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Kacper Skup Prochownik UMU-K5000 5530249

Background One of the oldest buildings in Sundsvall, the old Grönborgs Brewery, which even survived the great fire 1888, will be renovated and will get a glassed courtyard. The student unions activities will move in to on side of the building and Åkroken’s headquarters will move to the other.

Mission Designing Åkroken’s new facilities and its entrance as well as designing the courtyard after Åkroken’s and the Student union’s needs.

This is a real project, ordered by Åkroken Science Park and Åkroken Business Incubator, completed in a team of three industrial designers; me, Hanna Sandström, Martin Söderberg, and one technical designer, Thomas Sjögren. Every team member worked on all stages of the process but my main district was the courtyard. Most part of the CAD-drawings, and all the renderings, were completed by me.

Incubator companies Personnel Meeting area Service area WC

The old stairs that has not been used for meany years will get back into use by making them a part of the new entrance in the southwest inner corner.

Illustrations of the office facilities.

C Illustration and plan of the courtyard. In the left corner is the service area for the student union and in the right corner is the main entrance to the office facilities. A balcony passage is made on the first floor making the building handicap accessible (the floor levels on all sides of the building are differing 50-100 meters). The earlier leaning ground in the courtyard is now made into two plain ground levels with an accessible ramp and stairs in between. This area is adjusted so that it can be used for meetings, office work, lunch and coffee breaks, seminars and for the student unions evening and night time activities.