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Kacper Skup Prochownik UMU-K5000 5530249


A project performed at my studies in Mid Sweden University. The detailed user tests were performed with the hole class in collaboration. The tests and test models in the pictures shown are performed and made by me together with two fellow students, Katrin Ă–jdahl and Louise HedgĂĽrds. The grip-angle model and the concept model is entirely by my doing.

Mission As part of the studies, a concept for a two-handed hacksaw was developed with the agenda to replace an existing model in the manufacturer’s ‘G-MAN’, collection.

User tests A wide range of different test models were produced primarily to test the grip possibilities and study the human biomechanics for using a hacksaw. Result From series of models and testing within a design for all adapted test group (professionals like plumbers and mechanics and people who have physical limitations to use their hands like rheumatic patients), a two-handed hacksaw was developed, with a unique front handle, offering various grip options and great control for all purposes. With a design that favors professional users as well as users with special needs, the product is naturally suitable for everyone in between, making it a ‘design for all’ product.

User tests The new hacksaw concept model has received a new type of front handle which enables the user to maximum down force and control with no need of clenching the fist thanks to the V-shape. The rear handle has a slightly increase angle based on the result of the testing. It is also slightly lowered making the hand closer to the blade, again, giving more control to the task.