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“As a bureaucrat you are at the driver’s seat. The chauffeur may at best avoid the potholes, show the boss the shortest possible way to his destination but the chauffeur cannot tell the boss that his destination is wrong” VIJAY BAKAYA INTERVIEW  p 08

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October 07-13, 2013




aunched with much fanfare, the Prime Minister’s Special Scholarship Scheme has run in to rough weather as the NGOs designated to provide information to students about the scheme are fleecing students in the name of scholarships. The NGOs are demanding a huge sum as ‘Registration Fee’ which they are not entitled to do, withhold the original certificates of students and later blackmail them and demand a huge sum in lieu of the original documents. The sinister plot does not end here. Colleges outside the valley where the valley-based students had gone to study various courses are expelling these students by saying that no money from the Union Human Resource Development (HRD) Ministry reached the College. The Vice-chancellor of a certain Cambridge Engineering College in Chandigarh was audacious enough to write on the website of the College that the Kashmiri students ‘vanished’ in to the various Universities of the Punjab. The Vice-chancellor did not shy away from saying that the colleges in the state of Punjab will not entertain any Kashmiri student in future. One particular NGO has wreaked havoc with the career of thousands of students from the Kashmiri valley as the NGO would itself collect the money from the students and them get them admitted to various B-grade colleges in various Indian states like Punjab, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Karnataka. When no money reached the colleges from the Union HRD Ministry, these students were sent back from the colleges. It is an astonishing fact that the said NGO is openly backed by the governor of the state of Jammu and Kashmir NN Vohra. On the website of the NGO NN Vohra is shown as the Chief Patron of the NGO. Many other prominent politicians of the valley are associated with this NGO in various capacities. When The Kashmir Scenario did a cover story on the issue and governor’s name came up, people expected the governor to clear his position on the issue. The governor to everybody’s

taking money from the students? How come these students withhold the original documents of the students? The million dollar question that stares us straight in the face is that what was the state government when all this was happening? Was there no authority to monitor the functioning of these NGOs? There are many layers to this controversy. The Union HRD Minsiter Shahsi Tharoor brushed aside the criticism by merely saying that thousands of complains have been received against various NGOs and he would look into the matter. Till that, however, nothing is being done. Across the social spectrum of Kashmir this issue has created ripples and people are baffled that how these NGOs were able to do a fraud of such magnitude right under the nose of the authorities. A poor man in South Kashmir sold off some land to finance his sons in some other college after he was expelled from the college he was admitted through one of the NGOs. Worthwhile to mention that this scheme was launched 2010 in the backdrop of the massive protests to provide a platform to the talented youth to undertake job-oriented courses like bachelors in Dental surgery, B tech and BSc . The aim was to channelize the talent of Kashmiri youth in various fields. As this scheme is in doldrums and it would take a herculean effort to haul it back to a normal platform, it remains a thing of regret that how come the responsible central government be so irresponsible to launch this scheme without proper groundwork. We pray that the career of thousands of students is saved. At the same time people must pressurize government and give a terse reminder to the state administration to punish all guilty. For the time being, launching of a criminal case against the NGOs would heal the wounds of so many affected. We hope government comes out of its slumber and launch a proactive drive to check the status of all the NGOs indulging in this practice. We hope things change and we hope things change very soon.

It is pertinent to mention that withholding original documents of the students calls for legal action against these NGOs. The government which talks of a ‘corruption-free’ administration is maintaining a queer silence on the issue. The students in various colleges outside the valley are feeling left-out and a strange sense of alienation has dawned on them

surprise did not issue any press statement on the issue and did not appear in any mood to clear his position on the issue. The higher ups in the state administration are also maintaining a criminal silence on the issue leading many unanswerable questions to remain as unanswered. If the career of thousands of students is at stake, is not it a big enough issue for the state administration? Why cannot the state government issue a press statement and clear their position about the matter? It is pertinent to mention that withholding original documents of the students calls for legal action against these NGOs. The government which talks of a ‘corruption-free’ administration is maintaining a queer silence on the issue. The students in various colleges outside the valley are feeling leftout and a strange sense of alienation has dawned on them. Caught in a precarious situation, students are unwilling to come home as they feel a good precious year of their life has been wasted. The question remains that why did not these NGOs check the status of the colleges they were about to admit thousands of valley-based students in? The bigger question, however, remains that on whose behalf were these NGOs



Srinagar, October 07-13, 2013

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Srinagar, October 07-13, 2013




ts are SNN) : The protes Shopian, October 1(K wn from Se ptember 7, n to strial going on in Shopia n of the only indu tio pa cu oc e th t ns ai ag rve Poian by Central Rese area in district Shop lice Forces (CRPF). out the shor tage of Hardly bothering ab es, the other basic necessiti ,000 30 food, medicines and nd pulation of arou ber 7 township with a po em pt Se ite strike from surhave been on indefin is ich wh p, of CRPF cam oft to demand shifting en m rn ve go , tial houses en sid re by d de dl un ro mid e de gree colle ge and a the first posifices, a government ring 80’s including du s rk wo o str 1981 batch school. lder in carpentry of despite producing ho at a th om id pl sa Di ls n ca tio lo g institute The licious apples, the t industrial trainin de en s m ou rn m ve fa Go rld of wo evement signed k in top quality p any top trademar d a certificate of achi that the mililo an ve n ia de op to d Sh ile fa s area ha licies of t had a re gret dustry due to ill po by Indira Gandhi, bu industrial unit killed his of ea the horticulture in ar l ia e str th izure of indu that tary occupation of government and se his skill along with er. ed . since 1991 and destroy PF m ea CR ld dr ho by t it ic un r str g di he in e ot th s,” said an ose units are ly of other unit holder seema The unit holders, wh hinery since 1992 ager Industries, Na an M ac l m ra y ne stl Ge co th wi g th the DIB, defunct alon dustrial area, said r details available wi oned and in pe e th as to id in sa i ed an nd W la when CRPF units to gren was partiti best to restore their industrial land at Ga d She said apar t an they had tried their on gi re el for the for other purposes. lev l ed ut ca lo ib at str s di od go e was using eight hast produc Kanals of land, CRPF rative building for youth, but are ag af t .5 en 16 m m oy fro pl em te ra de gene (01) administ pleas have fallen to (08) buildings, one r roads that their re peated ore Kanals of land fo m ) (02 o tw e m so d an ears. Kanals of land, the inside the camp. cus on inMeasuring about 62 d ne tio ) had sanc with marginalized fo IB r, ve (D d eo ar or M Bo s ie str ls were given District Indu lopment, four Kana uction among the en ve od de pr s of ie its str un du l ia ilding and road 16 industr ich only 11 units re lle ge, Gagren for bu wh Co in ee , gr 81 19 De to in rs eu tre pren e to the tional” from 1992 du construction. of insaid, only 168 promain “par tially func ls na Ka .5 16 at p m top official of DIB ca A PF CR a of up ng setti tioned in the whole units have been sanc n io ct du . nd la l ia of str du more than 2.27 lakh ctor at the industrial se t with a population of th ic id str sa di ls 2004-05. ca Lo l al sm the district status in e hub of n th ve as gi s ed wa er it id ns ce co sin a proposal Shopian was they (DIB) have sent Kashmir. They say at h th ut ng so di ad in t, s ie Bu str ask them to scale indu all scale industrial missioner’s Office to m sm Co of d ty ise pu pr De m to co s s for all the ofthe campu e, cable car corporaerial and other good established us at m ho se re ha itu rc rn pu fu a e units lik d was from industries tical laboratory an fices in the district tion and phar maceu employment generation l area. for in Gagren industria e buyers for locally made ey on not only a first place m e er wh e m s also a plac “To attract or has to em in the area, but it wa te ra ne stries, government ge du to in ts en se gr as Ga te at ea s cr od go t lift sewas invested to for traders and mus fe sa . ea em ar th e r th fo e s ak ue m to ployment aven e,” he said. ers, who wished not rity camp from ther cu ian, Bashir One of the unit hold di in an e Commissioner Shop ies Office ight becom m ty pu he at De th g rin fea be named ing on in at District Industr current problem go Ahmad Bhat said th s ing occupied by er ld vidual target in the ho it un with other ving their own build fice in a hired g ha on al ite sp he de id sa , wn the to of state, nning their of of Chief Minister CRPF have been ru meters knocked the doors too some three kilo at e. th tiv g fec in ef ild in bu d e ne at ai priv but that too rem l area. to chisel-out beautifrom main industria “With his creativity y an m n wo d ha he , gs oden lo ful objects from wo s maenational level for hi d an l ca lo a titles at



Srinagar, October 07-13, 2013


SRINAGAR, October 02: In a move to thwart the sprouting of illegal commercial properties in the residential areas of the summer capital, Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) on the directions of the Jammu and Kashmir High Court on Wednesday evening started to seal the ‘illegal’ structures in the city. Out of 39 identified structures, 37 structures were sealed in three days in many areas of the city including Jawahar Nagar and Karanagar localities. The Jammu and Kashmir High Court had directed SMC to seal illegal constructions in the city within three days which are in violations of section 8 of JK Control of Building Operations Act 1988 (COBA). Chief Spokesperson of SMC Masrat Yusuf said the enforcing agency of the corporation has constituted three teams to implement the orders. “The campaign is being supervised by Secretary Hilal Ahmad Wani and Chief Enforcing Officer Hakeem Aijaz besides two executive magistrates and a police team from local police stations,” she said. On the first day of the campaign, Chief Enforcing Officer Hakeem Aijaz said they sealed 19 ‘illegal’ structures in Jawahar Nagar. The SMC teams had to face

resistance from the owners of the buildings who protested and pelted stones on the SMC teams. “We are facing resistance from them but we will implement court orders,” he added. Amid stone-pelting and sloganeering, the authorities on day 2 continued to seal the “illegal” commercial complexes and sealed six more structures. Half a dozen structures include a prominent shopping mall, Madina Complex in Karanagar area was sealed by the SMC officials. On day 3, the drive had to be called off more than three times owing to stiff resistance from the owners of the buildings. However the team, with the assistance of SHO Parimpora succeeded in sealing eight more structures violating the master plan out of which five were commercial complexes. “Two structures- one at Jawahar Nagar and other at Hyderpora- had to be left unsealed due the stay order passed by the High Court in the said cases,” said Masrat Yusuf , Chief spokesperson of SMC. Meanwhile businessmen from many areas of Srinagar protested against the selective demolition drive by the SMC. The businessmen alleged that the illegal properties of some influential

people were spared in the demolition drive. The effected persons protested in Press colony against Srinagar Municipal Corporation against the sealing of the buildings and alleged favoritism. “The Master plan was not violated overnight but we are working here from past two decades,” said Farooq Ahmad a protesting businessman whose building has been sealed. “We are registered with SMC, PDD, Labor and other departments. Why we were not told that time that its violation of master plan?” fumed Farooq Ahmad. Protesters alleged that two years before SMC issued Show Cause notices to only 45 building owners among thousands of ‘violators’. “We would have moved to court but courts are off today due to holiday. We are helpless,” they said. On the directions of High Court, SMC on Tuesday proceeded on the Show cause notices after four years. “The reply submitted in response to Show Cause notice is not satisfactory as structure had come up in violation of master plan hence recommended for sealing,” reads one of the orders from Commissioner SMC.



Srinagar, October 07-13, 2013

r o f y l s s e l t n e l e r s t Shopian protes e c i t s u j e v i s u l e e th




the area, and jot down few more pages. The people of the “The people of the ShopShopian were yet to ian were yet to recover recover from the incident from the incident of ‘Asia and Neelofer’, which led to of ‘Asia and Neelofer’, the economic blockade for which led to the economic two months in 2009, that blockade for two months one more tragedy fell on the people of Shopian and it bein 2009, came the moral challenge for he people of Shopian to fight against delayed/denied justice,” says a Univernized. The world hardly knows the incidents like the burning of village sity students Kamran Ahmad. “It was the continuous Ahagam or the plundering of village struggle from the people of ShopReshnagri, the domicile of Dr Ayoub ian, which forced the government Thokur to the delaying work on ecoto change many versions of ‘gang nomically viable Mughal Road was rape’ incident, thus highlighted the to punish the people of the area,” real picture of world’s largest desays Ali Muhammad while holding the copy of The Kashmir scenario mocracy,” says Ali Muhammad.. This time people of Shopin his hand depicting the gruesome ian again protested to get the much killings of four youth in Shopian. elusive justice. The market remains The residents believe that it closed for consecutive more than a was their stiff resistance and mormonth and marked the second-lonal courage following the rape and gest shutdown in Kashmir struggle. murder of Asiya and Neelofar in The worst effect was on its people, 2009 which forced the intellectual who believe that loss went minds to flip the pages of history of

Shopian, Oct 1: While the rest of Kashmir is carrying trade normally, residents of Shopian despite their peak season for apple harvesting is showing stiff resistance against the killings of the four youth here. Famous for its best quality apple production throughout the world, Shopian with 98 percent population directly associated with horticultural activities compromised with the apple based-economy and has been on strike for last one month. “We do not believe in government compensation and subsidies. We want justice,” shouted a resident Fayaz Mir. The locals believe that they have great historical past and that the residents never compromised for pretty interests. “Shopian has not only remained the scene for many battles fought between indigenous and foreign invaders but has also determined the subsequent history of Kashmir by changing one ruling dynasty with another. It also has offered shoe garlands many times to the local rulers for showing their negligence towards the area,” says a septuagenarian Ali Muhammad There is anger in the residents of the town with the Srinagar based media for not giving adequate coverage to the killing issue and the subsequent protests. Residents also grudge the fact that many atrocities during the 90’s were also underreported by the media. “The area was least covered by media and the incidents like gang rape by security forces in Chek Saidpora to the killing of hundreds of ‘Jamate Islamia’ members, the loot by Ikhwan men to the migration of many families from the area were hardly recog-



Srinagar, October 07-13, 2013

It is pertinent to mention that show-Cause notices were issued on March 16, 2009. “In exercise of powers delegated by the Building Operations Controlling Authority (BOCA), and communication to me by BOCA and in compliance to the directions of honorable court, I hereby order to seal the premises and put the sealed structure on superdari of Joint Commissioner and Chief Enforcement Officer SMC,” reads the sealing order. On September 30, High Court had directed SMC to seal illegal constructions in the city within three days. The Division bench of Chief justice MM Kumar and Justice Ali Mohammad Magrey directed SMC to swing into action to make appropriate steps to deal with the violations of section 8 under JK Control of Building Operations Act 1988 (COBA). “As per the show cause notices already issued by the corporation, the needful shall be done within three days,” Court

orders. The learned counsel representing SMC had pleaded before the court to extend the date for implementing the order saying that it will create Law and Order problem. However court denied the plea and directed the Director General of Police to provide help to SMC if he is asked for the same while sealing the illegal buildings across the city. Counsel for petitioners, FA Parray submitted before the court that SMC has issued notices against only 45 violators saying there are more than 40000 violations in Srinagar. Advocate Firdous Ahmad informed the court that the corporation issued demolition orders of the illegal structures on March 16, 2009, “however no action was taken after that,” Ahmad told the Court. Court expressed surprise over SMC’c another show cause notice which has been issued in June this year. “We fail to understand as to why after passing demolitions orders on 16/03/2009,

a necessity of issuing another show-cause notice on 22/06/2013 was felt,” the bench observed. In 2009, SMC had issued show cause notices to various violators for sealing of commercial complexes under section 8 of COBA-1998. Court asked authorities to submit status report on fourth day (Friday). The bench further said that no other court should entertain any litigation belonging to the subject matter. “It has been observed in all PILs that this court is ‘Custodia Legis’ and no other court should entertain the PIL regarding the matter” Court directed to transfer all such litigations to High Court. “Additional District judge and tribunal, Principal District judge, 3rd additional judge appears to have entertained some litigations as is indicated in the petition, they shall be transferred to high court,” the court said.

Reaping the golden harvest

Devotees paying obeisance at the shrine of Sheikh Noor-ud-din Noorani (RA) Devotees paying obeisance at the shrine of Sheikh Noor-ud-din Noorani (RA)

Reaping the golden harvest




Srinagar, October 07-13, 2013


“As a bureaucrat you are at the driver’s seat. The chauffeur may at best avoid the potholes, show the boss the shortest possible way to his destination but the chauffeur cannot tell the boss that his destination is wrong” VIJAY BAKAYA



At some point in his life he was called Dilip Kumar of Rajasthan and many were mesmerized by his skills on the cricket field. A multifaceted Vijay Bakaya landed in the bureaucracy when he qualified the prestigious IAS examination in 1970. The 66-year-old Bakaya retired as the Chief Secretary of the state of Jammu and Kashmir and then joined politics. Currently member of Legislative Council in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, Bakaya feels that the youth of the valley should shun the sense of victimhood and make a mark.


While talking to Jamsheed Rasool of The Kasmir Scenario Bakaya feels that Panun Kashmir is an elitist minority within the Pandit community and the prospect of a ‘Separate homeland’ is a surreal dream.

Childhood they say is a fascinating part of a person’s life. Tell us a bit about your childhood and about your schooling days? I have had a fascinating childhood. I was born in Kani Kadal area of Srinagar in 1946. I do not remember much about my early childhood in Kashmir. In 1950 I left for Agra where my father taught English literature at a college. From there we went to Jaipur as my father was now the principal of a college there. From St.xavier’s College I did my B.A Hons in English Literature and then did my Masters in History from Jaipur University. I cracked the IAS examination in 1970. My first posting in the

state was in Reasi where I did not get a chance to learn my mother tongue but soon when I was transferred to north Kashmir I felt the need to learn my mother tongue. My siblings struggle with Kashmiri but now I feel I have ‘mastered’ it. Don’t lose sight of the fact that during vacations I would visit Kashmir where the elders of my family would compel me to learn Kashmiri. Credit goes to them as well.

Why did you leave other palatable options to join bureaucracy? Was there something else you aspired to be in your life? During my college days I was quite active on the stage. In fact I was called “Dilip Kumar of Rajasthan”. Our batch played a pivotal role to establish a reputed theatre culture in Rajasthan. Let me tell you that I did not want to give up on acting. (Has a giggle for a while) I was a cricketer also. But the fact remained that for humanities students options were limited. You would



Srinagar, October 07-13, 2013




Srinagar, October 07-13, 2013

either become a professor or something else in academics. It was the time that the theory that IAS officers could be change bringers was in the currency. So I flew with the current. The IAS induction camp at Mussoorie was all fun. We got to learn a lot. Students from South-India who were regionally and ideologically much ‘localised’ mingled with the outgoing students from North India. It was ‘Integration’ in the real sense.

We have seen this trend that many bureaucrats ultimately jump into politics. Does it give credence to the theory that in democracy it is actually politicians who call the shots and not the bureaucrats? How many people have actually left bureaucracy to join politics? I agree that Yashwant Sinha’s is a peculiar example. You see actually very few people from bureaucracy have jumped into politics. As a bureaucrat you are at the driver’s seat. The chauffeur may at best avoid the potholes, show the boss the shortest possible way to the destination but the chauffeur cannot tell the boss that his destination is wrong. Having said that I believe that bureaucrat has to understand that he an unquestionable role. A bureaucrat must try to be proactive. You see as a bureaucrat people would flock to my office and my doors were open for any undisguised commoner on the street. I thought once I retired where will those people go? It was my love for my people that compelled me to join politics.

You have worked under many Chief Ministers. Who among them was your favourite? I was fond of Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah and he was fond of me. He was a real inspiration and was undoubtedly the tallest leader Kashmir has ever seen. Then Farooq Abdullah was a charismatic leader with an insurmountable wit and a great sense of humour. There was this unwritten law that no non-Muslim can be a Deputy Commissioner of any district in Kashmir valley. Farooq Abdullah changed all that by appointing me as a deputy Commissioner of a district in the Kashmir valley. It was a great experience to work under Mufti Muhammad Sahab also-a real dedicated Chief Minister that he was.

What about Sheikh Abdullah’s son-in-law. Was it fun working under him too? Ghulam Muhammad Shah sahib was a fair-mined and a rulebound person. He would never compromise on discipline. (Smiles)At times, however, he was a bit short-tempered.

Of late there has been this unpleasant trend of young educated men joining the militant and the separatist ranks. Why in your opinion is it happening? You see somebody has to sell a dream and show a sense of hope. Post 1990, militancy had had an adverse effect on the youth forcing them to think negatively. The youth have witnessed a nightmare from the last two decades and when the same youth shout for Azaadi, they actually want themselves to be freed from this suffocating atmosphere. Even the pandit youth who migrated from the valley have a twisted ideology. Instead of dragging the youth into the tentacles of past, the government must try to haul them out of the past turmoil and push them towards a better future. The government should allow the wounds to heal and should not try to scratch the wounds. Unfortunately I do not see this happening.

Don’t you think state government is trying to reach out to youth with an open mind? You see the current situation is a mixture of fact and faction. Time has come to sift one from the other. We are bombarding youth with violence. The job of the leadership is to start talking without any preconditions. You do not go to a dialogue with pre-conditions. There can never ever be a pre-condition to a dialogue. I sincerely believe that.

Panun Kashmir relishes the prospect of a separate homeland within Kashmir. What is your individual opinion about the ‘separate homeland’ demand of Panun

Kashmir? You see Panun Kashmir represents an elitist minority within the Pandit community. I wonder how many of them have actually lived in Kashmir from the last forty years. The problem, you see, is that during displacement the ‘hurt mentality’ of various migrant pandits was exploited by the hardcore Panun kashmir. Panun Kashmir gave the migrant Pandits dream of a homeland. This dream had to be realized and as time proved it, it was a surreal prospect which never saw the light of the day. The Pandit brethren should learn to live with their muslim brethren. A separate homeland is a functional impossibility. You see even Panun Kashmir is a divided house split into three groups.

As we were discussing the unpleasant trend of young educated Kashmiri men joining militancy ranks, there has also been a pleasant trend of many Kashmiri students cracking the prestigious civil services examinations like KAS and IAS. How do you react to that? There was a lot of cynicism in Kashmiri students that IAS selection was biased. Not many appeared in the examination thinking they would never be selected. When Shah Faisal topped the prestigious IAS examination, it opened doors for other Kashmiri students to emulate his feat. A sense has dawned on Kashmiri students that IAS selection process does not discriminate on the basis of religion, region, caste or creed. I think it is a great omen for the state.

Coalition Government is seen by many political observers as the weakest form of democracy. What is your opinion about the coalition governments? Whatever the inadequacy of the coalition governments, we cannot lose sight of the fact that development has taken place wherever coalition governments exist. At least the sense of being dominated by a monolithic group is not there. I believe coalition has made democracy more colorful.

Which political party of the state touches the chords of the undisguised commoner on the streets? And would you care to sift the natives’ bias in your answer? (Leaves out a suppressed laugh) National Conference is probably the only cadre-based party of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. You see the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) despite its political weight and clout is a valley-specific party. It is only National Conference which has roots in all three regions of the state-Ladakh, Kashmir and Jammu. Though occasionally people are disenchanted with National Conference but it is mere ephemeral bouts of disagreement which settle down quickly. Sometimes we are not happy with the food on the dinner table but that does not mean we don’t love our family.

Ratanpuri has given tough time to National Conference of late. Is he discussed in the party meetings? Ratanpuri is not discussed in the meetings. You see people may have grievances but such things can be discussed in the party meetings. There is no reason to go to town about some small ideological differences.

New employment policy of the state has raised many eyebrows. Don’t you think a wrong signal is going to educated youth vis-à-vis government jobs? I am totally opposed to the new employment policy. Yes I feel youth would be disenchanted from the government jobs. A government job should retain its prestige and value. If you devalue government jobs then youth are bound to take an alternate route.

What is your message to the youth of the valley? Move on. Move ahead. Come out of the sense of victimhood. You have the potential to move ahead and make a mark.



Srinagar, October 07-13, 2013


“Provide one time exception benefit to the valley-based students admitted in bulk” SRINAGAR, Oct 4 (KSNN): It was after The Kashmir Scenario did a cover story on the mess created by various valley-based NGOs in the Prime Minister’s Special Scholarship Scheme (PMSSS) that Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir was today compelled to admit that the complaints against various NGOs would now be probed by the crime department. The chief minister added that the reports of cheating by some NGOs has defamed the reputation of the scheme and marred the future of various students admitted by these NGOs in some educational institutions without having any authority or any role in this regard. The Chief Minister was intervening during the reply of questions by Sheikh Ghulam Rasool, Ravinder Kumar Sharma and supplementary questions of other Members during the Question Hour in the Upper House. While maintaining that the NGOs have no role in this scheme, Chief Minister Omar Abdullah said that the state cannot absolve itself of the duty to look into the matter as the career of thousands of students is at stake. “There is even no role of the State Government in the monitoring or placing of students in educational institutions outside the State. The scheme is completely run by the Union Government. However, the State Government cannot absolve itself of its responsibility towards the people as such the matter of reported cheating by some NGOs has been vehemently taken up with the Central Government,” Omar Abdullah said. While maintaining that he has written to the prime minister about the matter, Omar Abdullah

said that the selection process should be based on the examinations held by the university and NGOs have no role. “I have written to the prime Minister in this regard urging upon him to grant one time exception to the students who have sought admission in various institutions through NGOs and do not qualify for the scholarship so that their educational career is not marred. I have also emphasized the need of involving the State Government in the implementation of the scheme so that it is run hassle-free ensuring transparency and no chance for fraudulent elements to sneak in and take advantage of any lacuna in this centrally sponsored scheme” Omar told the house. While maintaining that the scheme provides for getting admission in the educational institutions by the students on their own and if they obtain first five positions in the Entrance Tests held by these institutions, they are only then entitled for scholarship under the SSS, Omar said that that some NGOs and the educa-

tional institutions have admitted students in bulk despite the fact that there is a cap placed in the scheme for grant of scholarship to only first five position holders. “It is as such required for students to ascertain whether they are falling in the first five positions or not before moving ahead to seek admission under SSS”, he elaborated. The Chief Minister said that PMSSS could prove highly beneficial for the students of the State to seek higher trainings and education in the reputed educational institutions in the Country. However, he underlined the importance of involving the state government in the implementation of the scheme through Higher Education Department so that students are not lead astray by unscrupulous elements and are properly guided for seeking admission and obtaining scholarships provided under the scheme. Omar said that the matter has already been taken up with the Union Government. He expressed the hope that positive results will be coming soon in this direction. Meanwhile a few social workers have reacted strongly to the statement of Omar Abdullah saying that the state government fully endorsed the role of the NGOs as their ministers and other leaders were present in the crucial meetings of the NGOs. “Muhammad Akbar Lone and GN Ratanpuri were present in the meetings of NGOs like JK Peace Foundation and Peoples Forum. The governor of the state himself is the chief patron of JK Peace Foundation. So how can the government say that they have not played



Srinagar, October 07-13, 2013


t h e practical ground reduces its effectiveness. Obviously social defense (elimination of crime and criminals from the society) is the objective of the law. The problem of crime control essentially involves the need for a study of the forces operating behind the incidence of crime and the variety of co-related factors influencing the personality of the offender. As recently after Dhamini case in Delhi the legislators came up with a new anti-rape law as they were unaware of the existing law. More and more law making is a loss of time and energy. Even after this law as everyone knows that rape cases continues with faster rate as recently 5 year old girl was raped in Delhi even in presence of the tougher anti-rape law. So finally making more and more laws is not a solution as it will escalate more crimes and more conflict. What we lack is the effective implementation.

If the law had served its supposed purpose in the first place (i.e. justice for all) there would be no need for more laws. One bad law begets another and another and another. The more new laws that are passed to address injustice, the less effectively justice has been upheld by old laws. Justice should be the one putting wrap on politicians

Prof. Gillin has observed that “it is the not the humanity within the criminal but the criminality within the human being which needs to be curbed through effective administration of criminal justice�. Those who expect a new law to magically make all that nasty bad behavior disappear actually fool themselves. You can change the said behavior by severe means, but making laws is not one of them. At most, it reinforces the other methods. The delusion of members of our political class is that they truly believe that human nature can be controlled or even modified, by the creation of more laws. The reality is that laws only succeed in taking away the liberties of law-abiding citizens and never deter the criminal. Criminals do not bother with laws, more the laws more the criminals. The more laws and restriction there are the poorer people became. Law are written by the powerful, for the powerful; therefore voting for lawmakers is like deciding which wolf may eat you for supper. Laws are the primary means by which a minority may control a majority, because the enforcement of law rationalizes coercion. The more law binding the ruled majority and fewer the laws

binding the ruling minority, the more inequality rules the day. If the law had served its supposed purpose in the first place (i.e. justice for all) there would be no need for more laws. One bad law begets another and another and another. The more new laws that are passed to address injustice, the less effectively justice has been upheld by old laws. Justice should be the one putting wrap on politicians. Laws that purport to serve common interests centralize authority, they undermine the rights of individuals and function as reigns that may be used to steer society as if it were a team of horses. The first basic problem with our legal system is that they are the Xerox copies of the then British governments which in turn has led to the noneffectiveness of such laws because they were suitable for the English for their conditions not for our social conditions as everyone knows that law is a common sense then why to imbibe it with lot of technicalities which o n

(The writer may be reached at The views expressed are author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the newspaper)



Srinagar, October 07-13, 2013

e h T : m i s a Q d a m Dr Muham A T T E D N E V L A IC IT L Victim of PO MUSHTAQ UL HAQ AHMAD SIKANDER

Publisher: Organizer Release Muhammad Qasim Campaign Year of Publication : 2013 Pages : 173 Price : Rs 100 In every conflict innocents do become cannon fodder in tussle between the contending parties. The cannon fodder is necessary to keep the pot of the conflict boiling. In most cases these innocents who get consumed in the raging fire of the conflict are themselves unaware of the politics, intricacies and different dimensions of the conflict. To prove that those consumed as cannon fodder in the conflict are innocents is too difficult, as the lines between truth and lies become indistinguishable in any conflict situation. But to prove innocence of those who were associated in any manner actively with the conflict becomes not only difficult but impossible. The present book under review details the case study of one such victim who was involved with Kashmir conflict and is now paying its horrific price by being incarcerated for life by the Indian state. This book is a compilation of various judgments regarding his case, press statements and some chapters about his thought too are included in the book. Dr Muhammad Qasim was a militant commander; he is an ideologue, author, Islamic scholar and spiritualist. In his Foreword to the compilation, eminent advocate of Kashmir Syed Tassaduqe Hussain writes, “Dr Muhammad Qasim an outstanding political ideologue and writer of contemporary Kashmir is suffering incarceration for holding political beliefs that are unacceptable to the ruling establishment and he has been convicted under an infamous Indian anti-terrorist legislation, in a trail that manifestly was wanting in judicial fairness as overzealous prosecutors employed dubious investigatory methods for collecting materials of evidential value on the basis of which Dr Qasim was ultimately tried and convicted for life”. He further states, “I still hold the view that the trail of Dr Muhammad Qasim was not fair, that is why I consider it my ethical obligation to lobby for his freedom. His trail was not fair from Indian Judicial Standards, as first he was placed under detention under infamous Public Safety Law and while under detention, he was subjected to intense interrogation coupled with severe torture”. Then Hussain aptly states, “The trail of Dr Qasim should serve as a wakeup call for those international organizations who are striving for ‘Human Rights’ and ‘Rule of Law’ so that we are able to establish a world order that is just, equitable and rational”. Dr Qasim was tortured and imprisoned on the charges of being involved in the killing of noted human

rights activist and trade union leader H.N Wanchoo in 1992. Later on he was tried under the Terrorist and Disruptive Activities Act (TADA), but the flaws in the case that included not following the rules while obtaining the confessional statements, as pointed out by Sain Dass, Presiding Officer of the designated court under TADA, Jammu that led to his acquittal. But later on Supreme Court reversed the judgment of TADA court and sentenced him to life imprisonment in 2003 and also stated that his confessional statement would be held against him. In a chapter titled, Truth About My ‘Confession’, Dr Qasim says, “From Feburary 5 to April 5, I was subjected to shameless torture which no words can express in the notorious Papa Two interrogation centre Srinagar. Even after more than twenty years my body stands witness to the torture I received there” (P41-42). Dr Qasim rightly observes about the hostility of the judiciary when he writes, “It may not be rule but mostly we have seen that, if lower court of the judiciary pronounces sentence to accused, higher especially the apex court condones or at least lessens and reduces it. But in our case everything is topsy turvy. The Jammu TADA court acquits us but the apex court differs to an extent that not only an ordinary punishment but life imprisonment was pronounced. Our simple question to all justice loving people is that, How can we get Justice now?” (P-45). Then the review board recommended on 03/06/2008 to the state government to release Dr Qasim prematurely, but government rejected the recommendation.

“Whereas Rule 54.1 of the J&K Manual unambiguously lays down that a prisoner convicted of a terrorism related crime is not eligible for premature release” (P-51). Then Justice Mansoor Mir’s decision about considering the case of Dr Qasim in terms of jail manual after he completed fourteen years in jail was set aside by the government and then by the Double bench of high court too. After review board recommendation was rejected twenty years meant life sentence, but in case of Dr Qasim life sentence has been translated to mean the whole life, despite the fact that Delhi government released two life convicts booked under TADA. The book also contains a list of life convicts who were released between 1975-2006 by the J&K government, but since 19902006 none has been released except one non Muslim and his crime for which he was booked isn’t disclosed too. The second part of the book deals with the public reaction to the High Court decision of describing Life Imprisonment as one where the convict will not be released till death overtakes him. Besides containing the press coverage and statements regarding Dr Qasim’s case this part contains a chapter on Dr Qasim’s Mission and Vision penned down by Advocate Abdul Mateen that sums up his views about various issues ranging from Resistance in Kashmir, to religion, Kashmir economy to social reformation and his views about women too are discussed. Syed Tassaduque Hussain also has a chapter about Indian democracy. Overall the book is a wake up call for all who are concerned about the democratic and individual values and don’t want Indian state to retrograde towards fascism, where even judiciary is used to muzzle the voices of dissent instead of protecting them. Dr Qasim’s case is a testimony and manifestation of the fact that judiciary is now being used as a tool to suppress the voices of resistance against the Indian State. The book is a chilling read depicting the struggle of a person who refuses to compromise on his ideas and is paying its price. But at the same time it is a reminder to those who still believe in lofty idealism of judiciary being independent from the executive. If Kashmiris become hopeless and pessimistic with the judiciary too, whose manifestation Dr Qasim’s case brings vividly then the alienation, resentment and resistance against the Indian state is bound to increase rather than narrowing down. M.H.A. Sikander is Writer-Activist based in Srinagar, Kashmir and can be reached at



Srinagar, October 07-13, 2013

Serving to empower, J&K Bank turns Platinum Chidambaram appreciates, e-inaugurates 122 branches, 179 ATMs


It can surely become the best bank in the region and beyond, says Omar SRINAGAR, Oct 1: J&K Bank today celebrated 75th year of its glorious existence. The bank was incorporated on October 1, 1938. Clicking the mouse amid a thunderous applause on the occasion, Chief Guest Union Finance Minister P Chidambaram e-inaugurated 122 Business Units (B.U) and 179 ATMs of the bank, which includes the B.U’s opened in places like inhospitable Batalik, Turtuk near LoC in Nubra valley, Salamabad in Uri, Dera Baba Banda Bahadur in far off Reasi, Jammu and Karoo, which is on way to famous Pangong Lake, Ladakh. Deputy Chief Minister Tara Chand and State Finance Minister A R Rather were the Guests of Honour. Speaking to a jam packed audience at SKICC here, Union Finance Minister P Chidambaram said, “I am happy to be here with

Our commitment to serve is an established fact: Mushtaq Ahmad

you on the Platinum Jubilee celebrations of one of the proudest and strongest institutions in India.” Commending the bank over its business ratios, he said, “I envy the ratios of J&K Bank. No other bank in India having stakes of the central government can rival the quality of its assets.” For such a performance I complement the foresight and vision of Maharaja Hari Singh and Sir Pochkanwala who founded this bank, he added. With gross NPAs of 1.62 percent and Net NPAs of 0.14 percent, J&K Bank has remained true

Shabir pays visit to DH Pulwama, suspends RMO, Staff Nurse VIKAR SYED Pulwama, OCTOBER 03: Taking serious note over the non-punctuality & indiscipline of the staff, poor sanitation facilities in District Hospital, Pulwama, the Minister of State for Health, Shabir Ahmad Khan during his surprise visit to the Hospital early this morning, issued orders for suspension of Resident Medical Officer, Dr. Riyaz Ahmad and Staff Nurse, Mrs. Sara. He also imposed fine of Rs 1000 to Causality Medical Officer, besides ordered for seeking explanations from Chief Medical Officer, Pulwama and Medical Superintendent of District Hospital Pulwama. The Minister directed Director Health Services, Kashmir to immediately visit the hospital and initiate inquiry against those Officers and Officials responsible for creating mismanagement, indiscipline and poor sanitation in the hospital, which effects proper delivery of healthcare facilities to the patients and asked that immediate steps should be taken for smooth functioning of the hospital.

We have to go a Long Way in Providing Better Medical Services to People – Vice President

NEW DELHI, October 3(PIB) : The Vice President of India, M. Hamid Ansari said that India has a long way to go in providing better medical services and treatment to our people. Addressing at a function to conclude the “Diamond Jubilee Celebrations of Holy Family Hospital” here today, he said that enough scientific data is available on medical science which can be used for the purpose. He recalled his first visit to this hospital way back in 1957 when it was a very secluded place out of the city and now it is in centre of the city which proves the foresightedness and vision of its founders. He praised their vision of catering to the needs of under privileged sections of society and opined that it cannot be weighed in money terms.

to its core functioning as a commercial bank. He said that banking was not to make complicated products but to provide the customers what they want and, which he said, was being precisely done by J&K Bank. An ownership of 27% shares with the Foreign Institutional Investors is a real tribute to the quality of the bank, he added. Advising the bank to take lead in expanding the business relations of people of the state with other states and overseas, he urged the bank to open more of its branches in other states of India and overseas.

In his welcome address on the bank’s historic Platinum Jubilee function, visibly elated Chairman and CEO J&K Bank Mushtaq Ahmad said, “Our immediate vision is to strike the right balance between continuity and change. We envisage J&K Bank to be a mid-size financial institution in the industry that builds a strong and secure economic bridge between the demands of our present societies and aspirations of our future generations.” “Though a commercial organisation in essence our commitment to serve is an established fact. For, service remains closer to our hearts”, he added. Providing a mind picture of the bank’s story in numbers, he said, “In Silver Jubilee year 1963, J&K Bank had an annual business turnover of Rs 5.79 crore and annual profit of 2.47 lacs. Then in our Golden Jubilee year, 1988, our business reached Rs 1227 crore with a net profit of Rs 1.49 crore.” Today, in our Platinum Jubilee year I am delighted to say that our business is more than one Lac crore and profits are over one thousand crore..” “Our growth story is as spectacular as it sounds dramatic in numbers. But the real achievement of the bank is reflected from the countless faces with smiles and successes worth trillions and more”, he added.

Tangdar gets cell phone service

People thank Omar for initiative, keeping promise SRINAGAR, - The remotest northern area of Kashmir Valley, Tangdar appeared on the mobile telephone network of the Country when the BSNL and Airtel launched the service in this area promised to people by Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah during his last visit to Tangdar. The Chief Minister had taken up the issue with the concerned Union Ministry underlining the need for mobile telephone service to the people living in this remotest area remaining cut-off from the rest of the Country during winter months. The efforts of Omar Abdullah succeeded when the two major companies BSNL and Airtel accepted the challenge and made it possible for the people of Tangdar to avail the mobile telephone facility and be connected to the world 24x7 throughout the year. Soon hearing the announcement of Tangdar getting mobile telephone service after completing the test running by the two companies for some days, the people rejoiced with happiness expressed gratitude

to the Chief Minister for keeping his promise and opening up the area to the world through the cell phone network. They said that this initiative of the Chief Minister is historic and the dream in this regard has come true. The people of the area had long cherished for having this facility significantly important for them to remain in touch with other parts of the State and the Country particularly during the severe winter months when the area remains cut-off with the rest of the State. The mobile telephone service thus launched will facilitate 34 villages of the area with the population of over 22920 souls as per 2011 census. The mobile coverage will be for Tangdar, Bagibela, Kandi, Dildar, Khurpora, Gumal, Bankhora, Bala, Pik, Derinar, Barwan and Hajinar. BSNL is already providing landline service in Tangdar through satellite link. It has provided village public telephones to 33 revenue villages in Tangdar-Karnah area.



Srinagar, October 07-13, 2013

01 dies, 09 injured in road mishaps SRINAGAR, October 02: One person died and nine others were injured in different road accidents across the valley. A Scooter bearing chasis number 007298153 collided with a Horse Cart at Dolipora crossing, in the jurisdiction of police station Kreeri, Baramulla resulting in on spot death of scooterist Bilal Ahmad Dar son of Abdul Samad resident of Dolipora, Baramulla. Kreeri Police has registered a case in this regard. Meanwhile, a Motorcycle bearing registration number JK13/4974 hit and injured a pedestrian Reshma wife of Mongyat at present Noorpora, Awantipora at Larnoo, in the jurisdiction of police station Kokernag. The injured has been shifted to hospital for treatment. Kokernag Police has registered a case in this regard. In another accident, a Tipper bearing registration number JK01P/1832 hit a Tata Sumo bearing registration number JK019/6490 at Hanjipora, Trehgam, in the jurisdiction of Police station Trehgam, resulting in injuries to five passengers. All the injured were shifted to Hospital for treatment. Trehgam police has registered a case in this regard. In another accident, a tipper bearing registration number JK13A/8033 collided with a motorcycle bearing registration number JK13C/2149 on National Highway near Charsoo, in the jurisdiction of Police station Awantipora, resulting in injuries to three persons riding on the motorcycle.

Youth drowns in Anantnag SRINAGAR, October 02: A 23 years old, Assan Ahmad Dar son of Abdul Rashid resident of Udhiyan Seel Dooda drowned in nallah Lidder near Anchidoora, in the jurisdiction of Police Station Anantnag. The body of deceased was fished out and handed over to his relatives for last rites.

House damaged in fire in Sopore SRINAGAR, : Fire broke out in the joint residential house of Ghulam Ahmad and Nazir Ahmad sons of Mohammad Ramzan Bhat residents of Bomai, Sopore, resulting in damage to the house. Fire was brought under control with the help of fire tenders and local police.

Girl attempts suicide in Anantnag SRINAGAR, October 02: In an attempt to end her life, a 17 years old girl (name withheld) resident of Ainoo Ashmuqam, in the jurisdiction of Police station Ashmaqam consumed some poisonous substance at her home. She was rushed to the SKIMS, Srinagar for treatment. A case has been registered in this regard.

Freedom Party Condemns Use Of Force Against Employees

SRINAGAR, Oct 2: Strongly condemning the arrest and use of force against employees holding peaceful protests in support of their genuine demands Freedom Party spokesperson said the four points over which employees tried to garner attention of those sitting on chairs are such that no civilized nation can ever declare them “crime”. Expressing solidarity with arrested employees’ leaders, spokesperson said the present ruling government should not remain in delusion regarding the power of employees.

03 die, 03 injured in road mishaps SRINAGAR, October 04: Three persons were killed and two others were injured in different road accidents across the valley. Two persons Mehraj-u-Din Layegaroo son of Khazir Mohammad resident of Barbershah, Srinagar and Mohammad Yousuf Bhat son of Mohammad Abdullah resident of Zambalgam, Verinag were killed and two others were injured when a Truck bearing registration number Jk03/1399 collided with a Tavera bearing registration number Jk01A/7571 at Charsoo near Kadalbal, Pampore. A case has been registered in this regard.

Seminar organised on “Intoxication An enemy in Modern Era” Karwan- I-Islami organizes seminar on social evils Ban sale of liquor in JK: SPEAKERS

Drinking is not only prohibited in islam but also it is root cause of all evils including animosity, envy and distraction from the path of Allah:Aaga Syed Abdul Hussain Kashmiri. SRINAGAR 3rd Oct 2013:Seminar organised on “Intoxication An enemy in Modern Era” by Karwan-i-Islami Kashmir at Hotel Lal Rukh Srinagar Kashmir.Prominent Scholars of Valley, Representatives of Sikh Community Joined the Occassion. ” Addressing a seminar ‘Intoxication an enemy in modern era’ organized by Karwan-I-Islami, the secretary Majlis Tahfuz e Eemaan Sham- uRehman expressed concern over sale of liquor in the state. “A survey report has revealed that around Rs 2.5 crores are spent on immoral activities on daily basis. On an average 30,000 liquor bottles are sold daily in the state. We need to join hands against the things which contribute to social evils,” Rehman said. On the occassion, Chairman of KarwanI-Islami Dr Ghulam Rasool Hami, Mirwaiz South Kashmir Qazi Yasir also demanded blanket ban on sale of liquor. Chairman of All Party Sikh Coordination Committee (APSCC) Jagmohan Singh Raina appreciated the initiative taken by Karwan e Islam and extended support to the cause. A speaker Aga Abdul Hassan Moosvi said that “consumption of liquor is responsible for all evils.” “It produces hate in hearts, disobedience and immorality among the people. Society must come forward to eradicate the evil,” he said. Another speaker Mufti Qamarudin hailed Karwan- I- Islami for the initiative. “Now the responsibility lies on our shoulders to carry on the mission,”

he said. The speakers including Moulana Mushtaq Ahmad Veeri urged the government to bring a legislation banning the sale of liquor in the State.Lauding the anti drinking movement earmarked by the karwan-i-islami,the Prominent Shia Scholar,Member of World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thoughts (I.R.I) and World Ahlebayat Conference Representative Hujatul Islam Aaga Syed Abdulhussain Moosvi said:Anti Binge movement launched by the karwani islami is,in fact,a movement of the Quran and Ahlulbayt.From the Quranic stand point Binge is not only a taboo and forbidden but it is also root cause of heinous crimes and evils like animosity,prejudice,envy and distraction from the pure and pious path. While Speaking at Seminar in Srinagar Organised by Karwani Islami,It is the moral obligation and religious duty of every sanner element of society, who longs to stay in constant touch with his creator and wishes his prayers to be acknowledged,to practically participate and Strongly support the movements of such nature so as the menace of Binge is completely rooted out,he said. He further said that elimi-

nation of the menace of Binge will surely result in the elimination of evils like corruption,immorality and is a litmus test for the state assembly and would be interesting to note whether the government would play its part to promote drinking on the pretext of the tourist influx or it would encourage the pure Muslim populace of the valley to carry forward the mission to its logical conclusion,he said. More likely it would be a source of income for the government but as for as the Quran is concerned it incurs more loss than profit;it is like adding a tea spoon full of honey in a bottle of poison which can turn its taste sweet but can not change its nature,he further added.Meanwhile Jamiat Ahli hadees Representative Moulana Mushtaq Ahmed Veeri,Moulana Shams Rehman,Syed Hameed Ullah Haqani,Mirwaiz Qazi Yasir,Jammat Islami and many other scholars,Sikh Community representative speak on the occasion and urge to put ban on use of Alchol and other narcotics in kashmir.Our youths being involved in using of Drugs which effection our Nation and Our Islam is against to Use Alchohal,they added.Later Scholar said the movement against use of Alchohal will be taken to its end.

GIAN Cell Ku Holds innovation Exhibition WASIMPARVEZ SRINAGAR Oct.03: Grassroots innovation augmentation network GIAN Cell-JK, University of Kashmir organised one day innovation exhibition in the lawns of Ghandhi Bhawan Kashmir University in collaboration with JK science congress in which many grassroots innovations have been exhibited. Higher Education minister Mohd Akbar Lone inaugurated the exhibition. Prof. G.M.Bhat chairman GIAN Cell said “Holding

innovation exhibitions will be guiding source to inspire the people and can contribute to promote the innovative culture at grassroots level.Since its establishment GIAN has to its credit many successful stories and has filed morethan 37 patents and fetched 9 national awards in the field of innovation”. The GIAN is being established in KU on permanent basis in near future, Prof.Bhat added. GIAN cell is the institute of national innovation foundation (NIF) department of science& technology govt. of India.The

GIAN team has been actively involved in reaching out to innovators across j&k.Some of the innovations exhibited including. Gas samovar by Shazia Jan, SandsieverRafiq Ahmad,Improved Iron Cutter by Ab Rehman sheikh,Pole climber,Walnut cracking mchine,walnut peeling machine by Mushtaq Ahmad Dar,walnut washing machine by Touseef ah Shah, modifiedkeroseneStove by Gh Ahmad Sheikh, Spade cum hoe by twin brothers Refaz and Isfaq and priority based load handler by students of electronics departmentetc.




Srinagar, October 07-13, 2013

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