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Reliable insulation installers across the UK The Snug Network is a well established and growing consortium of independent local insulation installers across the UK. Working with Snug Network members gives you the benefit of dealing with a company that has a local presence and a local reputation to uphold, with the quality guarantee and financial assurance that comes with the backing of a major national name.

Installer Snug Network HQ

Introducing the Snug Network The Snug Network (also known as the InstaFibre Consortium) was established in 2000 by InstaGroup, which has been supplying high quality home insulation products and services to the UK market since 1980. The basis of the Snug Network is the

The local reputation of each member of

InstaGroup’s role

InstaGroup’s network of independent

the Snug Network is critical to the success

The insulation system used by Snug

insulation installers across the UK. It now

of their business, so this gives them

Network members was developed by

comprises 80 independent installation

an added incentive to offer excellent

the experts at InstaGroup, and we supply

companies, each working within their

workmanship and service. If problems

the materials and equipment they use

local communities. As a network we offer

ever do occur, they are addressed quickly

as well as providing training. This ensures

comprehensive nationwide coverage

by a senior member of staff – usually the

a consistent level of service and quality

to major energy suppliers as well as

company owner.

control across the UK.

In addition, 5% of all the work carried out

Our technical team – the largest and most

by Snug Network members is inspected by

experienced in the UK insulation industry

All Network members are approved by the

independent specialists. Any issues that are

– regularly liaises with our members to

British Board of Agrément (BBA), which

picked up in the course of the inspections

provide health and safety advice as well as

certifies construction products, systems

are channelled into our continuous

any support they may need.

and installers in the UK.

improvement process.

local authorities, businesses and other community partners.

We also monitor the work our Network Working with the Snug Network allows our

The Snug Network is managed and

members undertake in accordance with

partner organisations to offer high quality

administered by the InstaGroup, from

the requirements of the BBA’s surveillance

home insulation services provided by

our head office in Berkshire. The Insta

scheme and our own cavity wall and loft

trustworthy local installers, with the strength

team delivers a complete and integrated

insulation guarantees. If any remedial work

and financial security of the InstaGroup

management service, and provides

is required we’ll ensure that it’s carried out

behind them.

a central point of contact for partner

to the highest standard.

organisations. Partnerships with small local businesses

UK-wide coverage with a local approach

Through our secure management

often come with financial risks. However

information system, InstaLink, we capture

by using members of the Snug Network to

Every year the Snug Network insulates

detailed data on all the work carried out

carry out insulation work on your behalf,

over 150,000 homes across the UK.

by Snug Network members. This enables

these risks are more effectively managed.

us to offer partner organisations regular

All the work carried out by Network

One of the key benefits of working with the

comprehensive management reports.

members comes with the backing of the

Snug Network is our ability to deliver at a

On request we can also produce bespoke

InstaGroup – a strong, established and

truly local level.

reports to provide you with any specific

financially secure business. So you’ll get all

information you might need.

the benefits of using local providers without

The fact that the installers work in their

the undue risk.

own local area minimises the environmental impact of each installation. And because

The InstaGroup is well respected across

each Snug Network member is an

the home insulation industry. We’re also

independent company, you’ll be

actively involved in a number of industry

investing in the local economy too.

associations as well as campaigns for warmer homes and the eradication of fuel poverty, such as National Energy Action and Energy Action Scotland.

Peter O’Neill

Key people at InstaGroup

Peter is the Snug Network Partnerships Manager at InstaGroup. He has extensive experience within the

Robin Davies

Bruce Milne

insulation industry, having spent many years at npower, where he worked on a range of energy efficiency programmes.

Robin is InstaGroup’s Managing Director.

Bruce is a Director of InstaFoam

He previously worked for a local authority,

and Fibre.

which gives him an invaluable insight into the other side of the business.

He joined the company in 2005 after spending ten years on the main board

Bruce first got involved in the insulation

of FTSE-listed house building company

industry in 1973 while serving his

Peter is able to bring his experience to bear

Westbury plc. His experience also includes

apprenticeship as a plumber. He joined

to help both local and national partners

senior roles in manufacturing and building

the InstaGroup in 1984 as a cavity wall

achieve their carbon reduction targets in

materials companies, with responsibilities

technician and has since progressed

the most effective way possible, in line with

including logistics, marketing, IT and

through a number of roles, including

their particular approach and policies.

customer service.

Technical Manager and General Manager.

Robin is a Chartered Environmentalist,

Keen to ensure that InstaGroup keeps

Fellow of the Energy Institute and

abreast of the latest developments in the

represents Insta on a number of industry

industry, he sits on the CIGA Technical

and government committees including

Committee and regularly attends National

the All-Party Parliamentary Fuel Poverty &

Insulation Association forums.

Energy Efficiency Group.

Nina Lajara Nina is our Snug Network Team Manager. Nina has worked for Insta since 2001, playing a pivotal role in the growth and continued development of the Snug

David Robson

Terry Evans

Network. She has acquired extensive knowledge and experience of the insulation industry, in particular the plethora of

Dave is responsible for the overall

Terry is Technical Manager of InstaFoam

funding arrangements and associated

co-ordination of the Snug Network as

and Fibre.

protocols. Nina is responsible for the

part of his role as a Director of InstaFoam and Fibre.

day to day running of the team at Snug He joined in 2004, bringing with him

Network’s headquarters and overseeing the

26 years of experience in the insulation

development of the InstaLink database.

He joined InstaGroup in 2006, coming

industry. Prior to joining the InstaGroup

from the telecoms sector, where he was

Terry built up his technical knowledge in a

instrumental in the rollout of O2’s 3G

diverse range of roles, starting as a cavity

network in the South East.

wall technician. He has an unprecedented

Liz Cox

understanding of cavity wall insulation and Dave had previously held several positions

provides valuable technical support to Snug

in the Civil Service, including working for

Network members.

the Home Office, primarily in the private

Liz is our Snug Network Supervisor.

office of Lord Rooker and Beverley

Terry is well known for his hands-on

Hughes MP, as well as looking after local

approach – no problem is either too big or

Liz has been an integral part of the Snug

government policy. Dave is an active

too small for him to get involved in.

Network team since she joined Insta in

campaigner for warmer homes for all,

2004. Liz project manages a number of

and regularly attends meetings of the

the Snug Network’s partner schemes and

National Insulation Association and

oversees all system training. Liz also leads

National Energy Action.

the Snug Network’s activities in Scotland and Wales.

Working with Snug Network We recognise that every partner’s requirements and expectations when developing energy efficiency projects will be different. While we approach each project individually to arrive at the best possible solution, we’ll usually go through the following steps:


Initial assessment

“Thank you for your prompt

One of the Snug Network team at InstaGroup will work closely with you to ensure

and efficient service; it’s nice for

we fully understand your requirements. Gaining a thorough understanding of your organisation, objectives and aspirations at this early stage will allow us to develop


people to turn up when they are

the most appropriate solution.

supposed to and to do the job

Designing a delivery model

manner. We wouldn’t hesitate

At this stage we usually bring in one or more Snug Network members, depending

to recommend you or use you

on the scale of project, to help develop a suitable delivery model to match your timescale, budget and any specific reporting requirements you may have. We’ll also identify and source the most appropriate funding available to support

in a professional and friendly

again should we need to.” Robert and Amanda in Lincolnshire

your project, to help you achieve the best value possible.


Agreeing on a solution Once we’ve developed a suitable proposition for your project, we’ll discuss this with you in detail, giving you the opportunity to suggest improvements.


Planning Having agreed on the solution, we’ll arrange an initial planning session. At this meeting we’ll aim to agree requirements including timelines, marketing, key performance indicators and management reporting. For most local projects the

“Just a line to thank your

Snug Network contractors who will be carrying out the insulation work will also

company for the prompt and

attend this meeting.



these days that I deal with a

Your project will be carried out by local Snug Network insulation experts,

company whose employees

according to the plan we’ve agreed.

are extremely polite, turn up

A dedicated project manager at InstaGroup head office will be nominated as a


courteous service. It’s not often

when planned and carry out

central point of contact for you and to co-ordinate the overall project delivery.

the work with the minimum of

Our technical team will also be on hand as and when their expertise is needed.

disruption. Please pass on my

Ongoing monitoring and reviews We’ll carry out quality monitoring audits regularly throughout the delivery phase and provide you with comprehensive management reports, as agreed during the development stage. We’ll also arrange regular review meetings to ensure the smooth delivery of your project.

thanks to all concerned.” Sheila in Middlesex

“The guys came out and had everything done before Christmas (just in time for the cold snap). Thanks a million – no mess left in the house and the guys that came out couldn’t have been more helpful.” David in Glasgow

Home energy efficiency measures available

The Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (CERT)

Management information and reporting

The Snug Network is able to offer a wide

Enforced by the Department of Energy and

Our web-based system, InstaLink, is one

range of energy efficiency measures for

Climate Change (DECC) and regulated by

of the best solutions on the market for

homes in both the private and social

Ofgem (the Office of Gas and Electricity

management information and reporting

housing sectors.

Markets), CERT legislation came into force

of insulation projects.

in April 2008. It requires all major energy These include:

suppliers to deliver carbon dioxide savings

Our head office team can access InstaLink

• Cavity wall insulation

within the domestic sector. The scheme

at any time to get a real time view of

• Loft insulation

was originally set to end in March 2011,

surveying and installation activity on the

• Draught proofing

however it has now been extended until

ground. It also allows us to provide partners

• External wall insulation

December 2012.

with regular management information

• Internal wall insulation • Fuel switching

reports to suit their individual requirements. Thanks to CERT, energy companies are now investing heavily in domestic energy

Health and safety

Most of the insulation work will be carried

efficiency measures, such as cavity wall and

The InstaGroup has a member of staff

out using Insta’s range of high quality

loft insulation. This is the primary funding

dedicated to health and safety. This role

home insulation materials. In some cases

stream that allows us to deliver free and

includes circulating the latest HSE

Snug Network contractors may offer

discounted home insulation measures.

(Health and Safety Executive) standards

additional services using materials from

and regulations among the Snug

insulation for single-skin walls, including

The Community Energy Saving Programme (CESP)

park homes. In these cases we will still

CESP is a new requirement for energy

be able to help you secure appropriate

suppliers and electricity generators to

Periodic inspections by independent

funding and provide project

reduce domestic carbon emissions in

specialists verify that Snug Network

other specialist providers, such as external


low-income areas. Their activities must

workmanship, which include safeguarding the wellbeing of workers and customers.

according to the index of multiple deprivation.

interest in energy

policy changes have led to

members stick to our high standards of

identified as super output areas With the increased

reduction in recent years,

are fully understood.

specifically target neighbourhoods

Funding schemes efficiency and carbon

Network members and ensuring they

Call centre support If your project will involve a large-scale

It focuses on a whole house approach together with less

marketing campaign we can provide comprehensive inbound call centre support.

traditional measures, such as external

the creation of dedicated funding schemes.

wall insulation and central heating

The friendly team at our UK-based call

We design Snug Network projects to take


centre is fully trained to provide your

full advantage of these.

customers with a positive initial experience. The InstaGroup works with most of the

All the leads generated by your campaign

There are currently two main sources of

UK’s major energy suppliers and we’ve

will be uploaded to InstaLink, our project

funding which we’re able to tap into, CERT

established excellent funding arrangements

management solution, within 24 hours.

and CESP:

to support the delivery of current and

We’ll then track the progress from initial

future projects.

enquiry through to completed installation and regularly report back to you.

Snug Network in action

“As a local authority we have stringent

“We have worked with the Snug Network

“Dorset Energy Advice Centre (DEAC)

targets in place to reduce domestic carbon

for more than eight years and it has played

is an independent not-for-profit advice

emissions and eradicate fuel poverty

a significant role in helping us to achieve our

centre, which aims to eradicate fuel poverty

throughout the region. At the centre of this

energy efficiency targets.

and create affordable warmth for all. We

activity is our Warm Homes Campaign,

work with local government to reduce the

which aims to stimulate the take-up of

The Snug Network provides us with

impacts of climate change via education

home insulation measures among County

comprehensive coverage across the

and, more importantly, getting energy

Durham residents.

UK, with Insta managing delivery to our

saving measures such as cavity wall

customers through the Network.

insulation installed in local homes.

We work with the Snug Network to deliver

our home insulation scheme across County

Insta closely manage our hot leads

Many of our clients are extremely

Durham. Being one of the largest authority

to ensure that timelines and other

vulnerable, so we are very particular about

areas in England meant that we needed to

performance indicators are adhered to and

who we get to carry out the installation

work with a number of insulation installers

customer expectations are fulfilled. The

work. Time after time our experience has

in order to achieve our objectives. Under

Snug Network’s commitment to providing

shown that you only get a complete job

normal circumstances, co-ordinating this

our customers with a quality service is

done, correctly, in the timescales needed,

level of activity within the council would

supported by the 5% independent technical

with the proper customer care and attention

have presented significant resource issues.

monitoring they provide, which is used to

to detail from local installers.

However we have avoided this by taking

monitor the performance of each installer

advantage of the Snug Network’s fully

and identify areas for improvement.

We work with a small group of installers

managed delivery model. They provide

who are members of the Snug Network.

up-front marketing support, overall

We look forward to continuing our

Being part of the Network ensures both

project management, quality control and

partnership with them.”

consistency of materials and quality of

management reports, which makes running a scheme with them incredibly easy and efficient. Furthermore, and most importantly, working

product and workmanship at a fair price.

Energy Efficiency Partnerships Manager, Scottish and Southern Energy

This gives us the best of both worlds – local installers whose directors we are on first name terms with and amazing competitiveness of pricing and quality.

with local installers guarantees the highest

level of workmanship and customer

It took us a long time to convince our local

satisfaction. Our Warm Homes Campaign

authorities that supporting local installers

targets many vulnerable customers, so it is

was the best course of action. However

essential that we can trust the installers to

they are now reaping the rewards.

treat every job with pride and care.

Just here in Dorset we take 13,000 calls a

There is a great deal of choice within the

year from residents who want to become

market but I would strongly recommend

more energy efficient and spend less on

working with the Snug Network to any local

fuel. Our local Snug Network installers play

authority or organisation wishing to run a

a key role in meeting this demand.”

successful home insulation project.”

Phil Neale, Director Cliff Duff, Energy Efficiency Team Leader, Durham County Council

Dorset Energy Advice Centre

www.snugnetwork.co.uk 0800 526023


Snug Network Insta House, Ivanhoe Road, Hogwood Business Park, Finchampstead, Wokingham, Berkshire, RG40 4PZ

Fax: 0118 973 9515

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Snug Network brochure  

Corporate brochure for the Snug Network - InstaGroup's consortium of independent insulation installers

Snug Network brochure  

Corporate brochure for the Snug Network - InstaGroup's consortium of independent insulation installers