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Architectural Garden

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Architectural Garden â—† Architectural Garden is a collection of objects that are inspired in flowers, vertical gardens and the geometrical patterns that are found in architecture. Each piece based on the technique of origami, are composed by hexagons that assemble between each other, creating a structural and flexible textile. The collection are composed of room dividers, curtains and lamps, objects 100% handmade, on whose tridimensional shapes, the effects of natural and artificial light play a fundamental role.


Material TyvekÂŽ

is a nonwoven material which is constituted by fibers of high density polyethylene without any additives, resins or dyes. It features the best properties of paper and textiles.

Properties It is flexible and resistant to traction and tearing. It has anti-static treatment. Ir repels the particles. It is permeable to air and water vapor. It is a safe material thus it doesn’t spread flames or release toxic gases when burned.




The pattern design and assembly system are PATENTED.


The natural or artificial light defines each of the flowers, creating a series of shades and hues. A folding screen is made up of 360 pieces.

The back woven is a combination of geometric shapes and three-dimensional surfaces.


The curtains function as translucent panels with richly textured surfaces, both indoors and outdoors. Surfaces are easily cleaned with a duster.


Floor lamps

Table lamps

Pendant lamps A rectangular lamp is made up of 126 pieces.

Cylindrical lamps come in 4 colors: white, blue, purple and yellow. A cylindrical lamp is made up of 72 pieces

The inks used are water based and organic pigments are free of solvents. Nontoxic. The inks are biodegradable and have a life of 5 years.

Surface Design



Architectural Garden  

2012-1 Collection

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