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SAB Fiberglass Mesh Description A leno mesh fabric woven from C-glass fiber roving(weft) and yarn(warp), and then coated with Alkaline Resistant Latex.


Glass: Crucibles: Latex Coated:

C-glass (Medium-alkali Glass) Platinum Crucibles Alkaline Resistant Latex (Acrylic Resin)

Really Quality Test Data Product ID: Date of Test: Color: Contain of Latex: Fixation: Warp Tex: Weft Tex:

FM4475 2009-4-29 White 18.04% 2.05N 67*2 134

This material manufactured in China, which is identical to the specifications of SAB I.S .

Strength before and after Noah* Test:

*The NaOH test: We put the Fiberglass Mesh into 80℃ liquid with 5% NaOH for 6 hours, then take the Fiberglass Mesh out to test the strength of the warp and weft.

SAB® Fiberglass Mesh  

SAB® Data Sheets

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