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Kasey Butler JRN371 Freelance Assignment #4 For this assignment, I decided to apply for a freelance position posted on The job was to research and create a report for the company about The company would like to know what the website is all about, who is using it, what kind of growth they are experiencing, and what kind of successbusinesseshave had through the use of Pinterest. This research would be turned in as a 5-7 page report on the questions above. The experience was much easier than that of the previous freelancing assignments we have done in this class. I think this was easier becauseI feel that I could confidently execute this project in a great way. I have been a Pinterest user for a while now and know the ins and outs of how it is used. I think this is something my generation could easily report on for a corporation becausewe have started it and lived it. In order to apply for this position, I submitted a short blurb about my interest in the project and experience with Pinterest as a frequent user. I feel as though the freelance processis getting easier for me. At first it was intimidating, but not I get excited to see things on that I know I could do! I learned that there are jobs out there that would actually be considered “fun� to write about as a freelance writer. With the proper research, these jobs can be found. I also feel like I have enough experience for a position like this even without having written for other publications or a long resume to show off my experience. This assignment has given me more confidence to further explore freelancing as an option or alternative if need be!

Writing Assingment 4  

Assingment 4

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