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USING INCENTIVES TO IMPROVE WELLNESS PROGRAM RESULTS New Years Resolution. While everyone is winding down 2010, we are looking to 2011. What are you going to do differently in 2011? Some of the most popular resolutions all tie into health and wellness. Most people start off really positively but fall down from lack of results and motivation. Consider joining or implementing a Wellness Program to give you structure, direction, and get rewarded for your effort in more ways than one.

What is a Wellness Program? While there are many types of wellness programs along with just as many incentives to adhere to, the basic idea of all of them is that physical activity has a positive influence on your health. When we say wellness, we include: exercise, nutrition, safety, sleep, posture, chiropractic adjustments, strength training, stretching, attitude, and spirituality. A wellness program consists of improvement in all of these areas. If you’re a business owner, putting in place a simple wellness program makes great sense. Research has shown that if employee health is not well managed, an employer can see significant increases in health care claims and insurance premiums, not to mention absenteeism and lost productivity. Johnson & Johnson estimate that wellness programs have cumulatively saved the company $250 million on health care costs over the past decade and an ROI of $2.71.

This alone is impressive. However, by incorporating the use of incentives into a wellness program as a way to drive participation, employers can see dramatic increases in their program ROI.

Wellness Programs in Virginia Some great examples include:

 The Commonwealth of Virginia Employee Wellness Program

 Drop it! By the Culpeper Regional Health System Hokie Wellness Week by Virginia Tech

 If you’re an individual looking to partake in a wellness program, call up your local hospital or gym. They may well have a campaign in place.

No local Wellness Program - No Worries Consider a health coach if you have trouble finding a local program or want to add to your existing program. Contact Paige Lysaght of Healthy Spirit Wellness for support and guidance on wellness and nutrition.

Best practices for Implementing a plan: Unfortunately, getting into shape isn't enough incentive for most of us to actually use wellness programs. Therefore, businesses and companies should have a well of incentives and rewards for people who use the programs successfully. Participants should get rewards for: Signing up for the program - An early sign up bonus like a T-shirt can help create awareness. All participants can be given a health journal to help track progress. Completing a health assessment and related follow-up activities to the assessments. Attending educational health programs such as smoking cessation classes. Reaching health goals, like lowering blood pressure. Remember: Make the reward, and the task to earn the reward easy to understand. Choose an incentive and approach that can be sustained. It's much easier to add an incentive than to take it away. Rewards can include cash, wearables, imprinted products, and even vacation days. The best programs should combine various types of incentives and rewards. They should however, be centered around

should combine various types of incentives and rewards. They should however, be centered around wellness.

Kash Design's Wellness Rewards and Incentives These examples can be used in numerous ways. As a sign up bonus, a reward mile stone, or an incentive for taking a class - It's up to you what will work best. We are on hand for your questions.

Screen Printed T's

Wellness Journal

Drink More Water!

An early sign up bonus like a T-shirt can help create awareness. A well designed and printed shirt can be worn with pride. With wellness related advertising, a print on the back can be easily read by others as they exercise.

Sign on incentive. Help participants track their calorie, fat, and carbohydrate intake; as well as their exercise routine. Imprint with your logo.

We all know we are supposed to drink lots of water. A great incentive to do so is this 28 oz. plastic bottle, made with up to 15% recycled materials.



Work Out Towel

Help participants stay on track. Set goals and record: steps, distance walked, and calories burned. One of the most useful wellness incentives there is to increase exercise.

Great as a sign up incentive or award. A fantastic way to cut down on gym laundry costs. This 100% cotton embroidered sport towel, can be with or without a hook.

Recognize mile stones and achievements with an award, rather than just cash. Have something participants can display with pride. It will provide a great talking point that will be associated with your logo.

Gift Cards

Sport Flyer

Lunch Cooler

Make a gift card personal with your logo or message; and give more than just cash.

Increase activity and fun for the whole family with this sport flyer.

Reward participants for taking a nutrition class. Get into good eating habits by taking lunch to work.

For further information on health, wellness, nutrition and incentives visit: Rethinking Rewards – Using Incentives to Improve Wellness Program Results What’s the Hard Return on Employee Wellness Programs? Staywell Health Management Kash Design Healthy Spirit Wellness Kash Design, PO BOX 693, Culpeper, VA 22701 5403171473


Wellness programs


Wellness programs