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taking product ideas From concept to customer


Have you got an idea for a product but aren’t sure what to do next? Then you need Bang Creations! We offer a comprehensive range of design-led services to help entrepreneurs, inventors and businesses take their ideas from concept to customer. With engineering, commercial, financial and marketing expertise in-house, in addition to extensive product design experience, we can offer you all the support you need to develop your idea and get it onto the market. Whether you want the whole package or just certain aspects, we’d love to help you turn your idea into reality.

business scoping

Before you commit to manufacturing a product it’s important to confirm that there is a good business case for it. This involves checking that it meets a need – that you have identified a genuine market opportunity – and that you have a sound business plan. Once a clear and defined business case has been established, we can work with you to develop detailed project and product briefs. We’ll then help you set goals for each stage of development and work out an effective plan for achieving them.

creation market research

Researching your market is a critical part of the strategy process. We can help you determine who your customers might be, where they are, whether there are enough of them and, importantly, how to reach them. We can also help you get a picture of what’s happening in the market, including checking out the competition. At this point we may carry out an international patent search to ensure your concept really is unique.


We can help you establish how much profit your idea will need to generate to be viable, and how much money will be required to make it happen. We can also help you identify the ideal sales price – both retail and wholesale – and set a realistic target cost price. As part of this process we can create a financial model for you. This will enable you to keep track of your business’s actual and anticipated performance month by month. Clients have also found this helpful in securing funding.


Bringing a product to market can be an expensive business. We can help you access the funding you need by introducing you to relevant organisations and individuals. We like to work with our clients on a partnership basis, and are happy to offer a number of payment options to make your life easier. We usually request a small up-front fee, but we may then agree to work with you in return for an equity share, commission or royalties based on your success. Our flexible approach to charging for our services will ensure you stay in control of your project and your expenses.


The design stage is the most exciting aspect of developing a product, and this is where our passion really lies. The first step is to refine your concept. While always being respectful that your idea is your baby, we’ll work with you to help you turn a good idea into great one. This typically involves looking at it through the eyes of the consumer and with the benefit of our product design expertise, to ensure your concept really makes the most of the business opportunity. We call this adding the ‘bang’ – that little extra something that will make sure your product stands out in the marketplace.



You may already have detailed drawings of how your product will look. If not, we can do this for you. In the process, we’ll ensure your idea is technically feasible, suggesting adjustments to the design where necessary.

We’ll work with our colleagues at Bang Creations Asia to engineer your product for manufacture. We can then help to establish and oversee the manufacturing process.

This is where we turn your concept into a fully engineered, functionally tested and costed production-ready design.

Once we’ve agreed on a basic design we can then take it on to the production-ready stage. This may involve developing block models as well as building and testing a detailed prototype. We can help you source materials and components, bearing in mind your target cost price, and develop a workable supply chain. And of course, we can help you register and protect your design.

Once you’re confident that there is a market for your product, the necessary finances are in place and your design is right, you’re ready to go into production.

Whether we’re working with a manufacturer we recommend or one you have selected, we’ll closely monitor production for quality, consistency and punctuality.

promotion branding, marketing and sales

A strong brand message, an effective marketing plan and a practical sales strategy are all essential to a product’s success. We can help you develop a brand name and identity that will resonate with your target market, and support you in an application for trademark protection. We’ll then help you develop and implement a comprehensive marketing plan and sales strategy, to get your product off to a flying start.


success stories


To help us understand the product design and development business from our clients’ perspective, our Director, Stefan Knox, decided to take an idea of his own to market using his own money. LoJo Ball is an innovative multi-way seating concept, combining an active stool to sit on, a chair to chill out in and a comfy footstool. It is now available in the UK from major high street retailers and online and is distributed internationally. In 2007 LoJo Ball won ‘Best new home product’ at the Pulse gifts and interiors trade fair, and was named as a ‘must have’ product by Stuff magazine. This very personal project has been an invaluable learning experience for our team and has helped us refine and develop the services we offer our clients.



We came up with a design that ticked all the boxes and could be used on all laptops, rather than just 90% like the rival product. Following our marketing plan the client repositioned the new product. As a result they successfully sold 100,000 CubeBytes in the first year and it continues to sell strongly.

Cool Cardz won the British Toy and Hobby Association’s Max-it Award, being named as the best new hobby design in 2007. For a time it became the best selling hobby toy in the UK.

Our client had developed a laptop security cable but had been approached by the market leader claiming it was too similar to their patented product. The client challenged us to come up with an alternative design that would not contravene any existing patents, with the aim of selling around 15,000 units per annum.

Cool Cardz is a hobby toy for girls. A card design studio in a box, it provides everything a girl needs to produce laminated business or personal cards, bookmarks, invitations and gift tags. We developed the concept and successfully sold the idea to a market-leading toy company, who were impressed by its novelty.

about bang creations.

At Bang Creations we’re passionate about product design. Over the past 15 years we’ve helped numerous entrepreneurs and inventors bring their ideas into reality. With offices in the UK and Asia and business partners in Europe and the USA, we can provide all the resources you need to turn your idea into a commercial success. To give you the chance to see if working with Bang Creations is right for you, we’d like to offer you a free hour’s consultation. To take up this offer, or to find out more about how we could help you, contact us at enquiries@bangcreations.co.uk or on 01428 654466.

enquiries@bangcreations.co.uk www.bangcreations.co.uk

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Bang Creations coffee table brochure  

A fold-out booklet for Bang Creations, explaining the range of services they offer to help entrepreneurs and inventors turn their ideas into...

Bang Creations coffee table brochure  

A fold-out booklet for Bang Creations, explaining the range of services they offer to help entrepreneurs and inventors turn their ideas into...