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Scepter Kingsborough Community College

May 2011

Student Government 2011 Campaign Special Edition

The City University of New York



May 2011

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c ome lend a hand in building the first c u n y farm! s top by, grab a shovel and help us make history.

Ad v i s o r Levy Moore

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Scepter is a publication of the students of Kingsborough Community College. It is not a college publication, therefore, the college is not responsible for its contents. All articles in Scepter remain the sole property of Scepter. To obtain reprint permission, please contact the editors. Scepter welcomes letters to the editors and opinions from the entire Kingsborough Community.


May 2011


u s i n e s s



o u n c i l Je n n if e r f e r n a n d e z Major: c ouncil: Position: c ollege c ouncil: Judicial Affairs:

Business Administration Business President y es y es

Hello Kingsborough students, I’m Jennifer Fernandez an ambitious and dedicated person running for Business Council President. As Business Council president I will advocate for you, help improve policies/procedures, implement new campus traditions, plan events for you and assist you in addressing any problems that you may have. On Election Day vote for ambitious and dedicated person. Vote for Jennifer Fernandez!

Gr e Go r y Gr a n d o it Major: Accounting c ouncil: Business Position: s ecretary c ollege c ouncil: y es Judicial Affairs: y es

I am an Accounting major because that has been my career choice for years. I am glad to say that KCC has supplied me with some of the tools to reach my dream of becoming a CPA. I would like to help all KCC reach their dreams, I would like to be the eye's and ears for our student body. Currently I am a Peer Advisor trainee, and also training to join the MRC Brothers United Club. I am running for the secretary position, and if elected i will accept my duties with Integrity and put my fellow sudents issue's first. I will put it in my best interest to speak for the student body and not only make the KCC experience a enjoyable one, but a successful one leading to graduation. Vote with Integrity. Vote for Gregory!



May 2011

a a r o n Kr a n t z

Major: Business Administration c ouncil: Business Position: President c ollege c ouncil: y es Judicial Affairs: y es

I have been a student at KCC since the spring of 2010. Prior to joining KCC I worked as a real estate agent at a top ranked Manhattan firm for two years. While maintaining a part time position at the real estate office I launched a successful small business in a related industry. In the fall of 2011, I was elected president of the Tagar club, where I had the opportunity to further develop my leadership skills. I have organized multiple campus events including a lecture by a consul from the Israeli embassy in New York. As both a small business owner and current club president I am uniquely positioned (and well qualified) to represent my fellow students to the KCC administration. If elected president, I will work to strengthen the connections between the students and the industries in which we want to work. I will increase networking opportunities between students and prospective companies. We live just a short subway ride away from the world's most influential business center, and I intend to take advantage of it. If you have any questions, requests or ideas please feel free to email me at I look forward to your feedback and to collaborating with you in the future as president of the business council.

Vs e Vo l o d (s e Va ) s o l o Vie V Major: c ouncil: Position: c ollege c ouncil: Judicial Affairs:

Business Administration Business v ice President y es y es

Let’s make it happen! That’s my motto. You’ve got an idea, and I have the plan to put it into play. I’ll hear you out and give it my best shot to serve the community of students attending KCC. I am majoring in Business Administration, because I believe that to make change you have to get down to business. If elected Vice President, then I will make the most out of the power that I will be granted in order to give students the opportunity to be more involved and determined with their attitude towards their education. I believe that everyone has great potential in something whether they are aware of it or not. My goal is to help you exploit your hidden talents so they don’t become an obscure aspect of your lives. In determining whether to vote for me or not, think about your future, and if that’s not important to you then neither is your vote. Vote for Seva Soloviev!

May 2011



d mit r iy Vil t o Vs Ky Major: Accounting c ouncil: Business Position: t reasurer c ollege c ouncil: y es Judicial Affairs: n o

Open minded, focused and faithful. That’s me Dmitriy, I will be running for the Treasurer position. I am a future accountant. As a treasurer I will be open to any suggestions from my fellow students. My focus will be, making the best decision to benefit the students. I promise to be faithful to my duty. Vote for me today. Dmitriy Viltovskiy.




i Be r Al


t s

May 2011


o u n c i l r ic Ky Bo Gy

Major: c ouncil: Position: c ollege c ouncil: Judicial Affairs:

c riminal Justice l iberal Arts v ice President y es no

Platform statement unavailable

s t e Ve c a mpBe l l Major: c ouncil: Position: c ollege c ouncil: Judicial Affairs:

l iberal Arts l iberal Arts t reasurer y es no

When I was told of the opportunity to be a part of the Liberal Arts Student Council as Treasurer here at Kingsborough, I knew that I had found something that I could be passionate about. Serving as Treasurer would be a great honor, given a chance to further the mission of the college experience. This position will allow me to be of service and additional help my fellow Liberal Arts students. Being Treasurer is a huge responsibility, but I am willing to take on the challenge and work in conjunction with the other officers and members. This role will be fascinating, because allocating financial resources plays a major role in the ability of organizations to accomplish goals. I believe my background and skills are a good fit for the role as Liberal Arts Student Council Treasurer. I served honorably for many years in the United States Marine Corps so my previous involvement in this professional organization demonstrates my effectiveness in leadership. I pride myself in being a fully engaged and participatory member of the team. I look forward to severing my fellow students in this capacity and determine to do my best. Thank You and God bless.



May 2011

p e is h a n (Kc ) c h e n Major: l iberal Arts c ouncil: l iberal Arts Position: v ice President c ollege c ouncil: y es Judicial Affairs: y es

Hello, my respected teachers and dear schoolmates! I am Peishan Chen. You can call me KC instead. I am delighted to announce that I am campaigning for Vice President of the Liberal Arts Council. I am the fresh man and my major is Liberal Arts. Confucius had said “Go to the people. Learn from them. Live with them.� I am the fresh man and my major is Liberal Arts. Therefore, as a diligent student with pleasant personality, I have been always considered to be a good team member. Meanwhile, as a big fan of sports I fully realize the importance of teamwork and advocate the spirit of being quicker and stronger. I possess strong determination to take firm steps toward achieving the objectives of my team. A sign of a really strong organization is that it can change its leadership without hindering its progress and without damaging its values. If I am elected, I believe I have the capability to lead the Council to advance in the right direction. I will cooperate well with my fellow members of the Council and take innovative measures, and your voices will be heard! On Election Day, vote for Peishan Chen (KC). Thank you very much.

Jo s h f r e e Bu r n

Major: c ouncil: Position: c ollege c ouncil: Judicial Affairs:

l iberal Arts l iberal Arts President no no

Over the past 2 years, Josh has become one of the major student leaders at Kingsborough Community College. He has extensive experience in the student government system, he has been the President and Treasurer of the Philosophy club, Treasurer of the Political Science club, Vice President of the Student World Assembly club, he is the current Treasurer of the Liberal Arts Council and he has recently been elected President of Phi Theta Kappa, for the New York State Region (Phi Theta Kappa is the largest honors society in the world) he is the Current Treasurer of the Council and believes that the Liberal Arts Council is very dysfunctional. He believes that the Council will flourish with a strong leader. He is the only person running for office from the previous Liberal Arts council. He is the only person who will not have to teach the student government procedures needed to run the council. The Liberal Arts Council has a budget just under 26 thousand dollars. He wants to make sure the Students get more out of it. He looks forward to serving as your President



May 2011

d e n n is h a r d y Major: c ouncil: Position: c ollege c ouncil: Judicial Affairs:

c riminal Justice l iberal Arts v ice President y es y es

What is Student Government? To earnestly represent the interests of students and increase student decision-making power, to take the best ideas and aspirations from our peers and seek the best way to improve campus life through the creation and continuation of viable and effective student services. What has the Student Government been doing? Student government has been acting as an independent organization. Applying ideas that only affect a small portion of students, for too long has government acted with their own interest in mind, rarely reaching out to you or any of your peers. Who am I? I am Dennis Hardy and it is my intention to not only become Vice President but to embody the spirit of what it means to be Vice President. Once I become Vice president with your help, I plan to actively make myself available to the entire student body. Whether you are apart of the MSA, Theater, or Pan- African it is my top priority to find solutions to any problem that you may encounter on campus. My goal is to enhance every aspect of your college experience here at KCC. Vote Dennis Hardy!!

l e e Jo h n s o n Major: t heater Arts c ouncil: l iberal Arts c ouncil Position: s ecretary c ollege c ouncil: y es Judicial Affairs:y es

Hi, my name is Lee Johnson and I'm majoring in Theater Arts. I am a freshman here at Kingsborough running for Secretary for the liberal arts council. I do not have prior experience in administrative management but what I do have is good writing and people skills. I have a positive attitude and as Secretary for the Liberal Arts Council I will bring my writing skills, people skills and sense of humor to the forefront. If selected as Secretary, I will make sure you will have good laughs while making sure the information you receive is correct. I believe, I will be a big asset to the President, Vice President, Treasurer and to you students here at Kingsborough. When you think of Lee, a smile you will see. Vote for Lee Johnson!

May 2011

M At


& s


c ie nc e



o unc il

c id d o min iq u e Major: c ouncil: Position: c ollege c ouncil: Judicial Affairs:

c omputer s cience Math & s cience President no no

Hello fellow students, I am Cid Dominique. I am the former Math and Science President and Vice-President of the Brothers United club. My major is Computer Science. I have great motivation, strong dedication, and a good habit of not cracking under pressure. As president, I will use my abilities to help keep the Math and Science Council stronger than ever. I am a very reliable person, as told to me by fellow peers and faculty. One of my greatest wishes at Kingsborough is to help people as much as I can, and I strongly believe this can be done through the works of the Math and Science Council. Leadership and Initiative are values that I hold high! Vote for me and together we can create a better Kingsborough!

n a s h a l e e Kn iGh t Major: c ouncil: Position: c ollege c ouncil: Judicial Affairs:

Biology Math & s cience v ice President no no

Hi, I am Nashalee Knight treasurer for KCC praise dancers and a Biology major; however I am highly capable to serve you to the best of my ability. As a college student, I have always endeavored to strive towards higher attainments by simply pursuing excellence in any field that I am interested in. Given the opportunity to be vice president will enable me to offer proficient advice and support to my fellow students by granting them a more vivid directional path of this council and KCC. I will assure that your journey at KCC be a smooth one. On election day vote for Nashalee Knight.



Pu Bl



e Al t h

May 2011


o unc il

f ayt h e n unes Major: e arly c hildhood e ducation c ouncil: Public & h ealth Position: s ecretary c ollege c ouncil: y es Judicial Affairs: y es

Determined, social-able, and helpful are a few to describe who I am. Hi, I am Faythe Nunes vice-president of the Caribbean Club and also a representative for the Public & Health Council. I am majoring in Early Childhood education; which shows that I have a lot of patience and capable to put myself forward in many situations to make things work for the best of others, and also makes me very organized to keep everything in tack. Having the opportunity to be Secretary, I will make it my duty to allow your voice to be heard not only for you but for the school community. My goal is to support my fellow students in discussing any issues that may have experienced at KCC. I will help mold your college experience at KCC, and make this year a memorable one to carry on with you outside of this campus community. I will put you first! On Election Day, think about what I have said and Vote to put yourself first. Vote for Faythe Nunes!

h ar r y t an Major: c ouncil: Position: c ollege c ouncil: Judicial Affairs:

Physical t herapy Assistant Public & h ealth President no no

Hello everyone, my name is Harry Tan and I’m running for president of the public and health council. I believe that I should take this position for I display the qualities of reliability, strong work ethic, and loyalty. I am a man of my word and I don’t plan to go back on what is say or commit to. I will always see a task from beginning to the end and get the job done. Seeing me flop is very rare. I am very open minded and will hear out others before I put in my own opinion. I believe in the idea of scratch my back and ill scratch yours. So scratch my back and I will do the same in the future.



May 2011

a t iBa r a s h a d h a l l e l u Ja h y a r d e Major: c ouncil: Position: c ollege c ouncil: Judicial Affairs:

e xercise s cience Public & h ealth t reasurer y es y es

Enthusiastic, passionate, confident and assertive are a few words that describe me. Hi my name is Atiba Rashad Hallelujah Yarde. I am a Peer Advisor and I am currently a member of the Public and Health Council. I’m also part of the Brothers Untied Club, Republican club and CSA. I also take part in campus wide events and CUNY wide events to better my student body for the best college experience possible so they could better their education. Financial aid is among many critical key topics that affect almost every student in KBCC. Given the opportunity to be Treasurer. I will inform students about key issues on campus and off campus such as federal and state policies that effects student’s college experience. My goal is to help students make the transition from the two-year college to a four-year college as smooth as possible. Students need to be heard vote for Rashad and your voice would be heard!!!!!!!!

PAr t t

i Me

& e v e n in g c

Je s s ie c o mBr is Major: c ouncil: Position: c ollege c ouncil: Judicial Affairs:

l iberal Arts Part t ime & e vening v ice President no y es

Hi, my name is Jessie Combris and running for vice president in the evening part time council. My major is liberal arts. I take my college experience very seriously. College help students grow while keeping them in engage in new experiences. My goal is to make sure your college experiences is worth remembering. I’m part of the Woman Resource Center that features the Woman Support Group and as well as other activity’s on campus. If I’m given the opportune of having vice president I will use my knowledge of student government to create a social atmosphere because students of Kingsborough deserve more than just an education they deserve a meaningful experience.

o u n c il



May 2011

c h r is t o ph e r r a n s o m Major: c riminal Justice c ouncil: Part t ime & e vening Position: v ice President c ollege c ouncil: y es Judicial Affairs: y es

My name is Christopher Ransom a founder and president of KCC Debate club and a member of KCC Christian society. I am a nominee of this year’s election for student government. I am running for vice president of the evening council. I encourage all evening students to vote for me because I know the students’ needs and desires. I also have a plan to make it happen. A plan cannot be fulfilled if the right people are not in order to make it spark. I encourage all evening students to vote for me because I am that right person, I can make the needs of KCC students spark, vote for me because I have a mission and a purpose, vote for me because I understand are evening students, I am an evening student. Stop your worrying and frustration help is here. All you have to do is on Election Day is vote for Christopher Ransom. Make the educated decision. You won’t regret it. I guarantee!

s h a r l a t h o ma s Major: c ouncil: Position: c ollege c ouncil: Judicial Affairs:

l iberal Arts Part t ime & e vening s ecretary no no

My name is Sharla Thomas. My major is Liberal Arts, and I am an active member in the Caribbean Club known on campus as CSA(Caribbean Student Association).I am Dedicated, Responsible, and Reliable! I love to help people and I believe that I can do a great job helping everyone have a very comfortable yet educational experience. If I am given the opportunity to be Secretary of the Evening Council, I can assure you that as long as you have ideas of how to make school experience more interesting, that it will be discussed with the fellow officers of the club. With this being said, I hope you will make the decision to vote for me as Secretary for the Evening Council! I will not let you down! Vote For Sharla Thomas as Secretary for the Evening Council.

Scepter Spring 2011 Election Issue  
Scepter Spring 2011 Election Issue  

The Spring 2011 Election issue of Kingsborough Community College's award winning monthly newspaper Scepter