date. Our special thanks go to former EATE committees for the work they have done to create the association and keep it going. The time for electing a new committee has come. The present committee believes and hopes that our members are able to elect the best from among them to continue the work done so far. I want to thank all the members of the still present committee for their unselfish voluntary work. We thank everybody we have worked together with for their help and support and wish the new committee every success in the future. Leena Punga Chair of EATE from 2007

Lõuna Hostel in Pärnu – accommodation for Committee members and many Summer Seminar participants

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Open 2011  

OPEN! is the EATE journal which has appeared since 1992

Open 2011  

OPEN! is the EATE journal which has appeared since 1992

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