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Purpose Driven Innovation

Cincinnati • New York

Background Headquartered in Cincinnati, we are an innovation and product-design firm with more than 80 employees. We help our clients succeed by leveraging our expertise at the intersection of consumer insights, technology and health and wellness to improve the lives of customers. our philosophy We design for people. Whether we are inventing a medical device that reduces recovery time or helping shape the future of consumer goods, we start with a deep understanding of users’ needs and our partners’ challenges. We fuse this with our rich expertise in cultural trends, physiology, psychology and the latest technology to deliver solutions that improve lives. We call this Purpose Driven Innovation.™ Our Difference

our difference We bring diverse disciplines into all phases of our innovation process to create transformational solutions at the intersection of consumer insights, emerging technology and health & wellness. We offer: Multidisciplinary Expertise

Proof of Partnerships

Consumer Insights Distilled

Rapid Prototyping and User Testing

Purpose-Driven Innovation™

Our deep expertise at the intersection of consumer insights, healthcare and technology gives us the vision to apply the best ideas from diverse industries.

Over 90% of our relationships have spanned more than 10 years. Our awards are not statuettes; our awards are our partners’ achievements. Our success is their ROI.

We start with a deep understanding of the consumer, category and competition. Our rigorous and repeatable research process creates actionable design insights that lead to a clear path forward.

We speed innovation to market with our strategic thinking, in-house laboratory and iterative engineering, prototyping and user testing capabilities.

Beyond aesthetic appeal, our focus is to improve the human experience. It drives us to deliver meaningful solutions that engage people. This leads to growth for our partners.

Our fast and nimble innovation machine Harnessing diverse disciplines and embracing iteration, the Kaleidoscope process turns innovation into a repeatable and sustainable process. We see challenges as new opportunities to launch change. OUR SERVICES/EXPERTISE

Research, Insights & Strategy

Innovation Services

Product Design

UX Design


We work with you to identify consumer behaviors and needs and turn them into actionable insights.

Front end innovation services identify opportunities, re-invent existing product lines or build capabilities within your organization.

Using consumer insights, market trends and our core knowledge, we design products people love.

We create experiences that allow technology to “get out of the way� of building relationships with consumers.

Our technical expertise accelerates initiatives from earlystage concepts to manufacture-ready designs.

our people Our diverse team of 80+ individuals includes: • • • • • • • •

Insight & Market Researchers Experimental Psychologists Human Factors Engineers Industrial Designers User Experience Designers Biomedical Engineers In-House Clinicians Mechanical Engineers

• Global Marketing Experts

procter & gamble

Tide Pods Making Laundry Pop

Kaleidoscope helped P&G reinvent the laundry category with breakthrough innovation that engages consumers as brilliantly as it cleans. CHALLENGE



P&G approached us with the opportunity to create something new that would feel familiar: A dissolvable pod that would blend detergent, brightener and stain fighter into one unit-dose package, and reinvent the way people do laundry.

Kaleidoscope’s design helped develop a unit-dose pod that is easy to transport and pre-measured for effectiveness.

Consumers have responded with delight to the simple, intuitive pods and the rounded container, which reinforces the pod’s iconic design and underscores the positive feelings associated with the pod experience.


Snacking Reimagined Empowering People with Portions Kaleidoscope partnered with a global food company to create packaging and messaging to better address consumers’ needs for snacking-over-time and spontaneous-sharing. CHALLENGE



A confectionary company wanted to address consumers’ needs for snacking-over-time and spontaneous sharing while facilitating portion control and increasing chocolate enjoyment.

Using an iterative approach, Kaleidoscope conduct research with consumers and created concepts that addressed consumers’ needs.

Designs communicated and facilitated these snacking needs. Consumers savored easier portion control and the right size at the right price.


Baby Gates Bringing Strategy to Home Safety

Kaleidoscope partnered seamlessly with a network of providers to create a strategy and bring to life a full range of line-review-ready baby gates for Evenflo. CHALLENGE



Evenflo asked Kaleidoscope to strategize and design a complete line of gates to win business at Target.

Kaleidoscope partnered seamlessly with a multiple Evenflo vendors to create a full spectrum of line-review-ready gates and displays.

Kaleidoscope’s designs and strategy helped set the direction for the category. “The best line review we ever experienced,” - Evenflo Project Lead.


Point of Purchase Connection with Consumers Leveraging Kinect gaming technology, we created an entirely new “smart” retail experience to help Amana combat a shrinking retail footprint and deliver their eco-frugality brand message. CHALLENGE



A shrinking retail footprint made it impossible for the client to deliver their “eco/frugality” message consistently across online and retail.

By leveraging Kinect gaming technology from our Microsoft relationships, we created an entirely new “smart” retail experience that shows precise product benefits based on consumer interaction.

Sales have increased 40% in locations where the displays are deployed.

We enjoy a good challenge. Let’s start the conversation. CLIENT PARTNER, CONSUMER

Business Development

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Kaleidoscope Fact Sheet  
Kaleidoscope Fact Sheet