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The Nazi Baby Factories.

The Scariest Video Game Ever

The Nazis were always worried that not enough blondehaired, blue-eyed Aryans were being born into the world. So, the same guy who orchestrated the Final Solution came up with the Lebensborn program, in which the purest Aryan stock could be taken and raised as pure Nazis in a luxurious network of homes furnished with the stolen goods of murdered Jews.

I just got done playing one of the SCARIEST video games ever. Now, hear me out before saying, "Oh, he's probably just a fag that gets scared of everything." I don't get scared of video games or movies. I've played many survival horror games and have seen many horror movies in my day. The only thing that made me just a tiny bit scared were some parts of Penumbra and Condemned. Everything else was just boring. This game was different. VERY different.

It started with simply encouraging SS soldiers invading Europe , we mean "fuck." Provided, that is, the parties on the receiving end were of good Nordic stock. Should their girlfriends get pregnant, Lebensborn houses were there to provide a safe, nurturing home for unwed mothers in which to give birth and raise their babies. Thanks to these welcome arms of love, between 16,000-20,000 babies were born and Nazified during the war. And when they couldn't breed enough babies this way, they just started abducting the bluest- or greenest-eyed blond babies they could find. To be fair, some of the kids stolen for the program were actually orphans. Others were "voluntarily" surrendered by their parents, sometimes just to keep them from the gas chambers. And still others, probably the ones with the bluest eyes of all like, Daniel Craig blue -- were straight up taken from their parents. There was no genetic testing done or anything -the poor kids just looked the part. Poland thinks they lost as many as 200,000 kids to the Germans this way, but we'll never know for sure, since so many were absorbed by good German families. Sleep tight, friends! Maybe you come from a line of Nazi babies and you'll never even know!

You aren't given any sort of back story the game at all. As soon as you press play, it throws you right into the game. However, I was able to piece together what the story basically is through finally beating this little brick shitter. Apparently, you're a madman. We're never given the name, but you can guess what it is if you pay attention to the title screen. For some reason, you escaped from whatever mental hospital room you were hiding in. Now, the very horrid state of your mind has transformed the halls of the hospital into nothing but a pitch black maze with the only light being the walls, which glow a deathly blue. Your character is apparently some type of mad cannibal that you can barely control. You can force him to turn corners in the creepy hallway, but not much else can be done. Your character seems to grab anything and try to eat it; whatever is in front of him is thrown into his mouth and he munches it down. While playing the game, you're being chased by four hideous and fucking scary ghost monsters. You cannot hurt them at all, and to come even close to one is instant death, in which the ghost latches onto you and rips you inside all, all while you hear the horrible noise of your body being torn. You can, however, eat some odd objects hidden in the maze, after which your character goes into an even more unstable state. You can literally EAT the ghost monsters. Your character runs right up to them and devours them, only leaving their eyes. There aren't any words to describe how terrifying this game is, and I don't want surprises for you. Just go ahead and try it Google the word Pac-Man. You'll find it search.

horrific and to spoil the for yourself. on the first

Strange noises: There was something strange about Mr. Smith’s old house on the coast of Transilvanya. Many people thought that there was a ghost in the rooms on the east side. On windy nights people heard strange noises there. They thought it was a baby crying. But there wasn’t a baby in the house. For years many people tried to find the answer to the mystery. Finally people said “Sell the house.” Mr Smith sold the house to Bill Gates. But the strange noises continued. After some time, Mr. Gates said, “I think the noises come from the old apple tree next to the house. Its branches hit the east side of the house when there’s a strong wind”. He cut down the old apple tree. But the strangers noises continued. “Move the house”, people said. Wooden houses are easy to move, and Mr. Gates was a rich man. He called in some workmen. “Move the house to a new place, in Part street” he said. While the workmen were moving the house, they found an old box under the floor. There was a child’s skeleton in the box. Many people said that the child’s ghost made the strange noises. “Rebury the child” they said. Mr Gates reburied the child. But on windy nights the strange noises continued... When Bill Gates died, his son Frank lived in the house. Frank didn’t believe in ghosts. Some time later there was a fire in the house. It burnt part of a room on the east side. Frank called in some workmen. “Repair the room” he said. While the workmen were repairing the room, they discovered something. In one of the chimney’s, they found a wind harp. “The builders put the harp into the chimney to make music on windy days”, they told Frank. “now it’s old and instead of music, it makes a crying sound like a baby”.

The mysterious girl

A long time ago in the cold night one men called Carlos went to a party with a friend to a bar of Canada, it was close to 12 Pm when a beautiful girl called Monica came in a bar and sat down alone in the table, when Carlos saw her alone invited her to dance and have a beer with her, Monica was very cold and Carlos gave her his jacket, where the girl was going to go Carlos offered to carry her on his motorcycle, when they arrived at her house Carlos told him that morning she came by the jacket. The next day Carlos went to the home of Monica for his jacket, he knocked on the door and opened a madam, he asked him if it was Monica and she told him that she had died 5 years ago, he doesn't believed and the lady told him to go to the cemetery to see the tomb of her, his jacket was on the tomb. Carlos was very scared and when to talk with his friend. After this Carlos did not speak with strangers...

Hello Kitty Hello Kitty is a fictional character produced by the Japanese company Sanrio, and has long been the most popular time for this company. For over 30 years, Hello Kitty is an icon for many girls around the world. His official story begins in 1974, when Hello Kitty was originally created by designer Ikaka Shimizu. Shimizu left the company a year later and so far few data are clear about it. But now begins another supposed reality so tender character that has led to widespread urban legend. Urban legend has it that in the 70s there was a girl of 14 who was in end-stage mouth cancer. The doctors already had finish with all the hopes of the family in relation to the cure of the child, so the child's mother, Ikaka Shimizu, desperate, went to all churches and cults, but getting no result started in the occultism and Satanism and to the end, make a pact with the devil. Presented the girl the devil to heal his daughter, he made a promise to make a brand that was famous throughout the world, the Devil fulfilled his part and mother too. She created Hello Kitty.

The word “Hello� in English means hi and word kitty of Chinese origin means demon, then Hello kitty mean. "Hey Devil". Another curiosity is that Hello Kitty has no mouth because of the case of cancer of the mouth of the daughter of its designer.

terrible storm, but the sky seemed to darken a light burst from the darkness because the people began to pray. The witch tried to flee but ran into all men, who carried machetes and torches , when he felt cornered, fled to the heights , but in a careless , hit the rocks of the hill, that feel in their guts the be imprisoned forever . On the same day, and as a sign of what happened, was recorded in the rocks of the horrible way the witch, who to this day is trapped in the Tepozteco.

Text taken from Tales and Legends of All Mexico

Tepoztlan Morelos Many years ago, when the area was proving just as a tourist, the locals began to see fireballs traveling at high speeds, sometimes were small, but many others, too big. The funny thing was that the trees were not burned hill, not even because these balls would land on them. Most people began to fear them, believing that something bad was about to happen, but as the days passed, were less. For when the people grew only had one of these balls and everyone knew their origin. It was a witch that fed children , to protect healers advised garlic placed on the doors , together with a cross made of millet ( material that some brooms are made ) , so ruthless woman could not enter any of the houses. But as the witch was very vindictive, began to annoy the healers eliminating most of them. With this, the fear returned to take over the streets, there was no one who dared to go out at night or very early morning. Months later, the healer most visited by people tired of this situation. They have to be prepared, the spirit was strong and went several times the Tepozteco the purpose of recharging your batteries. One day , when the woman was walking on the sidewalk of the hill, ran face to face with the witch , who was already waiting . It is said that the struggle of forces unleashed a

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