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The Benefits of Golf, by Kasey Clowe When not engaged in my professional pursuits, I enjoy participating in a variety of sports, including golf. Golfing can offer a number of benefits to a golfer; the following is a list of some of the benefits. 1. Golfing provides the physical benefits of walking and is much less tedious for the

participants. 2. The slow, casual pace of golf allows for greater personal interaction than many other sports. This makes golf ideal for engaging in business or social conversation. 3. People of all ages can enjoy golf. 4. Playing golf can help to develop sound concentration skills that can be carried over to other areas of life such as school or work. 5. Staging a golf tournament is an ideal way to raise money for a charitable cause. 6. Golfing can offer a number of health benefits, such as weight loss and stress reduction, as well as improving muscle tone and muscular endurance. About the author: Kasey Clowe is a graduate of St. Matthew’s University School of Medicine. Among Dr. Clowe’s interests are golf, football, hunting and fishing

The Benefits of Golf, by Kasey Clowe