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DISCURSIVE ESSAY I do agree with certain aspects of the article, but i do not agree with the point they stated that we as humans are losing our personal identity. I don’t agree with this point because even though technology has advanced dramatically over the last decade, but i believe that the technology is helping us advance as a species and not the other way around. The article is stating that we take drugs to help our personalities change and in the process we lose our identity. The fact that we use pharmaceutical drugs to gain benefits is true, but i believe that we still keep our own personal identity even though we might be trying to be like other people. I believe that whatever amount of drugs you may use you will still keep your identity and you will still act the same way on the inside even though it might seem like you act differently on the outside and to other people. The article is also saying that the brain subconsciously is affected by your imagination therefore the article also state that when you play video games or watch TV you will also try to subconsciously change your behavior to match the image of people you see on your screen. The example used in the article stated that Harvard university did a test with people imagining playing a piano and someone learning to play a piano and when the experts recorded their brain activity they found that they were mostly the same. Even though this information is most probably correct, i don’t believe that this in any way could have any effect on peoples personal identity because it is not like by watching TV suddenly your brain changes completely into trying to become a different person altogether. You might change a little but mostly you will stay the same. Kasper Abo

Discursive essay  

Kasper Abo

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