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Dear Ryan Hamm: There are countless articles that can be found on why one should or should not attend college today. The problem nobody is talking about is the fact that we have forced many of our students into a place today that indentures them to a form of slavery that is not easily freeing: student loans. This form of bondage is what is crippling our students for the rest of their lives even though biblical teachings tell us that we are to be free from what bonds us spiritually and financially in order to do the work we are called to do. So what do we choose?To further our education in order to give us a foot up on the competition in a declining job market? Or to settle for what we get and do the best we can do to get the job done with the knowledge we have and can get for free? I am interested in writing an article for college-age students who are looking for an answer to these questions. My article would include interviews from some of Cal Baptist’s professors, pastors in the local area, and students who are indebted to loans in order to pursue a degree they or their families deem a necessity. This is something I have heard countless students weighing over lately, and I believe they need to be heard and appeased. I am hoping we can raise awarenessto this growing problem that is crippling our students before they are able to get started. I am a college student at Cal Baptist University majoring in Public Relations and I hope you will consider my article. Thank you, Kasey Butler

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Freelancing assignment for one of my classes.

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