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KASAMORE Keep in Touch The History of Prepaid Calling Cards Also known as stored-value calling cards, because the card’s balance has already been paid for, prepaid calling cards have been around since the mid-seventies. It was first introduced in Italy by SIDA, a vending manufacturer and distributor. SIDA had been brainstorming ideas of how to combat a decrease in coins, which affected pay phone usage, and how to prevent pay phone vandalism. The results were a thin cardboard card that could be inserted into a pay phone, and it would deduct minutes from your card. On the back of the card was a magnetic stripe that accessed your account information, very similar to the magnetic stripe that you see on the back of credit cards today. After several years of modifications to the card, it wasn’t until the 1990s that phone companies started to manufacture, and distribute phone cards that required toll free access, and PIN numbers. Dialing a toll free or a local number made it easier for individuals to make long distance calls, and convenient for travelers to keep in touch while abroad. Although the cost of making a long distance call decreased, and the cost of operating a telecom business decreased, customers were not satisfied with the prepaid calling card process, and service. People were not fond of the large number of digits that needed to be entered while using a prepaid card. Typically, users had to first dial the local access number, then the secret PIN code, followed by the actual long distance number. Despite the tiring process prepaid calling cards grew in popularity. As they grew so did users complaints, users typically complained about the following:

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Access number and/or PINs don’t work Service or access numbers are always busy Rates are higher than advertised, and usually have hidden fees Companies charge you for calls that don’t go through Poor sound and quality connections Per-call fees deducted from the time

To combat some of these issues telecom companies now offer online account management prepaid calling services. These services offer PINless dialing, and can be monitored, and recharged online via debit or credit card. An example of such a telecom company is, Kasamore. However, what separates Kasamore from other calling card companies is that there are absolutely NO FEES, we really do offer low rates, and our sound quality is of the highest standards! While competing companies promise low rates, they still do not cater to all the needs of their users by addressing many of the aforementioned issues. Kasamore was created in 2007 to address the issues that other telecom companies fail to address, and for nearly two years we pride ourselves of addressing the unmet needs of calling card users. With increasing innovation in the telecom industry, Kasamore plans on staying abreast by continuously innovating products, serving an unmet market, and listening to our users. There is still more to be seen in the telecom industry, and Kasamore plans to be a key player.

History of Prepaid Calling - Kasamore International Prepaid Calling Card  

Kasamore offers prepaid calling cards with low rate long distance calls to Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Cote I'Voire, Nigeria, Liberia, Mexico, Sau...

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