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interior & spatial design

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smell of morning coffee... unexpected cat’s visit on my laps... view from the top of a mountain which takes my breath away... moment captured through the lence of a camera... my favourite tune heard played live... ...bring a smile on my face! a new idea in my head... a tangible representation of it.. a creative, innovative and clean view on design ... make me happy!


ARTS KLASH It is a temporary structure providing graduates from University of the Arts London to promote their work and creativity. A set of two pavilions consists mainly of galleries, an auditorium and two open-air interaction areas. The main feature of the design is an aluminium framing which provides a sturdy envelope as well as helps to organize flexible interiors.


The galleries are indicated by the interior walls made of a projection screens (providing an exhibition surfaces) spread along the aluminium frames. The entire structure is enveloped with a SmartWrap - a multi - layered thin film acting as a multi - tasking, intelligent walls.



interaction,open space

waiting room


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waiting room

bike shelter

BIKE RING Bike Ring is a movable unit designed to meet the Olympics demand of more sustainable alternative for transport. It has a potential to constitute a big part of Walking and Cycling programmes involved in the Games. This unique bicycle shelter can be located throughout the site. It provides 35 parking slots designed with a sustainable, safe and innovative ways of storing bicycles reflecting the environment-friendly principles of the Games.

power glass wall

bike lockers


bike posts

bike lockers

outside lockers inside lockers

ceiling sectional gate mesh outdoor platform

bike shelter




perception area

AMBER MUSEUM Amber Museum in Gdansk , Poland located in a listed 14th Century Gothic building with renaissance additions inspires by its distinguished atmosphere and tasteful design throughout the exhibition space. This project was an adaptation of an existing space and unveiling of its potential in the perception area. The playfulness of the materials and light provided the space with its extraordinary ambience and welcoming feeling throughout the entire museum

perception area

hotel room

HOTEL ROOM This unique hotel room design is based on the idea of dynamism, speed, motion characteristic for hockey. This interesting sport motivated the design by its specific shapes, equipment and lifestyle. Softened angles of the ice ring, curved hockey stick and a circular puck were dominant lines of the design reflected in the final look of the space.

hotel room





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