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October 8, 2011 Dear Future Millionaire, Welcome to the ninth annual Auntie Karen’s Young Entrepreneurs Conference. The word for today is “Franchise”. How do you define franchise? A franchise is a right granted to an individual or group to market a company's goods or services within a certain territory or location. Some examples of today's popular franchises are McDonald's, Subway, Domino's Pizza, and Precision Tune. There are many different types of franchises. Many people associate only fast food businesses with franchising. In fact, there are over 120 different types of franchise businesses available today, including automotive, cleaning & maintenance, health & fitness, financial services, and pet-related franchises, just to name a few. In 2001, we had a dream to showcase the best young minds in our region and we created this conference to showcase their talent and creative abilities. Today you will have a chance to meet and talk to them. These amazing young entrepreneurs have had an impact on a national and global scale. Kristopher Jones, Christopher Williams, and Shamar Harrison, our 2010 Young Entrepreneurs of the Year were honored last year for their hard work and the success of their creative ideas as entrepreneurs. I created the Auntie Karen F.A.I.T.H. principles as a guide to living my dreams. My hope is that you will read and adopt these concepts to your life. (Find a purpose or goal; Ask for help; Invest in your mind; Take time to plan; Help someone else). You will see examples of these principles in action throughout the day! I would like to thank the Auntie Karen Board and the 2011 Conference Committee for making this day possible. They have spent months organizing this day especially for you!!! I hope you take away something from this conference that will encourage you to start your own business. Remember, all great things begin with an idea! Enjoy the day! Sincerely,

Karen Alexander


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Fine Arts - Little Theatre

Business Development Julian Owens - Doctoral Student, USC

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Ishmael Brown, Master of Ceremonies Welcome: Karen Alexander, Song: Kiera McFarlan

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October 8, 2011

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Duckett Hall - Room 303 Duckett Hall - Room 303 Duckett Hall - Room 314 Bacoats Hall - Computer Lab Workshop Two Fine Arts - Room 104 10:50 - 11:30

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Auntie Karen Foundation Young Entrepreneurs Conference

ON THE COVER Christopher Williams Caterer, Aspiring Chef

Christopher Royale Williams feels that he was born to be a businessman. Catering is my destiny states Christopher. His Grandpa Roy was a chef in the army. When Christopher was young, he would spend time with his Grandma learning to bake and measure ingredients. Catering is more than a business to him. It gives him a way to bring happiness and good through food to the people around him. He is available to catering events as diverse as birthday parties to weddings.

Jordan Kelley Jordan Kelley, Inc.

Jordan is a 13 Magnet School Program student at Dent Middle School . She attended SC Governors School for Performing Arts this summer for 5 weeks specializing in dance. Jordan started competing in pageants at 5 months old. During her four years in pageantry, she was awarded several National Awards and also International Awards. She left the pageantry world to pursue modeling and dancing. Jordan has been involved with ballet since four years old to the present. Jordan loves to be at the center of attention whenever possible and has turned this passion into a business, Jordan Kelley, Inc. Jordan can be seen gracing the box of Beautiful Beginnings, a national ad campaign for Soft Sheen Carson. Jordan is the 2008 Auntie Karen 2008 Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

contact: skelleysandy@earthlink.net

Triple Threat & Drive Safe, G-Wiz Tiffanie Williams, Twana Williams,Victoria Williams

Sisters Tiffanie, Twana and Victoria Williams are the members of Triple Threat, a hip hop dance team. They along with Chestina Perry are the owners of Drive Safe. The company makes magnetic signs for cars with the message of urging drivers to be patient. The idea for the business came when Chestina was learning how to drive and encountered other drivers making angry comments and gestures. While using the product for her safety, it gained attention from many other motorists, parents and teenagers. There was such a demand from other parents and teenagers to obtain the product, she convinced her parents to open a business to allow other teenagers to experience the benefits of driving in a safer and more controlled environment. Her goal was to help eliminate the possibility of fatalities, stress, anxiety and road rage associated with learning how to drive. They received the 2006 Black Enterprise Teenpreneur of the Year Award. In 2010, they formed the Smart Teen Drive Safe Foundation and signed an Artist Development Deal with UniversalCMG (CMG Records/Universal Record Distribution).

Horizon Band

Byron Counts Jr., Joseph Duncan, Paul Jones III The Horizon Band from Columbia, SC is a 3-piece skillful group of 13 year olds that play a variety of Gospel, Jazz and R&B. The band performs at venues ranging from churches to festivals and from parties to business functions. Each member’s young musical background is unique, and diverse whereby enabling the band to easily span various musical styles and genres. Despite their youth, Horizon has broad performance experience both individually and collectively. Horizon is a cultivated and professional group, making them the absolute and complete choice for your event. (From left to right Byron Counts, Jr., Paul Jones III and Joseph Duncan) Contact: Ben Duncan 803-737-6343

Auntie Karen 2009 Young Entrepreneur of the Year. Winner of the Deborah Woodard Memorial Scholarship Award. Contacts: drivesafesigns@aol.com



Pastry Chef

Kristen Risher

Yummie K Fashions & Accessories

Joshua Eaddy was born on November 4, 1996 in Florence, SC. He has been cooking since he was seven years old. He baked his first cake on Christmas day of 2009. It was a red velvet cake. He started a cake business after that. The name of Joshua’s business is “Cakes by Josh”. Joshua does all of the baking for his mother’s catering business. He loves to put his own spin on traditional cake recipes and other dishes. Joshua is currently a freshman at South Florence High School in Florence, SC and is an honor student. He is a member of BADD (Black Achievers Determined to be Different) and played on the band for two years. Joshua plans to go to culinary school and own a chain of restaurants called MITYSO. The name comes from his favorite saying when he makes a dish that turns out really good, “Mama I Told You So”! He is very confident in his abilities as a chef. Joshua has baked cakes for his eighth grade principal, teachers, the mayor of Lake City, SC, and many others. He baked cakes for the annual Humane Society’s Benefit. His slogan for his business is “Big taste, Small price”. Contact: jjognglen@bellsoth.net

R.B. Nesbit, II Reginald Nesbit, Musician

Reginald Beauregard Nesbit II (“RB”) is the son of Reggie and Audrey Nesbit of Columbia, SC and the brother of 15 year old Sarah. He is the grandson of Albert and Sarah Griffin of Columbia, SC and Helen Nesbit of Georgetown, SC. RB is a 7th grade Honor student at Crayton Middle School. He is a member of Bible Way Church of Atlas Road where he participates in the Generation Now Ministry. RB plays piano, keyboard and trumpet and is currently a member of Crayton Middle School’s jazz band. He is an avid tennis player and enjoys playing games on his DSi. One of his favorite pastimes is watching football with his dad. RB enjoys listening to all types of music. He dreams of mastering several instruments. RB lives by the motto “make your dreams a reality. He recently came across a quote by Walt Disney and has deemed it his favorite “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them” RB aspires to become an internationally renowned musician who infuses technology in all of his pieces.

Kristen Risher was birth into this world on February 6, 1997 already with a God-given talent and passion for abstract art. It was discovered at an early age that bright vibrant colors fascinated Kristen. Her favorite color is ALL shades of purple, which can be found scribbled on almost every item capable of bearing her art work. Kristen’s favorites include R&B music; math; a selected group of friends who share her values; her family; and of course sculpturing. Given a smidgen of clay, some wire, an assortment of tailored paint brushes and a rainbow of paint…Kristen’s ideas will meticulously materialize into an amazing piece of art. Within the past year, Kristen was interviewed and accepted into the South Carolina’s Governor’s School for the Arts. For personal reasons she did not attend the course, but that did not stop her from pursuing her dreams and goals of designing and marketing her art work from a business perspective. Kristen has gone on to create a marketable line of ear-rings and pendants offered under the name-ship of her forthcoming company “Yummie-K” Fashions & Accessories. In her very first showing, Kristen sold several items and took orders for several more. Contact: EdBrogdon@gmail.com

Yung J

Shamar Harrison, Dancer Shamar Harrison aka “The Little Entertainer’ and Yung J, is a 15 year old dancing machine from South Carolina! Shamar’s dance moves and skills were discovered at the tender age of 5. His moves have been compared to such old school artist as: Michael Jackson, The Four Tops and The Temptations. He currently performs on stage before hundreds at banquets, talent shows and showcases. He has a passion for life! Shamar also enjoys singing, basketball, reading and baking chocolate brownies. His goal is to become a professional dancer and choreographer. Contact: 803-473-4473


Candles By Kids

Pamper-Mee_Body & Bath Products Jada Risher was birth into this world on July 9, 1998 already with a God-given talent and passion for pampering others even more so than herself. Jada is strongly drawn to the array of vibrant colors and hues of the fashion world which just naturally brings out the best in her personality. Jada’s favorites include hanging out with her family; riding her bike; painting anything that stands still long enough to be painted; and most of all, playing on the computer where she excels as a Video Cosmetologist. One very unique talent that Jada has demonstrated is her keen ability to create alluring scents that are simply irresistible. She is content at “endlessly” experimenting with common beauty product to see what she can re-create of her own. Jada further sharpens her aromatherapy skills by encouraging her sister, mother and other young girls to partake in her pampering services. Jada’s future goal is to become a Cosmetologist. In pursuit to that end, Jada has already begun her journey by concocting “just-right” ingredients to form a line of bath & body products which will become her unique brand. Her forthcoming company will be named “Pamper-Mee” Body & Bath Products. Contact: EdBrogdon@gmail.com

Asya Harris

Alyssa-Ann Warren, Dominic Moody, Darius Moody

Ever since I was 5 I always wanted to sell things. I use to ask my mom and dad if I can sell cookies or lemonade even my toys. One day my father came across a candle making kit and thought it would be a good idea me to make and sell the candles. So I got my brothers Dominic and Darius to help me! My dad and mom felt that it was important for us to not waste the money we make from selling the candles. We were taught to tithe, save, put money back to business and to donate money before we got to have fun with our profit. We came up with the charity of the month program, every month we pick a different organization to give money to for example for the month of October our charity will be National Breast Cancer. Our future, well I would like to have a lot of stores across the world and for our business to be worldwide I would also like Candle By Kids to be a household name. One of our first hardship was when we made our first set of candles. We had to keep making them over and over because they kept getting holes or didn’t smell strong enough, they just kept coming out wrong. We over came this by researching candles and different types of products that we could try. We kept making them until we got it just right. My advice to other kids would be if you have an idea for a business talk to your parents and see if they can help you get started. Don’t give up on your dreams they’ll come true as long as you keep pushing.

Asya Organic Farm Asya Harris was born in Columbia, SC on August 18, 1998. She grew up in Sumter, SC on the Asya Organic farm. She is the granddaughter of Azeez and Fathiyyah Mustafa and the daughter of Shaheed and Yolanda Harris. When she was five years old, her grandfather gave her her first job, feeding and watering the baby chickens on the farm. Asya started her first savings account with the money she earned. A year later she joined the family business selling organic vegetables, herbal supplements, and herbal teas with her parents at local farmer markets. She has become an accomplished Herbologist. When Asya was 9, and her mother was pregnant with her little brother, she saw that the family needed help. She got advice from her grandmother Fathiyyah Mustafa, and began cooking healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner dishes, using the organically grown food from the farm. This lead to Asya collecting the recipes she created in order to write her own organic cookbook. Asya has over thirty recipes and plans to publish her book this fall.

2011 YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS Azia Williams The Cupcake Girl

Azia is the daughter of Leslie and Toney Williams, and is an active 8th grader at St. Andrews Middle School . Besides her love for baking, Azia also has a passion for playing tennis and is a member of the Columbia High Lady Capitols Tennis Team. Azia’s hobbies are modeling, taking pictures and painting her nails. At the early age of four Azia realized her love for baking and knew she wanted to own her own bakery someday. She has completed several cake decorating classes including her most recent” Decorating with Fondant”. In the spring of 2010, Azia fulfilled her dream and opened her own business at the young age of 12, now known as “The Cup Cake Girl” which specializes in custom cup cakes. Azia participated in the 2010 Black Expo where she sold her cup cakes and marketed her business to hundreds. Since then she has taken orders for birthday parties, tailgates and cookouts.

Kiera McFarlan Vocalist Kiera Janee McFarlan, is a native of Columbia SC born January 17, 1994. She is a senior at Ridgeview High and a member of I Dequincy Newman United Methodist Church. She started singing at the tender age of seven where her voice loudly rang in the youth choir. Her dedication in singing at church has opened many doors for people requesting her graceful appearance. As she grew, her desire for singing also grew. Kiera is actively participating in the medical program at school and wants to pursue a career in nursing with an aspiration of completing her first CD next year. She placed top in Richland County Public Library Teen Idol,with determination of top placement again this year. Kiera, was born to a family of educators and strives hard to remain an honor student. She is the oldest to two siblings and looked upon as a nurturing sister,daughter, granddaughter and niece.

Contact: 803-260-7829

Cee Jay Vocalist

Chyna Young Vocalist

Chyna Young is an 11 year old 6th Calvin Joyner better known as “CJ” Grader at Dent Middle School in was born in Columbia, South CaroColumbia S.C. lina. He is 17 years old and discovered his great passion for music Chyna has been singing since at the age of 4 years old when he she was 5 yrs old. She sings at began listening to his mother sing. birthday parties and she has open He enjoyed performing in front of shows for her father, National friends and family at his young age, but it was not until the Recording Smooth Jazz Guitarist age of 11 years old that he truly realized that this is what he Terence Young. Chyna loves to was born to do because he cannot envision himself doing sing and entertain her audience. anything else or not singing at all. He is currently promoting three “New Singles” through his project with UniverFor bookings: 803-730-5544 salCMG that with “Gods never ending Blessings” will be a success. His gift of song has allowed him to be able to perform for gospel competitions, live television, live performances, plays, charity events, personal appearances and weddings as well as work with and be in the company of several “Icons” in the music industry such as Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds, Dave Tolliver with “Men at Large” and Gerald Alston of the “Manhattans” just to name a few. His musical Influences/inspirations are Musiq Soulchild, Ne-Yo, Mary J Blige and Anthony Hamilton.

2011 YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS/SPEAKERS Courtland M. Thomas Moderator

Courtland Miles Thomas, a native of Irmo, South Carolina, attended the schools of Lexington/Richland District 5 with his twin sister Courtney. He is a 2011 Honor Graduate of Dutch Fork High School’s Business School of Study, with a concentration in Marketing Management. While at Dutch Fork, Courtland served as Student Body President & Vice President, and the Sophomore Class President. Courtland was an active member of over 15 social and professional student organizations in various leadership roles. Courtland was greatly involved with DECA, an organization of marketing, entrepreneurship, and business students. In May 2011, Courtland (and twin sister Courtney) were named 2011 International Marketing Communication Champions. This is the FIRST time that South Carolina has had any International Champion, and this is the first time in the world that DECA has had African-American twins win this prestigious international competition. Currently, Courtland is a first-year student at the University of South Carolina double majoring in Marketing and Public Relations. He is already involved on campus as an advocate for all students, especially the minority. Courtland is the only freshman African-American male selected for Student Government and is a newly selected University Ambassador. Courtland’s future goals include a graduate degree from USC and career as a television personality or a public relations director.

Sylvia Williams Sylvia Williams, a twenty two year old native of Columbia, South Carolina has always had a passion for the arts. Whether it was dancing, singing, story writing or arts and crafts, Sylvia always had something creative going on. After attending Columbia high and A.C Flora, Sylvia decided to go to Brenau University in Gainesville, GA to pursue a Bachelors in Fine Arts for Graphic Design. With some unique image coming to mind, Sylvia was, and still is thinking of her next project to complete. With a collection of poems, drawings, photographs, paintings and digital graphics, she plans on having her own art exhibits worldwide and owning a prominent design firm in the future. However, Sylvia plans on providing freelance services to customers in need of visual marketing and personal art needs part time until she can do what her heart desires full time. In five years, Sylvia plans to work in the field of the arts full time and have her design firm up and running. Sylvia pushes to impact the youth who surround her with positivity and a seed of encouragement. She believes that it is not where you come from, but who you become in life. The best advice that she could give anyone who is young and pushing to be more is to stay positive, keep their faith and never give up no matter what. Life can be hard but in the end when your personal goals of achievement have been met, you can look back at the hard times and smile. Contact: sylvia@spwdesigns.com

Zakiya Middleton

Business Owner, True Hues

Zakiya Middleton is the CEO and President of True Hues, LLC a personal development company. True Hues’ mission is give women a face, a voice, and a smile by identifying the obstacles that hold them back from their true identity, purpose, and joy. Zakiya is also an alumna of the College of Charleston where she earned a bachelors of science degree in Biology. She is also a published poet and photographer. With her southern hospitality, warm embrace, witty sense of humor and words of insight, Zakiya is a motivating force for change and is part of a new generation of women stepping out !

2011 SPEAKERS Eddye Lane

Eddye Lane is a Columbia, SC based Attorney and Entrepreneur. She is also an aspiring Children’s Book author. The law office of Eddye L. Lane, P.A. is a solo law practice which prides itself in offering personable and professional services to its clientele, including individuals, organizations and business entities. The attorney is a former staff attorney of Palmetto Legal Services (now South Carolina Legal Services) and continues to provide services to the indigent population through the South Carolina Legal Services PAI program. The attorney’s experience spans over eighteen (18) years. The firm is located in Columbia, South Carolina; however the attorney works with clients throughout the state and travels statewide as necessary for client representation. The firm offers services primarily in Consumer Bankruptcy, Social Security disability and Adoptions. Other services include Wills, Contracts, Uncontested Divorces, Business Incorporation, Car and Work Accidents. The law firm is also considered a debt relief agency, assisting persons who file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code. Contact: lanelawpa@aol.com

Michelle Dugar Michele Dugar is a business practitioner and educator. Her background includes marketing positions at Anheuser-Busch and Sara Lee Hosiery as well as over nine years as a marketing professor at the University of South Carolina. Currently, she is a business professor at Benedict College, teaching courses in marketing and entrepreneurship. In addition to being a business instructor, Michele Dugar is a business owner. Her entrepreneurial ventures include an award-winning marketing consulting firm. There is also www.GingerSnapsBaby.com, a site for a company Mrs. Dugar created to produce upscale gift items inspired by children of color. Mrs. Dugar welcomes the opportunity to share her education, business experience and passion for marketing with others. She resides in Columbia with her husband Bill Dugar and their three children-- Austin, Madison, and Jackson. For more information visit: www.SweetLifeWithMichele.com www.GingerSnapsBaby.com

Joe Grimaud

Mr. Joe Grimaud has mastered the art of franchising. After three years with Midas he bought the franchise rights for Precision Tune Auto Care for South Carolina and Western North Carolina. This made him a middle man in the franchising business, selling franchises to others. By 1991, he had grown to 55 Precision Tune Franchises over South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia and was the largest Area Sub Franchisor in the country. In 1991, Grimaud was asked to take over as President and Chief Executive Officer of the International Precision Tune organization. In 1995, Grimaud resigned from the President position and returned to South Carolina but continued to grow his own franchises. Currently his own organization consists of one third of all Precision Tune Auto Care Centers with 91 Centers from Jacksonville, Florida to Salt Lake City, Utah. Two of his three sons now work in the business and the other one works with him in Chapin Furniture Company. In addition to Chapin Furniture, Grimaud also owns Rentzall and Partyz Unlimited in Chapin, as well as, an on line continuing education company, Professional Continuing Education Services where cosmetologists get their continuing education.His priorities remain God, family, country, and career. Contact: jgrimaud@sc.rr.com (803) 518-1257 cell

Michele Gill-Major

Owner, MPOWER Educational Planning Michele Gill-Major has worked in higher education for 25+ years including positions as Financial Aid Administrator, Job Location & Development Coordinator, Academic Specialist and Global Career Development Facilitator. She is owner of MPOWER Educational Planning Services an independent consulting group with expertise in college and career planningFavorite Scripture: I can do all things through Christ with strengthens me (Phil 4:13) Passionately advocating for young people and their spiritual and personal development. Contact: 803-732-2315

2011 SPEAKERS / PRESENTERS Attorney Dennis Gerald Attorney Internet Business Owner, Entrepreneur

Loranda Melton Marketing Educator

Dennis M. Gerald is a 1988 graduate of the University of South Carolina School of Law. Mr. Gerald has been in private practice since 1989. Mr. Gerald’s law practice primarily concentrates on Family law and Probate law cases.

Loranda Melton is a Marketing teacher at Heyward Career and Technology Center. She also serves as the DECA (an association of Marketing Students) Advisor of the HCTC chapter. Mrs. Melton teaches Marketing Management, Sports and Entertainment Marketing, and General Marketing to 10th, In addition to his legal practice, Mr. 11th, and 12th grade students. Prior to Gerald is also a business owner teaching, she worked for NCR Corpowhere his interest involves stock ration where she was responsible for market investments, real estate, numerous programs from inception to deployment. Her Internet business opportunities and industry experience at NCR and AT&T spans product manspeaking engagements. agement, strategic planning, program management, and training. She was the program manager for several cross Mr. Gerald understands the power of the Internet and it’s function teams responsible for full stream life-cycle product effect on everyday life. Mr. Gerald’s session will focus on development projects. teaching an individual how they can leverage the power of the Internet to save and make money on the things they are Ms. Melton received her B.S. in Math and Computer Scigoing to do anyway. Mr. Gerald is married to the former Con- ence from South Carolina State University, and her MBA nie Austin of Barnwell, South Carolina and they have two from Webster University. children, Austin Malik and Imani Anika. Contact info: Email: dennisgerald@aol.com Web Page: www.dennisgerald.com

Ishmael Brown, Jr. Ishmael Brown, Jr. was born in Columbia, SC to Ishmael Brown, Sr. and Judy L . Jones) Brown. He went to Richland School District One schools, and graduated in 1991 from C.A. Johnson High School. After a brief stint in the U.S. Naval Reserve, he attended South Carolina State University. Having no plans to be a teacher, he began tutoring students in math and was encouraged by family members to take the National Teacher’s Examination He graduated in 1998 with a B.S. degree in Mathematics with a minor in Physics. After graduation, Ishmael went into the Critical Needs Program.

Julian Owens

What do you call music that weaves soul-comforting melodies with a touch of gospel, jazz and R&B? Call it ‘Soul Inspiration™’- a sound that is uniquely Julian Owens. Julian seamlessly blends genres in contemporary music attracting people from all backgrounds and is especially those who appreciate the talent of a singer/songwriter.

‘Here’s Life – Vol. I’ - is a collection of 12 original songs featuring the smooth, soulful rendition of ‘Surround Me’, and the retro hip hop influenced title track ‘Here’s Life’. Julian’s catalog Ishmael has been teaching math since 1998. He has worked several local high schools; Lower Richland, Richland includes over 200 original songs and this number keeps growing. His lyrics address seven life-affirming themes Northeast, Eau Claire, and presently at Keenan which he calls the Seven Jewels™. High School. He has also worked at Alcorn Middle School and Midlands Math & Business Academy. He also has As man of many talents, Julian works with at-risk youth started his own tutoring business, Focal Point Educational Services. He actually started tutoring before he teaching them the fundamentals of song writing, but also graduated from college, and says that is one of his passion. introducing them to career options in world of social entrepreneurship. Ishmael’s interests include reading, football, and helping oth- For more information and to purchase CD, visit: www.julianowens.com ers. Ishmael is a member of First Calvary Baptist Church.

Azeez Mustafa Heritage Farmer

Azeez Mustafa Azeez Mustafa owns the largest organic vegetable farm in South Carolina. ‘SCF Organic Farms (a cooperative of farms) in Sumter, SC have been mentoring start up organic farmers for a while. Mustafa was the first certified organic farmer in the state of South Carolina. The Azeez’s Asya Organic Farm is known for its heirloom produce and as a regional source for seeds and seedling for a number of heirloom plants. Fathiyyah has become known as a true specialist in medicinal herbs and their health properties. The Azeez farm and the SCF Cooperative conduct regular educational seminars, workshops, and family gatherings to educate the farmers and their families in the community about the importance of sustainable agriculture and the life changing benefits of eating organically. Phone Orders: (803) 469-0116 e-mail: azeezmustafa@yahoo.com

Dennis M. Gerald Internet Business Owner Entreprenuer 803-212-8160 dennisgerald@aol.com www.dennisgerald.com

For your Graphic Design needs, call

Julius L. Thomas Agency 5301 Forest Dr Columbia, SC 29206

For hours & directions P:(803) 787-2430 F:(803) 782-8486

Betty Graphix Betty A. Etheredge Owner

Programs • Brochures • Business Cards Resumes • Calligraphy • Photography Logo Design Phone 893-414-0972


Allstate Insurance Company - Christine Bowman 10603 Two Notch Road, Elgin, SC 29045 http://www.allstate.com (803) 699-4480


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Auntie Karen 2011 YE Conference Book  

Auntie Karen Foundation 9th Annual Young Entrepreneurs Conference Book - October 2011

Auntie Karen 2011 YE Conference Book  

Auntie Karen Foundation 9th Annual Young Entrepreneurs Conference Book - October 2011

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