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Auntie Karen Foundation

“Empowering, Enlightening & Educating through the Arts”

October 12, 2013 Dear Future Billionaire, Welcome to the 11th annual Auntie Karen’s Young Entrepreneurs Conference. The concept for today is “The Art of Business”. There are many examples of artist entrepreneurs here today: You will have a chance to meet and interact with them. I’m so excited because some of our former young entrepreneurs like Angela “Peace” Hunter (singer/songwriter), Stephen Love (Videographer), and Antoine Miles (Pianist) have return to share their gifts with you. Other examples of artist entrepreneurs include some current Young Entrepreneurs such as: Sheneka Jackson Kinsey (visual artists) and Sylvia Williams (visual artists) who will be working with our Young Moguls. In 2001, we had a dream to showcase the best young minds in our region and we created this conference to showcase their talent and creative abilities. Today you will have a chance to meet and talk to them. These amazing young entrepreneurs have had an impact on a national and global scale. Lee Livingston (K-9 Find), our 2012 Young Entrepreneur of the Year was honored last year for his hard work and the success of his creative ideas as an entrepreneur. I created the Auntie Karen F.A.I.T.H. principles as a guide to living my dreams. My hope is that you will read and adopt these concepts to your life. (Find a purpose or goal; Ask for help; Invest in your mind; Take time to plan; Help someone else). You will see examples of these principles in action throughout the day! I would like to thank the Auntie Karen Board, YE Conference Co – Chairs (Barbara Bowman, Joan Mobley) and the 2013 Conference Committee for making this day possible. They have spent months organizing this day especially for you!!! I hope you take away something from this conference that will encourage you to start your own business. Remember, all great things begin with an idea! Enjoy the day! Sincerely,

Karen Alexander


3419 HAZELHURST RD • COLUMBIA, SC • 29203 PHONE:803-748-7124 • FAX: 803-256-6971


Time 8:15 - 8:45 9:00 - 9:20 Session A 9:30 - 10:20

Room Fine Arts Center Fine Arts - Little Theatre

Fine Arts - Little Theatre

Fine Arts - Room 204

10:30 - 10:40 Fine Arts - Little Theatre 10:50 - 12:20 Duckett - Room 310 (Computer Lab) Workshop One Fine Arts - Room 104 10:50-11:30

2013 Young Entrepreneurs Conference Schedule Track Registration, light breakfast Opening Ceremony

Speaker Entertainment: Angela "Peace" Hunter & "Jess" McGrath, Charlene "Chiccy Baritone" Evans Welcome: Karen Alexander, Song: Nickolus Stewart Ishmael Brown, Master of Ceremonies

Topic Breakfast provided by Langley Management - McDonald's on Elmwood Ave.

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Ishmael Brown, Moderator Meet Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders Dante Lewis,"Peace", "Jess", "Chiccy Baritone", Victoria Dozier, Magan Sullivan, Stephen Love via Skype

Elementary Kids Can Do It Too!!! Business Tools For Youth


Sylvia Williams & Sheneka Jackson-Kinsey

Logistics Young Moguls

Ready, Set, Goals

Marilyn Shine & Shennice Cleckley

Fine Arts - Room 204 Personal Development


Business Skills

Thomas Maluck

Marilyn Shine & Shennice Cleckley

Chocolate is  the  New  Green/Put  Your  Best  Fork  Forward Free Business Tool for Young Entrepreneurs

Ready, Set, Goals

Chocolate is  the  New  Green/Put  Your  Best  Fork  Forward Free Business Tool for Young Entrepreneurs The What & How of Business Etiquette: What do I Wear, What do I Say, and How do I Act Cast Your Net: Business Marketing

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October 13, 2013

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The What & How of Business Etiquette: What do I Wear, What Producer do I Say, and How do I Act Cast Your Net: Business Marketing Director

Executive Director

Business Development Karen Jenkins & Mel Wallace Business Skills

Fine Arts - Room 208

Fine Arts - Room 208 Technology Thomas Maluck Duckett Hall - Room 303 A Personal Development Kristopher Jones, Bow Tie Club & Brenda Peterson Bacoats Hall - Computer Lab Product Knowledge Michelle Dugar, Benedict College Workshop Two Fine Arts - Room 104 Business Development Karen Jenkins & Mel Wallace 11:40-12:20

Duckett Hall - Room 303 A

Fine Arts - Little Theatre YE of the Year Successville

Lunch Ceremony / lunch provided by Big T Barbecue Deborah Woodard Memorial Scholarship Entertainment and Young Entrepreneurs Showcase

Kristopher Jones, Bow Tie Club & Brenda Peterson Michelle Dugar, Benedict College

Showcase 12:20 - 1:20 Fine Arts - Little Theatre Gym

Bacoats Hall - Computer Lab Product Knowledge

1:30 - 1:40 2:00 - 4:00

Auntie Karen Foundation Young Entrepreneurs Conference


K-9 Find

Lee Livingston is a 14 year old Freshman, at Spring Hill High School. Spring Hill High School is a Magnet School in District Five of Lexington and Richland Counties, located in Chapin, South Carolina. Lee attends St. Peter Baptist Church in Irmo, South Carolina , where he is an Honor Bearer for Bishop Odell Sims, Pastor. Lee enjoys reading about different breeds of dogs, shopping at House of Hoops and running track. Most of all, he loves spending time with his family! He has dreams of becoming a Veterinarian some day because he has a special love for dogs. However, that is how K-9 I Find was created. K-9 I Find allows him to find different breeds of dogs for customers, and he also breeds dogs as well. In his spare time, he volunteers with different Veterinarians in the local areas. So, if you have any type of dog in mind, contact “K-9 I Find” ! Contact: E-mail:K9IFIND@yahoo.com or call (803)331-4816

2012 YE of the Year

Joshua Eaddy

Pastery Chef

Joshua Eaddy was born on November 4, 1996 in Florence, SC. He has been cooking since he was seven years old. He baked his first cake on Christmas day of 2009. It was a red velvet cake. He started a cake business after that. The name of Joshua’s business is “Cakes by Josh”. Joshua does all of the baking for his mother’s catering business. He loves to put his own spin on traditional cake recipes and other dishes. Joshua is currently a student at South Florence High School in Florence, SC and is an honor student. He is a member of BADD (Black Achievers Determined to be Different) and played on the band for two years. Joshua plans to go to culinary school and own a chain of restaurants called MITYSO. The name comes from his favorite saying when he makes a dish that turns out really good, “Mama I Told You So”! He is very confident in his abilities as a chef. Joshua has baked cakes for his eighth grade principal, teachers, the mayor of Lake City, SC, and many others. He baked cakes for the annual Humane Society’s Benefit. His slogan for his business is “Big taste, Small price”. Contact: jjognglen@bellsoth.net

2011 YE of the Year

Asya Harris Chef, Organic Farmer

Asya Harris, born in Columbia, S.C., on August 18, 1998.Asya grew up in Sumter, South Carolina on the farm. Asya’s the granddaughter of Azeez and Fathiyyah Mustafa, and daughter of Shaheed and Yolanda Harris. Asya’s first job was given by her grandfather Azeez Mustafa. Her job was to feeand water the baby chickens at the age of five years old. That’s when she started her first savings account. At the age of six Asya continued to keep her first job, caring for the chickens, and also decided to start selling organic vegetables,herbal supplements, and herbal teas with her parents at local farmer markets. At the age of nine when asya mom got pregnant with her baby brother Ahmed, She saw that her mom needed help, so she stepped right in getting advice from her grandmother Fathiyyah Mustafa. Asya began cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner dishes. Asya thought since I’m cooking all these dishes, I should write recipes and keep them, and start an organic cookbook. Asya has recipes and plans to publish her own cookbook. Asya plans to be a chef, and in the near future of opening her own restaurant like her grandparents Azeez and Fathiyyah Mustafa once did. Asya also has started going to her own Kershaw CountyFarmers Market with her grandfather on Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Asya has also started an essential oil and incense business with investment money she received from her grandparents. Asya is very familiar with The Auntie Karen Foundation and loves how they help the community and young entrepreneurs to succeed in life by hosting events for them. When I first starting my business, some people wouldn’t hand me the money for vegetables and herbs they purchased, because they thought I was too young to handle the money. Now She has learned how to accept debit, credit, checks, and EBT. My biggest accomplishment is to budget, invest, and save. Advice I would give to other youths that may be interested in being entrepreneurs, would be to study what want to be, get a good education, work hard at anything you want to do, don’t give up, don’t let anyone tell you what you can’t do, and don’t be a follower, be a leader!!!!!!


Garland Furgess

Lydia Catherine Goodman, daughter of Yolonda Sims and James Goodman was born on August 13th of 1996. Lydia is a young lady who obtains many talents which are, singing, dancing, and painting. Among these three her favorite is singing. She grew up in the church and was introduced to music at a very young age. Lydia’s mother says that she has been singing since she was a baby. Even though Lydia is passionate about her singing, she is also passionate about her education. She hopes to attend Winthrop University in the fall of 2014 to major in Psychology and minor in Spanish. Her motto is “Always strive for the impossible.”

Garland Ashanté Furgess is the twelve year old daughter of Mr. & Dr. John Victor and Tracie Smith Furgess. Her grandparents are Mr. & Mrs. Emmett and Luerusha S. Smith of Springfield, SC, and Mr. & Mrs. John V. and Alexzena Irving Furgess of Columbia. Garland has an older brother, David, an older sister, LaQuianda, and she is a fantastic “Big Sis” to her three-year-old sister, Jon Victoria. She enjoys reading, ballet and jazz, sewing, making her own jewelry, drawing, and spending time with her cousin, Maya, a seventh grader at Hunter Kinard-Tyler Middle School in Neeses, SC. She has started her own business, Rainbow Strings, which features jewelry made with rainbow-colored craft string. Garland is currently a seventh grade student at Hand Middle School where she is enrolled in AP classes and the Dance Program. Her favorite subjects are Algebra and Dance. She studied dance with the Columbia Dance Academy for six years and was a member of the Ethnic Expressions Dance Theatre under the direction of Miss Susan Blue. Garland is now taking guitar lessons at the Columbia Arts Academy.


Tianne Watson Artist

Tianne Watson is a senior at Benedict College majoring in Studio Art. She is a native of The Bronx, New York. She has a passion for art, fashion, and education. Ms. Watson specializes in Graphic and Digital Arts. She continues to receive artistic inspiration from the ever evolving world around her. Some of her favorite artists include, Faith Ringgold, Andy Warhol, Vera Wang, and Meta Vaux Warrick Fuller. She has worked in various facets of the art and education worlds, including interning at the Fashion Institute of Technology (New York, NY) and serving as the Head Field Supervisor for the Summer Internship Program facilitated by the New York City School Construction Authority (Long Island City, NY). She has participated in outreach programs and community service projects that focus on aiding, assisting, and uplifting women and children. Her philosophy in life is,” Why choose to live in black and white, when the world around you is filled with color”.

Rainbow Strings, Jewelry Maker

Corey Wells Artist

Corey Wells is 20 year old junior music voice major at Benedict College from Lynchburg, South Carolina. I first discovered my passion for music in the seventh grade. I have been singing with school choirs, church choirs, and school bands every since. I am currently a member of the Benedict College Concert Choir as I continue to study music. He is accompanied by Darius Richey, a 23 year old graduating senior, music piano major. Darius has been a pianist for 8 years.

2013 YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS Courtland M. Thomas

Sheneka Kinsey


Visual Artist

Courtland Miles Thomas, a native of Irmo, South Carolina, attended the schools of Lexington/Richland District 5 with his twin sister Courtney. He is a 2011 Honor Graduate of Dutch Fork High School’s Business School of Study, with a concentration in Marketing Management. While at Dutch Fork, Courtland served as Student Body President & Vice President, and the Sophomore Class President. Courtland was an active member of over 15 social and professional student organizations in various leadership roles. Courtland was greatly involved with DECA, an organization of marketing, entrepreneurship, and business students. Currently, Courtland is a third-year student at the University of South Carolina double majoring in Marketing and Management. He is already involved on campus as an advocate for all students, especially the minority. Courtland is involved with and takes leadership roles in: USC Gospel Choir, Association of African American Students, Student Government, Minority Peer Assistance Program, and more. Courtland’s future goals include a graduate degree from USC and career as a television personality or a public relations director.

Sheneka Latrell Jackson-Kinsey comes from a community where having an imagination was a necessity. Within her imagination, Sheneka was given a voice. That voice became audible at the age of three with a wooden pencil, a step stool, and the back of her grandfather’s front door. From that day forward, she has been screaming that she exists. Her art was first recognized at age nine by her art teacher Ms. Linda Price. She has taught many workshops for under privileged children and she loves giving of herself. In 2012, Sheneka was honored and recognized for her art and also for her work with the children by Dr. Nathaniel Bryan, the principal of Gordon Oddyssey Academy. Sheneka attended school in Fairfield County and she is a graduate of Benedict College. She thanks Ms. Theresa Brown, Ms. Julianne Neal, Mr. Calvin Lane, Ms. Latoya Fox and the faculty and staff of Benedict College’s Art Department under the leadership of Ms. Gina Moore for their inspiration and their encouragement. Sheneka has dedicated her work to making a difference in some one’s life. “You are more than your circumstances. You are incredible and deemed beautiful by the creativity of God. Nothing gets better than that. Nothing.”

Dustin Praylow Dancer

Dustin Praylow , son of John and Contact Information: Sheneka Kinsey Linette Praylow, was born on Janukinseysheneka@yahoo.com, 803-530-6988 ary 7, 1994. Dustin Praylow is a sophomore at the University of South Carolina. His major is biology, and his minor is dance. Dustin trained at Dancin’ on Main Studio in Lake City, SC. He studied jazz, ballet, and lyrical dance. Currently, he choreographs for various high schools, show choirs, winter guards, and church praise teams. Dustin was valedictorian of Hannah-Pamplico High School in 2012.

2013 YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS Sylvia Williams Visual Artist & Graphic Designer Sylvia Williams, a twenty four year old native of Columbia, South Carolina has always had a passion for the arts. Whether it was dancing, singing, story writing or arts and crafts, Sylvia always had something creative going on. After attending Columbia high and A.C Flora, Sylvia decided to go to Brenau University in Gainesville, GA to pursue a Bachelors in Fine Arts for Graphic Design. Sylvia had her first Solo Artist Exhibition July 27, 2013 in Columbia Place Mall. With a great turn out in attendance, Sylvia sold 5 paintings and built business networks for future opportunities. In between freelancing, she also teaches painting classes at Wine and Design LLC and performs as a live painter at booked events. Currently Sylvia has her own business named “SPW Creations.” Business continues to grow daily for her freelance and art design clients as she works part time in the copy/print section of a fast pace establishment. As a freelancer Sylvia has created promotions of all sorts, including; logo/ identity designs, business cards, event flyers, brochures, pamphlets, menus, personal paintings, and much more.

Nickolus Stewart Singer

Nickolus J. Stewart is the 16 year old son of Nathaniel and Jacquelyn Stewart. Nick is a junior at W. J. Keenan high school, where he is an honor roll student, varsity football player, member of the Beta Club, Odyssey of the Mind Team and member of the Keenan Honors Chorus. Nickolus is a member of Brookland Baptist church, where he sings on the Teens In Praise choir, member of the MIME ministry and the Teen Church Ministry committee. Nickolus has performed at many local church events, weddings, school and local talent shows, as well as singing the National Anthem at State Championship Basketball games and the last two Columbia Veteran’s Day Parade. Nick enjoys singing with his sister, Nathalie, making people smile, swimming and spending time with family. Nickolus has been singing since he was four years old.

Khalid Heatley KAK KreAtive Jewelers

Contact: sylvia@spwdesigns.com

Khalid Quemar Heatley is a 17 yr. Old Columbia, SC native. Owner/Creator KAK KreAtive Jewelers. Senior @ CA Johnson High School. Started his business in 2010 after playfully creating jewelry pieces from his family members discarded jewelry. Most recently Khalid begin creating what he has named his Spirit & Celebration Jewelry. Created to celebrate and, or commemorate your favorite team, birthdays, Greek organizations, cancer survivors, family reunions, etc.

2013 SPEAKERS / PRESENTERS Marilyn Shine

Shine Consulting

Marilyn Shine, reared in West Point, Mississippi began her public service early by admiring her mother’s professional and spiritual devotion as an educator and youth leader. Modeling her mother’s path, her commitment and dedication to young people and education is reflective in her employment and faith. As a member of Brookland Baptist Church, she serves as Co-Director of the Leading Ladies Ministry, Director of the Mime and Praise Dance Ministries as well as Youth and Teens Advisor. Professionally, she serves as the Career Services Advisor at South University, where she guides students to tap into their full potential in order to achieve career success. Under her tutelage, students gain employment, increase their self-reliance skills and become major contributors to the workforce. She has a Bachelors of Science Degree in Business Management from Allen University, Columbia, SC and is currently pursuing her Masters of Science Degree in Leadership at South University, Columbia, SC. Additionally, as a certified etiquette consultant, she delivers effective presentations to diverse audience of all organizational levels personified in such a captivating style that all remember. An important aspect of her life is family. Marilyn is married to Isaac Shine and they have four beautiful children: Brandon, Kennedy, Kayla and Sheldon.Her life is guided by her favorite scripture, Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Contact information: shinemarilyn@yahoo.com

Ishmael Brown, Jr. Ishmael Brown, Jr., a Columbia SC native, is a Certified (and Highly Qualified) high school math teacher presently teaching at Spring Valley High School. He has been teaching for 15 years and has an excellent track record of propelling students to learn. Ishmael is also a two-time nominee for “Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers.” However, his real passion is tutoring. He began tutoring as a student at South Carolina State University in 1996 and started his business, InfiNeXt Educational Solutions, in 2012 where services in tutoring, academic coaching, workshops and seminars and motivational speaking are provided. He holds certifications as an Advanced Tutor and Academic Coach, and is also a Board Member of the National Tutoring Association. Ishmael has a B.S. Degree in Mathematics with a minor in Physics. He holds memberships in the National Education Association, the National Council of Teaching of Mathematics, Toastmasters International and Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. Ishmael Brown Jr ibrown10@sc.rr.com

Michelle Dugar Michele Dugar is a business practitioner and educator. Her background includes marketing positions at Anheuser-Busch and Sara Lee Hosiery as well as over nine years as a marketing professor at the University of South Carolina. Currently, she is a business professor at Benedict College, teaching courses in marketing and entrepreneurship. In addition to being a business instructor, Michele Dugar is a business owner. Her entrepreneurial ventures include an award-winning marketing consulting firm. There is also www.GingerSnapsBaby.com, a site for a company Mrs. Dugar created to produce upscale gift items inspired by children of color. Mrs. Dugar welcomes the opportunity to share her education, business experience and passion for marketing with others. She resides in Columbia with her husband Bill Dugar and their three children-- Austin, Madison, and Jackson. For more information visit: www.SweetLifeWithMichele.com

2013 SPEAKERS / PRESENTERS Stephen Love Dessert Maven

“A country boy with big city dreams.” Stephen Love Jr. grew up in the rural towns of Filbert and Bennettsville, South Carolina; where a decent movie theater was 50 miles away. Paired with the entrepreneurial spirit of his grandfather’s produce stand, Stephen’s love and hunger for the fine art of cinema ensued. At the age of 12, he opened Love’s Scene Productions, a small videography company filming weddings, church events, music videos, local corporate promos, etc. But by age 16, he realized that narrative film and television producing was his destiny. He attended Morehouse College after it bred alumni in cinema and television like Spike Lee, Samuel L. Jackson, Bill Nunn, Seith Mann, and others. But to his dismay, the College did not have a related major, so…he helped start one! As a business administration and marketing major, Stephen founded the Morehouse Filmmakers’ Association in 2010, for which Mr. Lee is the adviser. This “proof of interest” became the precursor to the now thriving Cinema, Television, and Emerging Media Studies (CTEMS) program at Morehouse. In the meantime, Stephen supplemented his business studies with productions and internships outside of school. He started as a production assistant at an educational television branch, but he quickly climbed to become the associate-producer for the 2009 documentary called Jail, No Bail which was nationally-syndicated by PBS and received an Emmy-nomination for the southeastern region. In 2010, Stephen produced SAVED, which was accepted into the Cannes Film Festival in the short film corner. Over the next few years, Stephen continued to “learn by doing” while interning at Rainforest Films, Sony Pictures, The Mark Gordon Company, DisneyABC, NBCUniversal, and HBO Films. Today, Stephen is a graduate student in his final year of the Peter Stark Producing Program at the University of Southern California.

Victoria Dozier The Language Buzz

Victoria Paul-Dozier (Owner) is a graduate of The University of South Carolina with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering. She also holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Belmont University (Nashville, Tennessee). The Language Buzz is a unique foreign language learning center that promotes the early command of languages through language immersion, contextualized learning, and the learning and acceptance of different cultures. The curriculum is designed to make learning a new language fun for children while providing them with cultural experiences, fostering an expanded view of community and emphasizing our role as being engaged, accepting and understanding global citizens. 1921 Henderson Street, Columbia, South Carolina 29201 (803) 252-7002 john@thelanguagebuzz.com victoria@thelanguagebuzz.com

Magan Sullivan Spoken Word Artist

Magan Giavonni Sullivan was born in Ridgeway,SC. From the early age of 6 she was intrigued by music.With her first boom box she recorded her own freestlyes and quickly began mastering her skills as an lyricist.Formally known as “Lethal” she has released music form SC to Philly,consistantly leaving fans in awe of her raw talent. Magan has also mastered the skill of sales, being in the car business for over ten yrs with a huge refferal base helping customers to secure a loan and offering financial advise to help her customers in the future.Magan refers to herself as a “people person” full of life and consumes the tanactiy to get the job done.With working on everything from promotions,entertainment correspondant/manager,artist development,and last but not least her 2 adorable Stephen Love is a former Auntie Karen Young Entrepreneur kids,Magan contionously stays busy for the cause.She has and the winner of the 2007 Young Entrepreneur of the Year always had a vision and a belief that the sky is the limit. Award. She always makes a joke that she can hold a conversation with Bill Clinton, or George Clinton, and even though its a joke,its nothing short of the truth.Magan has a signature look to match her signature personality, and at the end, it all qualifies her to be who she is.Magan Giavonni Sullivan: A mother,a leader,an innovator,a boss.


“Chiccy Baritone”


Charlene “Chiccy Baritone” Evans

“It’s rare to find a jazz artist who so successfully merges his love of soul and groove with such a rich spirituality—but Dante Lewis knows where his inspiration and blessings come from. So he’s not shy about finding ways to share both the jazz and the gospel on his infectious and super soulful

first recordings. Like his idol Kirk Whalum, he artfully uses God’s gifts and puts the breath of heaven in every note, whether he’s funking up a classic Luther hit or setting the mood (what a perfect name for his debut album!) with sensual, ambient original ballads. In a world, where most artists keep the sacred and secular separate for commercial reasons, Lewis’ boldness is refreshing. Every track on Set The Mood offers something to delight the listener’s spirit and inner groove loving romantic, but you just know when you hear “Only What You Do For Christ Will Last” that you’re listening to this amazing artist’s truest heart.”

Brenda Peterson Consultant

Brenda Elaine Peterson , the current Antitrust Paralegal Coordinator for the law firm Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll, is a litigation specialist with emphasis on Antitrust, Environmental, Toxic Tort, Patent and general litigation. She has over 30 years of experience in the legal profession, and 26 years of experience as a paralegal. Ms. Peterson is currently seeking an Ornamental Horticulture degree, and holds a degree from King’s College, Charlotte, N.C., as well as a paralegal certificate from the Institute of Paralegal Studies, Arlington, Texas. Ms. Peterson is an active member of the International Paralegal Management Association (IPMA), the United Women in Business association in Washington, DC, and a current member of the 2013 Young Entrepreneurs Conference Committee for the Auntie Karen Foundation. Ms. Peterson is also the owner and operator of Peterson’s Petals, a softscape/container garden consulting and planting business located in Cheverly, Maryland.

Not content with being the last in line... “Chiccy Baritone” has strategically moved her way to the front of the line where she maintains a strong presence. Introduced to the poetry circuit in 2001 and affectionately named, “Chiccy Baritone” (Pronounced “chick-y”), by her best friend, Charlene Evans lives up to the full meaning of her stage name. Chic, well-put together (spiritually and emotionally), she is a woman who uses her deep alto voice to share her life stories in poetry form with much authority! Her work can best be described as spiritually ground, filled with real life situations and Godfilled solutions. Residing in Greenville, SC, Charlene still considers her birth place, Columbia, SC, home. Awarded a degree in Electrical Engineering Technology from South Carolina State University, Charlene moved to the Upstate to begin her journey into adulthood while working in the corporate arena. After the release of her first CD in 2004 titled, “Next in Line”, Charlene received a great deal of attention. This is only the beginning to where God is extending the use of his word in the vessel of Charlene Evans...she won’t be the last but her prayer is to leave a challenging word in your heart and soul long after she has left the stage. “Poetry is life, chiccy baritone speaks life, and what is life or chiccy without poetry?” Charlene Evans Aka “Chiccy Baritone”

2013 SPEAKERS / PRESENTERS Kristopher Jones

Mel Wallace

The Bow-Tie Club

Minority Business Development

Kristopher J. Jones a native of Columbia, SC, is a graduate of Eau Claire high school. In continuation of his educational aspirations, Kristopher studied at Full Sail Winter Park Florida, and is now nearing the completion of an undergraduate degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Legal Studies at Strayer University in Columbia, SC. Upon completion of his undergraduate studies Kristopher will attend law school in pursuit of a degree in law. Kristopher founded The Bow Tie Club Inc., a 501(c)3 community based organization dedicated to providing quality programming tailored to positively affect the direction of the lives of at risk youth. Under Kristopher’s leadership, The Bow Tie Club’s reach has been extended to over 150 youth, in 6 schools across three school districts in the State of South Carolina. In both 2009 and 2010, Kristopher, a devoted husband and father is married to Samantha Hatten Jones with whom he shares one daughter; Zoe Alivia Jones. Kristopher and his family are members of Brookland Baptist Church (West Columbia, SC).

Thomas Maluck Richland County Public Library

Thomas Maluck is a teen services librarian at Richland Library. He was a teen services librarian at the Northeast Regional Branch for three years before joining the new Teen Center at the Main location downtown. He has a Bachelors degree in English and Philosophy as well as a Masters in Library and Information Science from the University of South Carolina. He is an advocate for graphic novels as educational tools and has presented on different topics in comics across the country, and serves on the Great Graphic Novels For Teens book award committee for the Young Adult Library Services Association. He encourages teens to utilize the Teen Center and its multiple tools for creation and enrichment.

Mel Wallace is the managing advisor for minority business development at the South Carolina Small Business Development Center. The SC SBDC’s Minority Outreach Program began in 2012 with a focus on the African-American community in the Midlands. Wallace will continue to assist the growth of small businesses in the Midlands while also expanding services into the Rock Hill area. Mr. Wallace is business strategist for advanced construction technologies, including (BIM) building information modeling, Wallace has more than 20 years in advanced technology sales, channel management and corporate development of technology service providers. Previously a senior advisor with Ampirix Consulting, Wallace was also director of business development for Satellier, a multinational solution provider of documentation and digital design services. Wallace is the founder of Visually Intelligent Solutions, a technology start-up offering consulting, training and design support for architectural, engineering and construction industries. A licensed minster and ordained elder, Wallace will be reaching out to the faith-based communities. Wallace earned a B.S. in business administration and marketing from Limestone College and served honorably in the United States Marine Corp. For more information on the Minority Outreach Program, to make an appointment for consulting or to extend an invitation to speak at a community event, contact Mel Wallace at 803-777-4409 or melwallace@sc.edu. His office is located in the Columbia Area SBDC at 1225 Laurel Street in downtown Columbia inside the USC Incubator

2013 SPEAKERS / PRESENTERS Shennice Cleckley

Angela “Peace” Hunter

When asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, Shennice happily replied, “I want to be a cookery”. From a young age, Shennice Cleckley has had a passion for baking. This passion was manifested when she opened her first food/bookstore establishment Literary Sweets Café in 2005. After closing the store in 2008, Shennice sought to evolve her passion and expanded into dessert catering. Currently Shennice is the owner of My Dessert Bar Bakeshop and Dessert Catering, which specializes in creating dessert tables with mini desserts, chocolates and pastries. Not only is she a Dessert Maven but also she is a wife, mother of 4, and grandmother of 1. Shennice is a graduate of Columbia College with degrees in Political Science and Public Affairs. Civically, Shennice is the Youth Coordinator for Restoration Life Ministries, a member of the City of Columbia Accommodation Tax Committee and a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc.

It’s true big things come in small packages, whether rocking out on the guitar or using her sultry voice to captivate the audience Angela Hunter, aka Pe@ ce wants you to understand her love for music pulses through her veins. The talented Columbia native is a multi-instrumentalist & vocalist, rapper, songwriter and producer. Pe@ce (formerly of Pe@ce & the Galaxy) perfected her craft by creating a unique sound influenced by pioneers such as; Aretha Franklin,Jimi Hendrix, Prince and Stevie Wonder. Her many talents have allowed her to open for Angie Stone and play in some of Atlanta’s hottest club spots. Pe@ce’s talents caught the eye of the music industry when she became a finalist in the John Lennon International songwriting contest. Now ready to blossom as the prime lead vocalist and guitarist with the band”THUNDER SNATCH”, Pe@ce has tightened and pulled her sexy extended long dreads up and is now ready to give the world what they have been waiting for! She says “ I want people to truly feel the passion that lives in me through our music. Yes I’m ready!

Dessert Maven

Karen Jenkins Financial Consultant

Karen R. Jenkins is the President and CEO of KRJ Consulting, a full service consulting, training and development firm located in Columbia, SC. KRJ Consulting provides professional development, strategic planning and project management services. Karen has been in the management and financial services industry for over 25 years. She serves as an Adjunct Professor at the University of South Carolina , is a professional speaker and the author of “Nobody Told Me! The Path to Financial Empowerment. You all have been given a copy of Karen’s book in your bags. Karen also appears weekly on the WIS TV 10 News Live at 5 segment of “Women, Wisdom and Wealth”.

Singer, Songwriter, Producer

“Peace” is a former Auntie Karen intern and young entrepreneur.

Jesselah “Jess” McGrath Bass Player

New to the scene Jesselah McGrath, aka “Jess” brings a velvety bass lines and backgorund vocals that adds an extra bit of spice to any performance.This talented,sexy, funky female bass player from Decatur Georgia, has stole the hearts of audiences with her fresh sound recognizable throughout Atlanta she has played with local bands in the hottest of hot spots and larger venues in Atlanta. Jess’s talents extend to producing and engineering music as well,she loves and respects the influential women who have paved the way such as, Miki steele(The Bangles), Kathy Valentine(The GoGo’s), Gail Dorsey(David Bowie) and her all time favorite Ms Divinity Roxx(Beyonce). Now Jess feels the sky is the limit and she is ready to take flight with her band mates “THUNDER SNATCH”

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2013 Young Entrepreneurs Conference Book  

The Auntie Karen Foundation 11th Annual Young Entrepreneurs Conference Book October 12, 2013 Benedict College

2013 Young Entrepreneurs Conference Book  

The Auntie Karen Foundation 11th Annual Young Entrepreneurs Conference Book October 12, 2013 Benedict College

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