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evie 4002 indoor systems 1 assignment 4 - terms & definitions

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terms & definitions plumbing stack solder span specifications stick-building stile strike plate stringer

plumbing stack The plumbing stack is the largest drain line, making it the main component to eliminating waste in the water system of a home. It is a vertical “stack� of pipes beginning in the basement and the top end extends through the roof. The bottom end of the stack is connected to the sewer or septic line, and the top end acts as a vent allowing gasses to escape and helping to promote drain flow by drawing air inward. All branch lines from the plumbing stack connect to fixtures such as toilets, sinks, and showers.1 stack vents out through roof


2 A man cutting the main plumbing stack of a home to replace an older piece that is no longer working.

3 stack connects to septic line

1 2 http:/ 3 4

4 The vent end of the plumbing stack that escapes through the roof.

solder Solder is a low melting-alloy commonly made of lead & tin, which is called half-and-half or “plumber�. It can also be made of other metals such as aluminum. It has a lower melting point, so it can be heated and used to join together fusible metals.5 It is typically used to join together copper water supply lines, but can used for many other things like electrical wires or jewellery. Solder can also be a verb meaning the act of soldering. This is when you have a tool that is a prong of metal that heats to a specific temperature through electricity to melt the solder metal onto the two other metals you are joining.6


Soldering tool

2 Two pieces of metal being soldered together.

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9 Above - Electrical motherboard with soldered wire Below - Solder

span The span is the distance between two structural supports in building construction. This could refer to beams in ceilings, wall rupports, floor supports, and roofing beams. span


10 The span between ceiling supports.

11 The span between wall supports.

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12 The span between wall supports above a door frame.

specifications Specifications are written sets of instructions or informationprepared by a designer, an archtect, an engineer, or construction foreman. They could be about anything building related, such as materials, procedures, building codes, space requirements, electrical, plumbing, quality of workmanship, or guarantees.

13 Building specifications for a property description

14 Building specifications for general requirements and materials

13 14

stick-building Stick-building is building construction that happens on site. It is wood-framing that is assembled one member at a time, opposed to raising pre-fabricated walls or trusses in a modular fashion. This is a more traditional method of home building, but these homes tend to be better constructed and more sturdy. It is actually one of the house sought-after types of homes because they tend to hold up well to severe weather.15

16 Ready to move housing built in stick-built form

17 A construction worker has he looks at plans while working on a stick-built home

15 16 17 18

18 A tick-built home in the final stages of construction, where you can only see the roof being built

stile A stile is the side vertical parts of a panelled door or window sash. Stile-and-rail construction doors are a certain type where the panel fits into a wooden frame. This allows for the panel to expand or contract inside the frame as humidity in the weather changes.19


20 Diagram showing where the stile is located on a panelled door

Actual door with stile

22 Diagram showing the upper and lower stile on a panelled window

19 20 21 22 23

23 Actual window with stile-and-rail construction

strike plate The strike plate is a metal plate or box which is set into a door frame or passage way frame and is part of the door jam. It is either pierced or recessed to receive the bolt or latch of a lock or doorknob.24

25 The indented location in the door frame where the strike plate will sit. It is important when installing to make sure you have the exact location or the door will not close properly.

26 Screwing the strike plate in to the door frame

24 25 26 27

27 Image of strike plate

stringer The stringer is the inclined diagonal pieces on the sides of the staircase that supports the treads and risers. It can either be a notched plank or a steel member.28

29 Stringer on an actual set of stairs while they are being constructed.

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30 Diagram showing all of the information about a set of stairs - stringer included

Terms & Defintions  

Defintions of common building terms

Terms & Defintions  

Defintions of common building terms