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4th January 2015 To whom it may concern:

Reference: Kathryn McCann/Kat Creative

I began working with Kathryn McCann in January of 2008, so I know her work pretty well, collaborating on eleven editions, annually, of my company’s newsletter, “e-Portrait”. I’ve been in marketing for over 35 years and as many in the trade, take pride in ownership, of my ideas, creativity and writing. And so, when I was introduced to Kathryn, I really didn’t expect that she would need to expend much effort in editing my work, especially with my unusual “mid-atlantic” style, which combines my American roots and learned British English. Not for the first time in my life, I was wrong. Kathryn transformed my writing into much more focused and clear messaging, while retaining my key thoughts. She even enhanced my attempts at humor (or humour). Feedback from readers is excellent, as is their recall, a key measure of effectiveness and a tribute to Kathryn’s editing. In addition to her excellence in editing, she is very efficient and dependable. In our six plus years of working together, she has always kept to deadlines, with wide margins, in fact, pushing me in the process to stay on schedule, even late at night and weekends. All of this to say – if Kathryn were editing this letter – she’s excellent and I can’t think of how working with her could be any better. Sincerely,

Van Fleisher Principal Consultant - Marketing

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