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“BEE” Considerate Polite Truthful Courteous Respectful Honest Obedient Happy Kind Dependable


Our Mission The mission of Houston Elementar y School, in par tnership with the home and community, is to provide its students a qualit y education within a suppor tive learning environment that encourages all students to acquire the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to become productive and contributing members of societ y.

TABLE OF CONTENTS Purpose of Handbook…………………………………………………. 1 Faculty Address/Phone Numbers……………………………………... 2 Classroom Numbers………………………………………………….. 4 Administrative Policies………………………………………………. 5 Appearance of Classroom……………………………………………. 6 Attendance…………………………………………………………… 7 Communication……………………………………………………… 8 Classroom Budget…………………………………………………… 9 Discipline …………………………………………………………… 10 Faculty………………………………………………………………. 11 Field Trips…………………………………………………………... 12 Fire & Tornado Drills………………………………………………. 13 General Time Schedule…………………………………………….. 14 Grade Level Chairs………………………………………………… 15 Grading Periods…………………………………………………….. 16 Grading Policy……………………………………………………… 17 Health Room………………………………………………………... 18 Homeroom Parties………………………………………………….. 19 Homework………………………………………………………….. 20 Hospitality Committee……………………………………………… 21 Lunch Fees & Schedule…………………………………………….. 22 & 23 Odyssey Programs………………………………………………….. 24 & 25 Record Keeping…………………………………………………….. 26 Receipt Book……………………………………………………….. 27 Retention of Pupils After School…………………………………... 28 School Closing Due to Weather Conditions……………………….. 29 Sick Leave…………………………………………………………. 30 Special Education Referred Process………………………………. 31 - 33 Substitute Teachers………………………………………………... 34 Teacher Evaluation………………………………………………… 35 Testing Calendar…………………………………………………… 36 Test Security……………………………………………………….. 37 – 38 Teacher Leave Policy……………………………………………… 39 Textbooks………………………………………………………….. 40 Withdrawal of Pupil From School…………………………………. 41 Information System Users…………………………………………. 42 - 43

PURPOSE OF TEACHER HANDBOOK This handbook is a compilation of some of the current policies and procedures of Houston Elementary School relating to teachers. Such policies and procedures are subject to change by the administration of Houston Elementary School, administrators of Spartanburg County School District No. 7 or the board of trustees of Spartanburg County School District No. 7. Every policy, procedure and practice may not be included in this handbook, and certain additional duties and responsibilities may be assigned to teachers by the administrators of Houston Elementary School, the administrators of Spartanburg County School District No. 7 and the board of trustees of Spartanburg County School District No. 7. THE CONTENTS OF THIS HANDBOOK ARE NOT INTENDED TO CREATE A CONTRACT BETWEEN THE SCHOOL DISTRICT AND ANY EMPLOYEE. NOTHING IN THIS HANDBOOK BINDS THE SCHOOL DISTRICT OR ANY EMPLOYEE TO ANY CONDITIONS OR PRIVILEGES OF EMPLOYMENT OR DEFINITE PERIOD OF EMPLOYMENT. THE ONLY VALID CONTRACT OR EMPLOYMENT BETWEEN THE SCHOOL DISTRICT AND ANY EMPLOYEE MUST BE IN WRITING, SIGNED BY THE SUPERINTENDENT AND APPROVED BY THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES.

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Faculty Address/Phone Numbers Principal Thomas M. Stokes

717 Otis Blvd., 29302


144 Hogan Cr., Inman, SC 29349


126 Palli Ct., Cowpens 29330


308 Round Ridge Rd.,29302 2215 Edgefield Rd., 29302

590-0523 585-7531

122 Grandview Dr., Inman 29349


60 Wood Wind Dr., 29302


Assistant Principal Karen Pack

Curriculum Coordinator Jennifer Dowis

Secretaries Vicki Batten Bobbi Duncan

Guidance Anna Fleetwood

Nurse Sally Hardy

Faculty *Cooksey, *Davis, *Sanborn, *Andrews, * Janelle Barnett Rhonda Beckey Claire Boyd Dawn Burgess Ann Bowden Candace Chapman Valarie Cleveland-Tyson Raiford Collins Jami Cummings Sarah Cooner Claire Dalton Michael Drummond Cynthia Edge Brenda Foster Susan Gault Brian Gregory Marian Gilree Janata Glover Kim Gravlee Karen Hall Chris Harris Janis Haynes Vicki Hogan Melissa Holt Nicholas Isaksson Josh Jackson Sherrie Jeffries Theresa Jenkins-Russ Meg Lee

27 River Way Dr.; Greer, SC 29651 262-443-9577 1026 Woodburn Rd., 29302 583-9291 521 Mockingbird Lane, 29307 580-0812 P.O. Box 171352;sptbg, SC 29301 803-984-1784 134 River Run Dr., 29303 621-5354 423 Soft Breezes Lane,29307 327-9666 or 237-0697 705 Meadowbrook Dr., 29307 579-0938 or 266-6157 300 Regency Road apt M-5; Sptbg,SC 29307 803-603-1636 171 Poplar Creek Dr., Spartanburg, 29303 809-6475 793 Hillview St; Sptbg, SC 29302 384-2890 30 Plantation Dr. 29302 582-2246 (c)978-1684 430 Bates Ct., 29301 978-6421 2 Lawrence St.,Lyman, 29365 415-4801 299 Glen Crest Drive, Moore 29369 430-6541 2280 Aleaf Terrace; 29302 680-7444 416 Grayson Drive Moore, 29369 814-9850 212 Dallas Place, 29306 585-2884 215 E. Corley Lane, 29303 921-2658 105 Byars Ct., 29307 542-8243 164 Marlin Dr., 29307 216-5193 19 Primrose Dr. 29301 494-8071 158 Bradford Crossing, Roebuck, 29376 595-5052 2479 Country Club Rd Apt. 700J, 29302 597-9877 158 Shrine Club Rd., Chesnee, 29323 461-4458 230 Carlisle St. 29306 715-379-7298 6302 N. Pinnacle Dr.; sptbg, SC 29303 415-9471 119 Heritage Lake Forest Dr.; 29307 804-0134 294 Heathwood Dr., 29307 529-0967 121 Burnett Dr., 29302 582-0085 or 415-8866

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Anne Martin Anne McChesney Adena McDaniel Christina McRoberts Ann Moore Jackie Nygaard Carla Renfrow Sally Richards Jodi Shepard Suzanne Shinn Wanda Skipper Kasey Smith Taylor Smith Kevin Sontag

209 Dunbarton Dr. 29307 314 Holly Dr., 29301 361 Lanhan Cir., 29307 776 Plume St.; Sptbg, SC 29307 202 Coburn Dr. 29302 732 Maywood St.. 29303 286 Hollis Dr. 29307 240 Lacy Lane Inman, SC 29349 28 Woodward St.,Woodruff, 29388 108 Cameron Dr., 29302 170 Lakewood Dr., Moore, 29369 306 E. Myles Ln., 29303 605 Derrick Rd.,Pauline, SC 29374 PO Box 154, 120 Jackson St., Glendale, SC 29346

Julie Sprinkles Bailey Taylor Bobbi Waddell Amy Walker Rosalind Wallace Mary Watts

6375 Hwy. 49, Laurens, 29630 191 Pershing St. 29302 270 Lamplighter Dr.; Greer, SC 29651 240 Winfield Dr. 29307 648 Clarion Ct, Boiling Springs, SC 29316 623 Golden Star Ln. Moore 29369

541-7233 576-5904 621-3649 590-8485 583-9117 542-2084 578-2935 285-2086 542-0739 590-2130 597-1256 585-1714 597-9174 682-4334 978-4502 663-9224 621-5707 279-7105 or 541-8553

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Houston Elementary School

Academy for Creative Expression 1475 Skylyn Drive Phone 594-4448 Fax 594-6147 Cafeteria 594-4450 Thomas M Stokes – Principal Karen Pack – Assistant Principal Jennifer Dowis – Curriculum Coordinator Anna Fleetwood – Guidance Counselor Vicki Batten – Secretary Bobbi Duncan – Secretary Room –Kindergarten 29 Candace Chapman 31 Karen Hall 30 Bailey Taylor Room - First Grade 13 Raiford Collins 14 Sally Richards 15 Christina McRoberts 12 Katharine Davis Room – Second Grade 16 Kasey Smith 17 Ann Bowden 19 Julia Sanborn Room – Third Grade 18 Claire Boyd 20 Melissa Holt 21 Valerie ClevelandTyson Room – Fourth Grade 6 8 Sarah Cooner 10 Jodi Shepard

39 Jami Cummings 4 Taylor Hart 7 Julie Sprinkles Room – Odyssey 35 Anne Martin 43 Anne McChesney 44 Meg Lee 45 Ann Moore 46 Cynthia Edge Room – Special Education 32 Rhonda Beckey, Speech 1 Bobbi Waddell 28 Janelle Barnet 27 Susan Gault 40 Suzanne Shinn Room- Other Faculty and Staff C2 Claire Dalton, ACE 32 Anna Fleetwood HR Sally Hardy, Nurse MC Brian Gregory, Media PE Scott Andrews, PE 5 Amy Walker/Spanish 3 Joy Powers, Chinese 2 Carla Renfro/French 24 Dawn Burgess

Room- Other Faculty and Staff 22 Chris Harris, Art 23 Adena McDaniel, Music 24 Theresa Russ, Strings 25 Alice Welchel, Band 33A Mary Watts, RBHS 33B Kevin Sontag, RBHS 34 Janis Haynes, ESOL 42 Marian Gilree, Tech Room – Teacher Assistant 29 Brenda Foster 30 Wanda Skipper 31 Kim Gravlee 1 Janata Glover 27 Jackie Nygard 28 Josh Jackson MC Vicki Hogan Custodial Staff Michael Drummond (Head Custodian) Joyce Bragg Greg Porter

Room-Fifth Grade

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Administrative Policies Dismissal will begin at 2:35. All students are expected to exit the building in an orderly manner. All teachers are expected to monitor their classroom and stand by the door as students exit. • Teachers should check their mailbox and email at least twice each day. Students are not to be sent to the office to check your box. • Teachers are responsible for the conduct and safety of their students at all times. This is especially important during transitions and on the playground. • Students should never be left unsupervised in a classroom. • Students are not to be sent on personal errands (coffee, ice, etc.). • Teachers are responsible for transporting students and from activities. • Teachers are responsible for their students during computer lab. Students’ progression and assignments should be monitored and assistance given as needed. • All written communication on health room form, discipline referrals and on permanent records should be written in a professional manner. Under the Freedom of Information Act parents have the right to examine school records. • All computers (teacher and student), monitors, printers, and projectors should be turned off each day before you leave. Students must be supervised when using the internet. • Your classroom door should be locked and closed at all times. Keep your keys in your possession, and keep your personal items locked in your desk or in a closet. • Houston Elementary students will adhere to the District 7 dress code. • You are a professional. Dress and conduct yourself accordingly. • Nobody rises above low expectations. • You teach more on feet than in your seat. •


The appearance of classrooms will remain attractive. Student work and Problem Based Learning work must be posted and updated on a regular basis. At the close of each school day, have your children pick up the papers on the floor and have each child put his/her chair on their desk. Each teacher has ample bulletin board space in the classroom and in the hall outside the room. Do not use a glue gun, nails or staples to attach objects on wooden areas in your room. Duct tape should not be used to attach objects to painted surfaces. Because of a fire code regulation and room motion alarms detectors, mobiles cannot be hung from the ceiling in any classroom. Report any needed classroom repairs to the office. A maintenance form is provided for this purpose. Classroom doors should be locked at all times, even if you leave your room. Bulletin boards must remain attractive and up to date. Most of our visitors get their first impression of Houston walking down our halls.


It is the responsibility of the teacher to take attendance daily by 8:30.

For the first 10 days of school, attendance will be taken on the blue attendance card. Mark “E” the first day a student is physically present. Turn these in daily to the main office by 8:30. Bobbi Duncan will keep them after 10 days.

You will need to take attendance in Power School starting on September 3, 2013. If a student is not in your Power School Roster, email or send a note to Bobbi Duncan.

When students are absent, a written note should be turned in from their parent, guardian, or doctor. Each teacher will collect these excuses and turn them into the office daily. Excuses are filed in the office for the school year. A legal absence is defined as personal illness, death in the family or religious holiday. An example of an absence not excused is a trip out of town. A child must be in attendance for at least three hours to be counted as attending school for that day.

Please let the Power School operator know when you have a student with three consecutive absences.

When students have three consecutive unexcused absences, a total of five unexcused absences, or a total of ten absences for any reason, the parents will be contacted by a school attendance clerk.

Leave a student roster for substitute teachers to take attendance when you are absent. Substitute teacher will send roster to office in sleeve.

If a student is not present at the time the roll is checked (7:50), he/she should be counted absent. Students arriving after 7:50 must report to the office for a tardy pass. The office will change the PS entry to tardy. Do not allow a student to enter class without a tardy pass after 7:50.

COMMUNICATION Newsletters, test and important papers are sent home each Thursday in the Thursday Folder. Provisions need to be made to ensure that these folders are seen by the parents, understood, signed and returned to you. Progress reports will be

sent home the third and sixth week of every grading period. Please be reminded of the following dates: September 11 October 2 November 18 January 29 February 20 April 15 May 6

CLASSROOM BUDGETS Each teacher will receive the following funds for the purpose of instructional materials and supplies for the school year: • o •

State allocation $250.00 Keep receipts for verification; do not submit District allocation – TBA

Procedures shown below


To Use Funds From Your District Allocation: •

Complete a Purchase Order Requisition Form


Submit the PO Requisition Form to Vicki

School administration will facilitate the ordering process. It is advisable for each teacher to keep a running balance of his/her funds as well. All instructional monies should be spent by March 7, 2014.

DISCIPLINE On the first week of school the discipline code should be discussed with all students. Students should be made aware of proper conduct and what procedures will be taken if violations occur. Make your wishes known through classroom rules, and then be consistent in following them. Remember: the ultimate goal of classrooms discipline is to teach and promote self-discipline.

Children should be sent to the office only for serious conduct violations and a discipline referral form MUST accompany each child sent to the assistant principal's office.

Teacher must contact parents for each office referral.

Teachers should maintain a parent contact log throughout the year.

Referrals must be written in black or blue ink.

The teacher MUST check the appropriate boxes and put the dates under the Date and Action Taken by Teacher Prior to Referral on each referral. Record an accurate account of the incident and document facts without adding personal opinions and statements. Be reminded, a copy of the referral is sent home with the students.

Except in extreme cases of discipline, the teacher should not personally bring the child to the office, leaving the class unattended.

• •

Students are not to be placed in the hall for discipline problems. These procedures must be followed in all cases.

FACULTY MEETINGS / STAFF DEVELOPMENT DAYS All professional staff members at each elementary school will reserve Wednesdays for school, district or study group meetings. All teachers are expected to attend each meeting. Additionally, the second Tuesday of each month should be saved for district PD on the CCSS and Technology Integration meetings, 3:00-5:00. The dates will be shared as soon as the sessions have been confirmed.

FIELD TRIPS Field trips are encouraged and deemed a valuable part of a child's learning experience when carried out with proper planning and in the proper context. The transportation office must be notified at least seven (7) days in advance for transportation to be arranged. A Field Trip Request form will be used for this purpose. This form must be sent through the inter-school mail. In addition, teachers are reminded that a parent permission form must be on file for every child in your room before you leave on a field trip. Administration must be notified at least 5 school days in advance of a student who is missing permission slip and/or money.

When a grade level or class misses an activity period or lunch because of a field trip or special activity, it is the responsibility of the teacher or grade level chairman to communicate with the activity teachers, cafeteria, or teachers whose class or classes will be missed. Whenever possible, notify them at least 7 days in advance of intended trip. •

Students who owe lunch money may not be allowed to participate

in field trips. •

Field trips should not be taken during your weekly Professional

Learning Community meeting or during district/state testing. •

Grade level chairpersons are responsible for putting all grade level

class trips and activities on the school’s master calendar. •

Purchase order requisitions should be submitted 2 weeks in

advance. All money collected from students must be receipted and turned into the office daily.

FIRE AND TORNADO DRILLS A map is located in each teacher's rooms showing evacuation and exit procedures in case of a fire or a tornado. The following procedures are to be followed in case of a fire or practice drill. Fire Signal:

A series of short intermittent rings of fire alarm.


All personnel and students evacuate building in accordance with school's evacuation plan.

Re-entry of Building: Signal (Pre-planned) by principal (announcement) Tornado Warning Stage:

Information received that a tornado is sighted.




Staff and students move to pre-designated shelter areas in accordance with school plan.

Tornado Strikes Building Action:

All persons effect duck and cover procedures and remain in this protective position until building tremor ceases. Following cessation of building tremor, the principal activates evacuation signal as for fire.

Return to Classroom:

Signal (preplanned) by principal (visual contact)


All teachers should be in their rooms


First bell


Tardy bell


Dismissal of children riding school buses, vans and ACE


Dismissal of children riding in cars and walkers


All students not picked up are to be brought to the office. *Special permission must be granted for a child to stay after 2:55p.m.

All teachers are required to be in their classroom by 7:35. Teachers are required to stay each afternoon until 3:05. Teachers needing to leave earlier than 3:05 must receive prior approval, sign out in a notebook located in the office, and notify administration and Vicki/Bobbi. The notebook should be used only for

appointments with a doctor, dentist, personal illness, or school meetings. Please do not abuse this privilege. During class changes all teachers are required to stand outside their rooms. Do not leave your children unattended.

GRADE LEVEL CHAIRS – 2012-2013 Kindergarten: Grade 1: Grade 2: Grade 3: Grade 4: Grade 5: Special Education: Related Arts:




PARENTS August 19

October 21

October 28

October 22

December 20

January 13

January 6

March 19

March 20

March 20

May 23

May 30

GRADING POLICY In kindergarten and first grade, the following grading symbols are used: N

Not Yet


Sometimes Demonstrates


Constantly Demonstrates

From the second grade through the sixth, the literal grading symbols with their numerical equivalents are as follows: A









69 and Below

Teachers are required to keep an accurate, up to date grade book and maintain grades in PowerTeacher. Samples of a child's class work and test papers should be kept on file and used as reference during a parent conference.


teachers should provide homeroom teachers with grades at least three school days before report cards are to be distributed.

HEALTH ROOM The school nurse will be on duty from 7:30 – 3:00. A completed Gold health form stating the reason the child is being sent to the health room, and the time the child left the room must accompany all children sent to the health room. The form will be returned to the teacher signed by the nurse stating what medical attention was given. A form will be provided for this purpose. Each teacher will be provided with a basic first aid kit to handle minor situations. When the health room is not staffed, there will be a sign posted for children to come to the office in case of emergency only, otherwise, the children should return to their classroom.

HOMEROOM PARTIES AND FIELD DAYS The following rules are in effect for the school year. It is up to the teachers to communicate this policy to the grade level volunteers. Parties:

Three parties per year. Fall, Winter, and Valentines Day

Birthday Invitations: Invitations can be given out at school if the entire class is included. Parents may request a list of the students in your classroom. Teachers may provide the list with first names and last name initial. Please do not provide parents a list of address for all students.


Keeping students after school to make up homework is done at the discretion of the individual teacher. Prior arrangements must be made 24 hours in advance. Administration and office staff must be notified daily of students remaining after school. When a student is absent, with an excused absence, for more than a day, the teacher will prepare homework/ classwork assignments for the child to make up. This will be at the request of the parents. Teachers are requested to send the work to the office by 3:05 on the day requested. Homework that will be missed due to a planned, unexcused absence will be assigned in advance at the discretion of the teacher. As a general rule, it is recommended that students complete 20 minutes of homework per grade level, i.e.: 20 minutes –first grade, 40 minutes-2nd grade, 60 minutes – 3rd grade, 80 minutes- 4th grade, 100 minutes – 5th grade.

In addition to regular study and reading, daily homework should include written practice of skills and concepts taught in class.

HOSPITALITY COMMITTEE The Hospitality Committee continues to bring happiness and remembrance to our faculty and staff. For this school year the dues will be $30.00 (2 installments) and your check should be made out to Houston Elementary Hospitality Committee. Please pay your first installment or dues by September 23rd. If you know of any person to whom we need to send a gift or flowers, please contact the Hospitality Committee Chairperson, Bailey Taylor.

LUNCH FEES Daily Student:


Lunch (full price)


Lunch (reduced)

$ .40

Extra Milk

$ .50





The cafeteria staff will provide reminder notices for students whose lunch balance has reached one meal. Teachers should send these reminders notices home on the day they are issued by the cafeteria. Please help us by making sure these are sent home in a timely manner. Please be reminded of the district policy that no staff member is allowed to charge meals. Lunch Schedule: 10:30-11:00













Collins (1)


Sprinkles (5)




TSmith (5)


McRoberts (1)


Waddell (Sp. Ed)


Barnett (Sp.Ed.)




K. Smith(2)



Monday – 4 classes



Tuesday – 3 classes

11:30 -11:55 Gault (SpEd)

Wednesday - 4 classes



Thursday – 3 classes



Friday - 3 classes




Students should be supervised during serving, seating and throughout the lunch period Good manners should be practiced at all times Carbonated drinks are not allowed in the cafeteria Students are not allowed to take food or straws from the cafeteria Teachers are to see that their table is clean before leaving the cafeteria All teachers must work together to maintain an acceptable noise level Students are not to talk between tables Please observe your time schedule

PROGRAMS FOR THE GIFTED AND TALENTED ODYSSEY I AND II What is ODYSSEY? Odyssey consists of a series of programs provided by Spartanburg School District # 7 to meet the needs of gifted and talented students in grades 3-12. At the elementary level, Odyssey I serves academically gifted and talented students in grade 3. Odyssey II serves academically gifted and talented students in grades 4-5. As defined by the state of South Carolina, the gifted and talented are students who have the academic and intellectual potential to function at a high level in one or more fields of study.

How do students qualify for ODYSSEY? Students qualify for ODYSSEY when they meet South Carolina state identification criteria. The criteria are related to student performance in three dimensions: A – Reasoning Ability, B-High Achievement in Reading and/or Mathematical Areas, and C – Intellectual/Academic Performance. A student in grades 3-12 automatically qualifies for placement based on a composite aptitude or intelligence test score greater than or equal to the 96th national age percentile. A student can qualify by meeting the criteria in two of the three performance dimensions. Because the identification criteria change slightly on July 1, 2004, all staff members will be provided a copy of the Academically Gifted and Talented Referral Handbook, which provides details on the identification process and the revised requirements for placement. Please call the Odyssey Office (6170) for a copy if you do not have one. Note: Privately administered tests may be used for advisory purposes only. Scores from these tests cannot be used for identification.

When are students identified? Most students are identified whenever their current performance profile indicates that they have met placement requirements. Students who do not meet state criteria in one year may be considered for placement again each year. It is possible for a student to meet state criteria and qualify for academic ODYSSEY placement at any grade level from the end of the 2nd to the end of grade 11.

How can I refer a student? The Odyssey referral form for staff use is available on Go to documents finder, then instruction, then ODYSSEY, Please print the form and send the completed copy to ODYSSEY at the District Administration Building.

When do ODYSSEY classes meet? Each ODYSSEY I class meets once a week for approximately 125 minutes. Each ODYSSEY II class meets once a week from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. or the equivalent. ODYSSEY class schedules are developed each August based on the numbers of children to be served in each school. These schedules may be adjusted during the school year to accommodate the placement of new students.

What do students do in the ODYSSEY classes? ODYSSEY I and II provide an advanced curriculum which extends the regular curriculum. Students work on

interdisciplinary thematic units; advanced mathematics with emphasis on algebra, geometry, and problem solving; advanced vocabulary; analysis of literary genres; and independent student. Do students have homework in ODYSSEY? ODYSSEY I and II students have a "Connections" assignment each week to help them retain knowledge from week to week. During the weeks when they are competing in the national WordMaster Challenge, they have lists of vocabulary words to learn.

How do I handle my class on ODYSSEY day? Your class should proceed with significant academic instruction appropriate for the students remaining with you. You should plan your day so that ODYSSEY students do not feel that they are somehow punished or penalized by their participation in the ODYSSEY program, yet the students remaining in the classroom receive instruction to advance their learning. Please do not plan any special grade-level or class events on ODYSSEY day. District instructional staff members are available to assist you in planning.

Are ODYSSEY students responsible for all classwork they miss? And what about homework? Odyssey students are doing classwork while they are in the ODYSSEY class. They are not responsible for also completing all classwork done in the regular class while they are gone. However, they are responsible for obtaining and completing homework assignments. While ODYSSEY students should not have more homework than other students, you may tailor the homework to meet the ODYSSEY student's particular needs. For example, if there is some classwork which you deem essential, you may wish to assign that for homework instead of the home assignment given to other students. District instructional staff members are available to assist you in compacting your curriculum for ODYSSEY students and planning appropriate assignments.

What do I do if an ODYSSEY student is having difficulty in my class? ODYSSEY students are not necessarily advanced in every area, nor are they necessarily the best "students." Some of them may be underachieving in your class or having difficulty with a specific subject. Some ODYSSEY students may perform better the ODYSSEY class than in the regular classroom. The ODYSEY office has diagnostic information on each ODYSSEY student which may help you address the specific needs of the student. Please call the ODYSSEY Achievement Specialist at (6170)


Every student must have a permanent record. All records are filed alphabetically by instructional groups. Cumulative records are kept in the office and all other records should remain in the teacher's room. All records must be accurate and kept up to date at all times. All test scores should be placed in the cumulative record folder. The following items must be kept in each student’s record: •

Recent orange card

Home language survey

Birth certificate

Social security

Proof of residence

Immunization form

District manila test card

MAP (most recent test score print out)

Report card (end of year)

Legal documents (adoption, custody, etc)

Yearly numerical grade average


When teachers have to receipt students for money received, the entire receipt must be filled out. This includes: STUDENT NAME, THE DATE, THE AMOUNT, AND THE TEACHER'S SIGNATURE. TEACHERS MUST TURN IN ANY MONEY THEY RECEIVE ON THE DAY THAT THEY RECEIVE IT.


Money must be sent to the office by 10:00. Do not hold money to the end of the day. Money should not be left in your desk overnight.

Envelopes sent to the office must be filled out completely. You will receive a white receipt from the office to staple to the corresponding yellow copy in the teachers receipt book.

If you are unable to send money to the office by 10 AM, please date for following day and send to the office to be placed in the SAFE.


Teachers may require pupils to remain after the regular dismissal time for one hour or less to complete assignments, to receive special instruction or for disciplinary reasons. In such cases, the teacher will remain in his/her room until the pupil is dismissed. It is necessary to notify pupils who ride school buses on the day before they are to remain after school so that they may arrange transportation. For a walking or car-riding student, notification must be given by some means before the fact. Each teacher is responsible for the students he/she is retaining after school. If a teacher has to leave before a child is picked up from the school, the office must be notified and the child must be brought to the office.


The following plan has been devised and all school personnel are requested to adhere to the plan: 1.

Do not telephone any radio station or school official.


Listen to your radio or TV for the announcement. It will be made no later than 6:15 a.m. on the day concerned.


On occasions when school must be delayed, all employees should, if at all possible, report for work thirty minutes before the delayed opening time.

In the case of school closing during the school day, the following procedures will be followed: 1.

Bus riding students will be transported home by the buses they normally ride.


Children who normally walk to and from school will be allowed to walk home only after parent permission is obtained by telephone. Parents will receive notification from the automated telephone system.

3. Parents picking up their child/children must come to the office or go by the child's room to sign him/her out there. Teacher must maintain a sign out sheet for parents to sign. This sheet must be turned in to the office before you leave. 4. Adequate supervision will be maintained until all students have been placed in the custody of their parents.

SICK LEAVE All full-time employees of Spartanburg County School District No. 7 will be granted one and one-fourth days of sick leave per month or 12 days per year to be

used as the employee deems necessary, (i.e., a personal illness, a death, an illness in family, or a personal business).**Any days in excess of 12 days in a one-year period must be for personal illness. However, no more than three consecutive workdays may be used for personal business except in emergencies. A three-day notice should be given when taking a personal business day. During designated in-service education days, the day before or day after a holiday, an employee may take leave only for a personal illness, an illness in the family, a death, a mandatory court appearance, and a family or professional responsibility. In case of other verifiable emergencies, the principal may grant leave time during the above periods. The employee will submit a written request for exception to the above policy to the principal. This request should be received three days in advance, when possible. Other absences will require full deduction of salary. One-half day is the smallest denomination of leave time which can be charged against an employee. One half-day is defined as 7:45 a.m. – 11:15 a.m. and 11:15 a.m. – 2:35 p.m. Increments of less than one-half day should be left to the discretion of the principal. ** Effective 7/1/00 Sick leave is earned, not advanced. SPECIAL EDUCATION REFERRAL PROCESS Spartanburg County School District No. 7 offers a comprehensive program of special education and related services for students with disabilities. To access these services, students must meet federal, state, and district guidelines. Services include, but are not limited to, evaluation, consultation, itinerant/resource/self-contained classes, homebound, special day school, and various related services.

To refer a student for special education services under IDEA or Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, or for further information, please contact the school guidance counselor. I.

What to look for: A.

Educable Mentally Handicapped - EMH A child should exhibit a global developmental delay in the following: 1. Academics 2. Adaptive behavior (social, eating ability, to act independently, telling using money, etc.) 3. Motor skills and play 4. Language delay

B. Learning Disabilities - LD 1.

Delay in academic areas(s) while development appears normal in most areas.

2. Significant discrepancy between achievement and potential. C. Emotionally Handicapped - EH 1. Inability to learn or produce academically due to behavioral or emotional problems. 2. Does not necessarily have to be acting-out problems.


Referral Process A.

Make appointment with principal to review child's record and discuss problem.

B. Counselor obtains required supplemental data and permission to test. (Provides parents with due process rights)


Counselor forwards referral and required data to special education department.


Counselor gives update report to teacher.


Results of testing goes through District Review Committee and report and recommendations are forwarded to the school.

VI. A pre-placement meeting will be held for any student to be placed in a resource room. All teachers who instruct the student will be invited to attend and give input in developing the student's IEP prior to the placement with parents. VII. A placement meeting will be scheduled with psychologist, counselor, parents and referring teacher. VIII. The psychological report of a student who will not be placed in a program is available to the referring teacher. The teacher may request a meeting with the psychologist, if so desired to discuss results.

STUDENT PLACEMENT Administrative personnel will evaluate all new students entering Houston Elementary School. Every effort will be made to give teachers one day prior notice of the student’s arrival. Upon notification of a new student, please notify the office for additional desks, and email Karen Pack for books.


FOR EVENING AND EARLY MORNING CALLS, notify Jennifer Dowis (864-285-2210) before 8:30 at night and no later than 6:30 a.m. the day of your absence. All substitute request need to be made with a substitute form, and not via email. Please do not contact the substitutes personally.

If at all possible, call the office before school is out on the day of your absence to inform us if you will or will not be back the next day. Always leave your lesson plans, Teacher Editions, and daily schedule on your desk so they won't be hard to locate. If you know in advance that you may be out, early notification will help ensure securing a substitute.

Request for personal leave should be made at 3 days in advance, when possible. Request for professional leave/staff development should be made through Jennifer Dowis. Each staff member requesting leave must complete a Spartanburg County School District # 7 Professional Leave form which may be found on the Spartanburg 7 homepage. Please do not make arrangements with a substitute. Substitute teachers are the responsibility of the office.

TEACHER EVALUATION All certified staff members will develop a Goal Based growth plan. This plan, will provide structure for professional development. The ultimate goal for this plan will be to increase student achievement. The district has developed a Spartanburg District Seven Monitoring Tool. This instrument will be used for formal observation.

SPARTANBURG SCHOOL DISTRICT SEVEN TESTING CALENDAR 2012-2013 Testing Program DIAL-3 Fall Dominie Fall MAP InView ITBS CogAT Winter MAP Winter Dominie Performance Tasks ELDA Window SC – Alt PASS Writing Spring MAP Spring Dominie InView PASS


Grades Included

ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS August 20-24, May 13-17 Child Development August 27-September 21 K-1-2 September 4-21 2-3-4-5 October 16-17 4 November 7-8 2 November 12-13-14 2 December 3-January 18 2-3-4-5 January 7-February 1 K-1-2 February 18-March 7 selected 2-3-4-5 February 19-April 12 LEP students K-1-2-3-4-5 March 4-April 26 selected 3-4-5 March 19 and 20 3-4-5 April 8-26 2-3-4-5 April 15-May 17 K-1-2 April 16-17 2 May 7-8-9-10 3-4-5

Elementary Benchmark Windows: Oct. 15-25 ; Dec. 13 – Jan. 18 ; Feb. 25 – Mar. 11 ; Apr. 10-24 ELA windows = 8/20 – 9/7; 11/5 – 11/16; 1/28 – 2/8; 4/8 – 4/19

MIDDLE SCHOOLS September 4-21 6-7-8 October 10 selected 8 October 16-17 6 Oct. / Nov. TBA 8 December 3-January 18 6-7-8 February 19-April 12 LEP students 6-7-8 March 4-April 26 selected 6-7-8 March 19 and 20 6-7-8 April 8-26 6-7-8 May 13-17 selected credit courses May 7-8-9-10 6-7-8

Fall MAP PSAT InView EXPLORE Winter MAP ELDA Window SC – Alt PASS Writing Spring MAP EOCEP PASS

Secondary Benchmark Windows: Oct. 1-15 ; sem. I exams; Feb. 20 – Mar. 6 ; sem. II exams Fall MAP PLAN PSAT Fall HSAP WorkKeys Winter MAP ELDA Window SC – Alt Spring MAP Spring HSAP AP exams EOCEP

FRESHMAN ACADEMY and HIGH SCHOOL September 4-21 9 and selected 10-11-12 October 3 10 October 10 selected 10 and 11 October 23-24-25 see guidelines Oct. / Nov. TBA 9 December 3-January 18 9 and selected 10-11-12 February 19-April 12 LEP students 9-10-11-12 March 4-April 26 selected 10 April 8-26 9 and selected 10-11-12 April 16-17-18 see guidelines May 6-17 selected 9-10-11-12 May 13-17 selected credit courses

TEST SECURITY To amend the Code of Laws of South Carolina, 1976, by adding Section 5-1445, so as to make it unlawful to violate security procedures for mandatory tests administered by or through the State Board of Education, to provide a penalty for violations, including loss of teaching or administrative credentials, to provide that the South Carolina Law Enforcement division shall investigate security violations and report its findings to the State Superintendent of Education, and to require the State Board of Education to promulgate test security regulations. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of South Carolina: Article 5, Chapter 1, of Title 59 of the 1976 Code is amended by adding: "Section 59-1445, (1) It is unlawful for anyone knowingly and unwillfully to violate security procedures regulations promulgated by the State Board of Education for mandatory tests administered by or through the State Board of Education to students or educators, or knowingly and willfully to: (b) Give examinees access to test questions prior to testing; (b) Copy, reproduce, or use in any manner inconsistent with test security regulations all or any portion of any secure A.

(c) (d) (e)


test booklet. Coach examinees during testing or alter or interfere with examinees' responses in any way; Make answer keys available to examinees; Fail to follow security regulations for distribution and return of secure test as directed, or fail to account for all secure test materials before, during, and after testing; Participate in, direct, aid, counsel, assist in, encourage, Or fail to report any of the acts prohibited in this section.

Any person violating the provisions of this section or regulations issued hereunder is guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction must be fined not more than one thousand dollars or be imprisoned for not more than ninety days, or both. Upon conviction, the state Board of Education may suspend or revoke the administrative, or teaching credentials, or both, of the person convicted. (2) The South Carolina law Enforcement Division shall investigate allegations of mandatory test security, either on its own initiative following receipt of allegations, or a the request of a school district or the State Department of Education.

The Division shall furnish to the State Superintendent of Education a report of the findings of any investigation conducted pursuant to this section. (3)

Nothing in this section may be construed to prohibit or interfere with the responsibilities of the State Board of Education or the State Department of Education in test development or selection, test-form construction, standard setting, test scoring, and reporting, or any other related activities which in the judgment of the State Superintendent of Education are necessary and appropriate."

B. The State Board of Education shall by regulation establish detailed mandatory test security procedures.

TEACHER LEAVE POLICY Houston Elementary will honor two types of leave during the school day: Emergency leave is defined as any unforeseen occurrence that demands immediate attention. Personal or school duty leave is defined as leave time requested for non-emergency reasons.

The following guidelines govern leave time during the school day: 1.

Release time for emergency leave or non-emergency leave should not exceed 1 hour of instructional time.


Each teacher will be allotted one leave during the school year.


A Request for Leave is provided from the office, coverage will be provided, if possible. If coverage cannot be provided, the teacher will have to take a "leave day."

Leave During the School Day During Planning Period

Teachers may leave the building during their planning time when unforeseen situations arise. In this event teachers must sign in and out in the notebook located in the office and state the reason for leaving.

TEXTBOOKS Students are responsible for the care of their books and if abused or lost they must pay full price. At the beginning of the school year explain to your students the proper care and handling of their textbooks. Each homeroom teacher will receive a printout detailing the books assigned to each student. Teachers are to check materials periodically in order to determine any damage or loss. Students are expected to pay or locate lost books. Vicki Batten can print a receipt and letter to be sent home with a student who has misplaced a book. All requests for books are to be turned into Karen Pack by e-mail or written notice.



Send all textbooks to Karen Pack and library books to the media center.


Teacher, return textbooks to Karen Pack – do not personally reassign textbooks.


Verify students do not have any outstanding debt (i.e. textbooks, media center or cafeteria).

GUIDELINES FOR INFORMATION SYSTEMS USERS These guidelines pertain to all district-owned and personal information systems, including but not limited to the following: network computers, printers, software and other resources; Internet, email, and other web-based resources; the district telecommunication system; and cellular phones, digital pagers, personal digital assistants, and other communication devices. Spartanburg School District No.7 information systems users include employees, board members, students, and guests. Guests include, but are not limited to parents, substitute teachers, temporary Board employees, and volunteers. Access to district information systems is a privilege, not a right. District information systems are to be used for the business of education only. Inappropriate use may result in suspension or revocation of that privilege. Applicable state and federal regulations apply to all systems users. General Information Systems 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Users assume full responsibility for using all information systems in an ethical and appropriate educational manner. Users are to adhere to and respect all copyright laws. All users are prohibited from attempting to gain unauthorized access to district information systems or data. Students must have permission from a teacher or administrator to use information systems. Installing, deleting, attaching, or modifying software and/or hardware on any information system must have proper authorization. Users vandalizing, modifying or causing damage to information systems will be responsible for the full cost to repair or replace hardware or software. Users are to report to their administrator any abuse of systems. Use of information systems is a privilege - any breach of this privilege may result in the closure of user accounts, cancellation of privileges and/or disciplinary action in accordance with Board Policy and the Code of Conduct. All information systems activity is recorded and logged. No file, document, email, or website used, created, or accessed on the network is guaranteed to be private. All files, logs, and activity on district information systems are district property. Spartanburg School District No. 7 will notify and fully cooperate with authorities in any investigation relating to activities involving district information systems.

Internet Use Students will routinely use the Internet and other web-based resources on Spartanburg School District No.7 information systems. Students are prohibited from:


accessing, viewing, downloading, uploading, or disseminating illegal, commercial, racist, abusive, profane, pornographic, violent, offensive, or discriminatory material or messages 2. attempting to disable, evade, defeat, or circumvent district information system filters, controls, and or restrictions 3. knowingly or negligently introducing or disseminating a virus, worm, spyware, malware, or other malignant code into any district information system 4. unauthorized access to district information systems, and other users’ accounts, files, or resources 5. accessing non-district or unauthorized email, IM, SMS, or other communication services 6. accessing chat rooms or discussion forums that are not approved by school staff 7. divulging personal or another person's private information with an unauthorized person online 8. duplicating, plagiarizing, storing or transmitting copyrighted material that violates copyright law 9. participating in any online behavior or activity that would not be permissible or advisable offline 10. transmitting information in violation of federal, state or municipal laws �

Students are to report to their Principal any abuse of information systems usage.


Parents who do not want their child to have Internet access should contact their Principal. Personal Electronic Devices Personal information electronic devices are prohibited for use by students on Spartanburg School District No. 7 premises unless specifically approved. 2. Spartanburg School District No.7 assumes no responsibility for the safety and security, loss, recovery, repair or replacement of a personal electronic device when carried onto district premises. 1.

Disciplinary Action Principals will determine the appropriate disciplinary action for students who violate these guidelines. Principals will consult with the Superintendent regarding consequences for severe violations.


WITHDRAWAL FORM (return this to Bobbi Duncan 2 days after receipt) Student’s Name: ______________________________________Date:______________ Transferring To: ________________________________________________________ TO BE COMPLETED BY TEACHER Teacher: ___________________________________ Grade:______________________ Special Placement (Circle appropriate choices): Speech



504 Plan



Reading Recovery



Academic Plan: Math ELA Science


Current grades: Indicate average for current 9 weeks period. Mathematics:__________

English/Language Arts:__________

Social Studies:_________


Check and attach all applicable information:

Fees Owed:

________White Grade Sheet

_______Cafeteria _______Media Center

________Report Card

_______Textbooks (List)

________Books Returned


Additional Information:

__________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________

Houston faculty handbook 2013 14 a