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THE FESTIVAL KASHISH Mumbai International Queer Film Festival which started in 2010 turned out to be a milestone event in LGBT movement in India. It was the first ever queer film festival in India to be held in a mainstream theatre PVR Cinemas, apply for and obtain an exemption from the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, screened the largest collection of LGBT themed films 110 films from 25 countries and was supported by a host of Bollywood celebrities and media professionals. The second edition of KASHISH Mumbai International Queer Film Festival was held between May 25-29, 2011 at two venues – Cinemax Versova, a multiplex in North Mumbai and Alliance Francaise in South Mumbai. KASHISH 2011 was Bigger, Bolder & Queerer. This year the festival screened 124 films from 23 countries over five days in 51 program slots. It had 67.5% turnout with about 6225 tickets issued . There were 15 houseful shows. 7 films were awarded with the Kashish 2011 trophy. A new award for an emerging Indian filmmaker with best queer themed shortfilm was instituted in the memory of first Indian queer filmmaker - Riyad Wadia, which carries a cash award of Rs.10,000. A bevy of Bollywood celebrities – Juhi Chawla, Rahul Bose, Pooja Bhatt, Sanjay Suri, Samir Soni, Neelam Soni, Aleque Padamsee, Suhasini Mulay, Dolly Thakore, Rajit Kapur, Mona Ambegaokar, Karan Mehra; eminent jury members from India to Indonesia – Sai Paranjpye, Khalid Mohamed, Shernaz Patel, Samir Soni, John Badalu; visiting international filmmakers - Rikki Beadle-Blair (UK) and Q. Allan Brocka (USA), host of young Indian filmmakers and a very supportive media upped the festival buzz to greater heights, making KASHISH India’s Biggest Queer Film Festival and a hot & happening cultural space. KASHISH is organized by Solaris Pictures and Bombay Dost in association with The Humsafar Trust.

KASHISH SHORTS One of the missions of the festival is to discover independent films, short films, documentaries and student films from India with a queer focus and provide them a global platform by collaborating with other international film festivals. KASHISH SHORTS is a specially curated package of 8 Indian queer short films that explore the diverse realities, deep complexities, joys and sorrows of the Indian queer experience. Last year, 8 films from KASHISH 2010 was offered to film festivals from around the world. They were selected to program at 12 festivals – Iris Prize (UK), Q Film Festival (Indonesia), Hong Kong LGFF (Hong Kong), Reel Out (Canada), Translations (Seattle, USA), Transcreen (Amsterdam), Kalakranti (Chicago, USA), Anarchopride (Sweden), Entzaubert DIY festival (Germany), Beijing Queer Film Festival (China), Chicago South Asian Film Festival (USA) and Qfest (Pune, India). We now offer 8 films from KASHISH 2011. The KASHISH SHORTS 2011 package consists of five fiction shorts (Amen, Flowerbud, I Am A Woman Too, In The Closet, Let There Be Light) and three docu shorts (Creatures?, Diaries Of Transformation, More Than A Friend). Synopsis, running time and other details are in the following pages. Terms and conditions for programming these films at your festival are detailed in the last page.

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KASHISH SHORTS 2011 - Narrative Shorts

AMEN Directors: Ranadeep Bhattacharyya & Judhajit Bagchi INDIA | 2010 | 24 min | in English with English subtitles Winner – Best Indian Narrative Short at KASHISH 2011

The World Wide Web brings the two protagonists, Andy and Harry, together on a nonchalant afternoon. Andy, the suave and rich urban banker stands in a place where he shouldn’t ideally be while his counterpart, the soft-spoken, overtly humble Harry, stands tall and firm and is completely rooted where he is today. Both have different hopes from the destined meeting. Their interaction brings out questions that need to be answered, truths that need to be accepted and a life that stands to be reckoned. “Amen” makes two characters meet, experience hope amidst confusion, explore truths about sexuality and the self and delves into the profound meaning of life in the continuum of its trifles.

Jury Citation: For the sensitive depiction of the little discussed aspect of same gender dating through websites; the film’s assertive conclusion, credible performances, and technical assurance.

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KASHISH SHORTS 2011 - Narrative Shorts

The Flower Bud (Original Title: Kusum) Director: Shumona Banerjee INDIA | 2010 | 10.31 min | in Bengali and English with English subtitles Winner – Riyad Wadia award for Best Emerging Indian Filmmaker at KASHISH 2011 Can hope be found in the most unusual places amongst the most unlikely characters? A young transvestite prostitute, Kusum, gears up for a regular night like any other, but just then enters Purab, an out-of-job, obsessive, suicidal English literature teacher without a clue of the local language hoping to spend his last night with a girl! Needless to say, all hell breaks loose as the two struggle to negotiate the night in each other’s presence… will these two unlikely companions ever manage a connection? Jury Citation: For the whimsical, witty and yet so wise ‘Kusum – The Flower Bud’, about a spunky transvestite’s bond with an eccentric professor.

I Am A Women Too (Original Title: Naanum Oru Penn) Director(s): V. Ramanathan INDIA | 2009 | 10 min | in Tamil with English subtitles

Selvi, is a software professional. Her immediate superior and colleagues are not forthcoming to her as they maintain that their company appointed her under their ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ program as she is a transgender. Selvi decides to take everything in her stride and struggle against prejudices at her office.

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KASHISH SHORTS 2011 - Narrative Shorts

In The Closet Director(s): Mathew Menacherry, Miriam Chandy Menacherry INDIA | 2010 | 5.38 min | in English Second Runner up – KASHISH 2011 Coffee Break Online competition

A romantic mid-day tryst - fine wine, red roses, candles and silk. The excitement mounts until a few truths spill out of the closet.

Let There Be Light Director: Som INDIA | 2010 | 18 min | in Bengali with English subtitles Part of Special package at KASHISH 2011 – Red Ribbon Package of films on HIV/AIDS

When a young man from a middle class Bengali family comes to know that he is HIV+, his known world undergoes a sea change into an unknown one. He gets flooded with uneasy curiosities and hatred… in reality… as well as in his dreams. Being tired of this shameful and useless existence, he decides to put an end to his life. But as he heads to commit suicide he meets a street urchin playing flute who turns his life around completely.

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KASHISH SHORTS 2011 - Docu Shorts

Creatures? (Original Title: Agrinigal?) Director(s): B.Ilangovan INDIA | 2010 | 29 min | in Tamil with English subtitles

A true story of two new generation transgendered women in a southern metro of contemporary India and their struggle to lead a dignified way of living. A story that is as moving as it is inspirational.

Diaries of Transformation Director: Anirban Ghosh INDIA | 2010 | 54 min | in Bengali, Hindi, English with English subtitles

The film captures the stories of seven individuals with trans identities in and around Kolkata as they narrate their tales of love, violence and social acceptance in times of change. Raju, Bini, Rai, Bhaskar, Tista, Suman and Sabir come from very different socio-economic backgrounds. Yet, there are certain interconnecting issues of social acceptance and finding a space in the largely hetero-normative social order in each of these diaries which reflect the larger image of how politics of power operate. Within the milieu of turmoil and shifting identities, the characters in the film celebrate their sexuality and look forward to a better future, to a society where all are different and all are equal.



KASHISH SHORTS 2011 - Docu Shorts

More Than A Friend (Original Title: Taar Cheye Se Anek Aaro) Director: Debalina Majumder INDIA | 2010 | 35.6 min | in Bengali with English subtitles

More Than A Friend flaunts the growing awareness about same-sex relationships in India through the lives of Rupsa, a filmmaker and her lover Ranja, a college teacher. Ranja’s mother who comes to stay with the couple has always been a little uneasy with the idea of her daughter’s being in love with another woman. Their domestic help, Lakkhir ma, also seems be wary of their relationship. The film is interspersed with real-life interviews of people belonging to various strata of the society, who express their views on many related concerns and share their experiences of humiliation and anxiety. It does not attempt at answering all the questions it raises, but presents the multifaceted nature of the debates around the subject.

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Terms and Conditions 1. The films in this specially curated package were screened at KASHISH 2011, some of them being award winners. 2. This package is offered to international film festivals for programming, with the title – KASHISH SHORTS 2011 ~ Queer Films from India ~ 3. This package is primarily offered to promote Indian queer shorts across international festival platform. It also aims to assist young filmmakers in India who do not have resources to send their films individually to film festivals. 4. Requisite permission has already been sought from individual filmmakers who have given written consent for inclusion of their films in this package. 5. Programming information: a)

Digital Previews are available for the films you are interested in.


The selection has to be confirmed and all details negotiated at least a month in advance of your festival dates.


Final Exhibition would have to be from Digital file or DVD only. No Beta/DVCam would be available.


High res images, technical data and filmmaker’s bio would be emailed.


A screening fee for the package is requested. This is to assist the filmmakers. The screening fee is shared equally with the filmmakers.


Screening fee could be paid through paypal, cheque or wire transfer.


DVD/s can be retained in your festival archives and need not be returned.


Due credit is requested for KASHISH Mumbai International Queer Film Festival in all promotional materials that are relevant to these films, like catalog, program sheet, poster, press releases, etc. Kashish logo and Kashish Shorts Poster would be emailed to you.


Your festival will receive due credit as ‘Partner Festivals’ on KASHISH website and promotions. Please send us your logo and a short write up.

6. All queries must be








Contact Information: KASHISH Mumbai International Queer Film Festival 802, Bali Residency, Rathodi, Marve Road, Malad West, Mumbai 400095, India Phone: +91. 22. 28618239 Email: Website:

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KASHISH SHORTS 2011 - 8 Queer Short Films from India - for programming at international film festivals.


KASHISH SHORTS 2011 - 8 Queer Short Films from India - for programming at international film festivals.