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On the cover: TD Bank Employees thinking green at Springdale Farms in Cherry Hill, NJ ISSUE 02

APRIL 2010

8 WAYS WE’RE GOIN’ We’re hard at work becoming as green as our logo. Here’s just a few of the ways we’re a greener bank (in no particular order).


We’re Carbon Neutral In February, our Farmingdale II Store was the backdrop for a media event announcing that we are carbon neutral, aligning us with TDBFG’s global commitment. Being “carbon neutral” means we’re taking steps to reduce and offset the impact of the climate-damaging greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions TD Bank produces annually.

We’ve committed to a 3-pronged approach to reduce our carbon footprint. We’ll cut down the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) the Bank produces by reducing the amount of energy used in our buildings, and the amount of fuel needed to power vehicles and business travel.

Stores. In some cases, we are generating electricity onsite and, in others, we’ll purchase renewable energy credits. We’ll also offset our carbon footprint by investing in programs that counter the impact of our operations. Planting trees, conserving forests, capturing methane that escapes from landfills, and investing in ways to help homes, schools and businesses emit less CO2 through energy efficiency are the types of projects we’ll support with our purchase of carbon offset credits. We’re off to a great start – in a six-month period in 2009, TD reduced electricity consumption by more than 10 million KWH (kilowatt hours) and reduced overall energy consumption by 4.4%.

TD Bank will generate or purchase electricity from renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and hydro for our offices and


what’s a carbon footprint? A carbon footprint is the amount of greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide (CO2) that an entity produces. Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are commonly called CO2e, and GHG emissions are measured in metric tons of CO2e.

On the front cover: (left to right) Cherry Hill Atrium Assistant Store Manager in training Weyman Patterson and Pennsauken Senior CSR Liz Roman. On the back cover: Medford Assistant Store Manager Jerome Vicks, Marter Avenue Assistant Store Manager Caroline Dugayo and Mount Laurel/Ark Road Store Manager Stacy Kimelman. APR 2010

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what’s renewable energy?

Renewable energy comes from sources that replenish themselves over time and cause little, if any, environmental damage. Solar, wind, moving water and thermal energy are all examples of renewable energy.

See an environmental term in bold letters and want to know what it means? Visit TeamWOW!’s Limelight section to learn more!

Banking’s a Breeze with Renewable Energy


The Bank has purchased a block of renewable energy large enough to power our network of 2,600 ATMs from Maine to Florida. By purchasing this block of renewable energy, we offset 6,700,000 KWH (kilowatt hours) of electricity – the annual electricity usage of our ATMs.

“LEED”ing the Way


We’re not just reducing our energy use – we’re building smarter and greener facilities as we grow. We’re literally Building The Better Bank by developing new facilities to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Design) standards. An independent certification program, LEED is the nationally recognized benchmark for the design, construction and operation of high-performance green buildings. LEED evaluates buildings for overall environmental performance in five areas: sustainable sites, water savings, energy efficiency, materials and resource use, and indoor environmental quality. We’re targeting future Stores and back office buildings for LEED certification, but we’re also looking into ways we might be able to LEED certify some of our older buildings, too. If you’d like to be greener at home, houses can be LEED certified, too! Want to learn more? Visit the U.S. Green Building Council’s website at usgbc.org and search for “LEED For Homes”! Thinking about a green remodeling project? Find tips and resources at www.regreenprogram.org.

Generated at wind farms in Texas and the Midwest, the green energy is certified by Green-e, which ensures the electricity produced meets federal and industry standards for renewable energy. APR 2010

PG 3

Designing an Experience


Our Real Estate Team drew from the best of all worlds to create a state-of-the-art green Store

“How many steps does it take for your feet to dry when walking across a floor, after you’ve come in from the rain?” “How will someone recognize a TD Bank building when driving by at 50 miles an hour?”

These are questions most people don’t think about regularly – or when they visit a TD Bank Store. But the team charged with designing the new TD Bank prototype Store of the Future considered those questions – and more – from every angle. “The new Store was designed around convenience, Customer service and Employee comfort,” said Scott Hite, TD Bank’s Chief Architect. “We weren’t just designing a building – we were designing an experience.” The Real Estate team who worked on the project – Scott, Project Manager Domenic D’Alonzo, Design Director Paul Nye, Interior Designer Martha MacInnis – began the process more than a year ago with Customer and Employee focus groups from Maine to Florida. The focus groups gathered feedback not only on what Employees and Customers

“The new Store was designed around convenience, Customer service and Employee comfort. We weren’t just designing a building – we were designing an experience.” –Chief Architect Scott Hite

Left to Right: Paul Nye, Scott Hite and Martha MacInnis

APR 2010

PG 4

Artist’s Rendering

thought about working and banking with TD, but their perceptions of images from our competitors and even bank buildings from overseas markets. Employee and Customer feedback played a huge role in the new design, but the team went even further to make sure the Store would suit the Bank’s needs. They drew from a wealth of information and expertise from across business lines and industries, consulting with more than 20 subject matter expert groups, including business partners such as Security, Product and TD Ameritrade. The subject matter experts weighed in on what needed to be present for all aspects of our business to function optimally. Many of our processes have been improved with the new design. Customers have more choice in conducting their bank business – quick service and full service CSR desks triage activities so Customers can be helped more efficiently, and more semiprivate space is available for sensitive matters. Cash is moved behind the scenes: both Penny and the ATM can be serviced from the back, Teller cash boxes are kept behind the Teller line. “We’ve maintained the open, friendly environment of a TD Bank Store, but enhanced our ability to WOW! Customers,” said Jim Grimmer, Director of Store Operations. “The new design has improved the Store’s flow and made our processes more seamless.” We’re already an industry leader in service and convenience – and with the state-of-the-art technology and materials utilized in our new Store design, we’re a leader in green building as well. Few other companies are using the new technology and materials we are, including low VOC (Volatile Organic Chemicals)-emitting recycled materials.

“This building is pretty sophisticated, right down to its bones and mechanics,” said Scott. “It’s living, breathing and responding to the environment around it.” For instance, the Store will sense the intensity of the sun and adjust the interior lighting automatically. Not only is being environmentally friendly “the right thing to do”, as Paul said, a green building costs far less to operate and, in the long run, pays for itself with those savings. The new model can perform anywhere on the East Coast – and comprises a kit of parts that can be adapted easily to fit into any community where we operate.

This building is pretty sophisticated, right down to its bones and mechanics. It’s living, breathing and responding to the environment around it. For instance, the Store will sense the intensity of the sun and adjust the interior lighting automatically. The first new prototype Store opened in Queens Village, NY, this spring, and we have plans to open 10-15 new prototypes this year. To the team, the new Store was never just a building. “The TD Bank Employees who would be working in the building were the prime driving force behind the choices we made,” said Scott. “Form followed function.”

APR 2010

PG 5

Green at Work


Before our environmentally friendly Queens Village Store opened its doors, our Farmingdale II Store began WOW!ing Customers and Employees alike with new green features. From the moment you enter our Farmingdale II Store, you sense there’s something different. It’s as inviting as all of our Stores, with a friendly team ready to WOW!, but there’s something more! Opened in December 2009, the Store was designed to provide maximum comfort: the ventilation system supplies abundant fresh air and filters out dirt, dust and pollen for optimal air quality. Large areas of insulated glass provide more natural light and reduce the need for artificial lighting, while helping keep the Store a comfortable temperature year-round. Farmingdale II is our first Store to incorporate green technology into the traditional TD Bank heritage prototype design. The Store includes eco-friendly features such as solar panels on the drivethru canopy and above the front doors. Visitors to Farmingdale II can even check out how much energy the solar panels are currently generating on the Store’s “Green Wall” LCD screen. Store Manager Eileen Baker, previously a Manager at Westbury and Hicksville, said working in a green Store has been a positive experience. “There’s lots of natural light, and it’s very pleasant to work here,” Eileen said. “One of the coolest things is the sensor discs on the walls that help control the Store’s temperature. And the lights are triggered by sensors, so they turn off when they’re not needed.”

APR 2010

PG 6

One of her team’s favorite features? The lobby floor. Made with recycled materials, the floor makes greeting Customers more pleasurable. “We spend a lot of time standing and greeting Customers, and the new floor is definitely more friendly on the feet,” Eileen said. She added the Store’s floors stay cleaner and drier thanks to entryway walk-off mats. Eileen’s team is proud to work in a green Store, and has found the Store’s technology is a great way to engage Customers. “Customers will notice the solar panels on the drive-thru, and they’ll ask us about them,” said Eileen. “So we explain that we’re a green Store, and Customers are really excited that we care about the environment.” This excitement has spread to the surrounding community, too. Eileen noted that when she speaks at various community events, everyone is interested in hearing about the green TD Bank!

Farmingdale Stats Nearly


more energy efficient than our heritage design

90% Over

In-store plumbing fixtures use less water


of construction

waste was

recycled and diverted from a landfill

Solar energy generated on-site will avoid an estimated


tons of CO2 emissions annually 10KW solar panel system generates at least of the building’s annual electricity needs



Increased natural daylight cuts lighting costs by


We Have a “Green Officer” Did you know that TD Bank has its very own Green Officer? Not only does Frank Sherman have a really cool title, he has a pretty cool job, too! The U.S. Green Officer is responsible for directing the Bank’s green efforts and creating an environmental plan for the company. Trained as an architect, Frank spent many years as a green building consultant before joining TD Bank in the new Green Officer role in January 2009. Frank analyzes the way the Bank uses resources and develops best practice recommendations for improving the way we utilize those resources.

“There’s a high level of commitment to being an environmental leader at TD Bank,” said Frank. “The Bank sees it as an important endeavor.” Frank is busy implementing many aspects of the Bank’s plan, including projects focusing on energy efficiency, waste and recycling, paper and paper use, and water use. Also in the works: investigating greener cleaning practices for our Stores and back office buildings, and environmentally friendly exterior maintenance including landscaping, window washing and our use of salt and sand for melting ice in our parking lots. “We’re charting a course of continuous improvement, and it’s important to take measured steps along that path,” said Frank. “Our Employees have a tremendous interest and commitment to being greener, and we’ll look for ways we can tap into that energy and enthusiasm going forward.” Check out the Limelight section of TeamWOW! for tips from our Green Officer on how you can be greener at work and at home! One easy way to be green: visit www.TDBank.com to go paperless with online statements.

APR 2010

PG 7

2 Green Giving and Volunteering The TD Charitable Foundation develops and maintains partnerships with charitable organizations throughout our footprint that enrich our local communities – including many non-profits which mirror our commitment to the environment! For instance, Scenic Hudson, located in upstate New York, used its $14,000 donation from the TD Charitable Foundation to support the organization’s programs to bring local school children to the river for an “outdoor classroom” experience exploring the parks’ ecologies and to promote the natural beauty of the Hudson to families. Our Employees get out there and help, too! Volunteers have gotten involved with the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy’s Green Leaders education program, which teaches inner-city students ages 13 to 18 about green space, watersheds and pollution prevention.

APR 2010

PG 8

Our commitment to being green is not limited to our Stores and offices. With the support of the TD Charitable Foundation – and you – TD Bank is helping to make the communities where our Employees and Customers live and work greener, too! In Central New Jersey, a group of TD Bank volunteers, including Metro New York’s Central Market President Nick Miceli (pictured below) pitched in to test river water with students participating in Montclair State University’s environmental science program. Montclair State’s program encourages students to pursue studies and careers in ecology and environmental science/engineering with interactive nature and environmental programs. TD Bank volunteers also joined City Green’s City Sprouts program in Ringwood, NJ, to help teach children about the importance and wonder of nature, good nutrition and the environment as they built their own gardens. By supporting organizations that promote environmental awareness and education, our commitment to green is literally growing!

TO PRINT? OR NOT TO PRINT? Why We Print Limelight


Our Employees Are Thinking Green, Too! One of the most important ways TD Bank can successfully be greener – having our Employees behind us! Check out what some of you had to say when we asked, “What do you think of TD Bank’s Green Initiative?”

Mashpee Assistant Store Manager Tim Little, Hyannis, Massachusetts: Building a “green” operation goes well beyond just donating to a cause. It shows we are committed to incorporating carbon neutrality into the way we do business, that we consider it a fundamental priority, and it is one of the most meaningful ways we can give back to our communities.

As part of our efforts to be more environmentally friendly, we continually evaluate our Limelight printing practices and paper usage. We asked what you thought about the magazine as part of the Limelight “Read & Win” contest on TeamWOW!. Although many Employees expressed interest in making Limelight available only online, an equal number said they liked the portability of the paper version: being able to share Limelight with their families, read it on public transportation, at home, or on a lunch break – or they simply liked being away from the computer to read Limelight. But beyond reader preferences, we have technology challenges that make a printed version more accessible to a greater number of Employees. Many of our Tellers, for example, have limited electronic access. On the back cover, you’ll notice that Limelight is printed on 100% recycled, 100% post-consumer waste FSC-certified paper. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) ensures wood products (including paper) come from sustainable forests that meet high standards for protecting indigenous and labor rights, and minimizing negative environmental impact. By using 100% recycled paper, we saved approximately 65 fully grown trees, 27,598 gallons of water and 46 million BTUs of energy. We eliminated the creation of 3,053 pounds of solid waste, and 6,030 pounds of greenhouse gas for this issue alone. Using responsibly produced paper is just part of Limelight’s goal of being more eco-friendly. We continue to review our printing and distribution practices and will make adjustments and revisions as more options become available.

Epping Assistant Store Manager Christina Duane, Epping, New Hampshire: I am excited TD Bank has chosen to lead the banking industry in preparing for a better tomorrow. Our green initiative is a perfect example of how TD Bank goes above and beyond to preserve our community!

Deerwood Store Customer Service Representative Igor Depena, Miami, Florida: I think it’s a great idea for TD Bank to go greener! It shows that we are devoted to our community and our planet. TD Bank is a great example that other banks and corporations could follow to help make our world a better place to live. We are not only WOW!ing our Customers, but also the environment!

Auburn Store Manager Lisa Dennis, Worcester, Massachusetts: I think our green initiative, and our larger goal of carbon neutrality, speaks to a company that is willing to show its chops when it comes to being innovative and thoughtful. It’s imperative that we show ourselves as a company that is thoughtful, spends with intent, and invests in something larger than ourselves.

APR 2010

PG 9

expanding “We now have an AA-rated health system, which expands our footprint from Eastern to Central Pennsylvania.” –Scott McElhone Portfolio Manager/Senior Analyst

“Our knowledge of healthcare was

certainly an important consideration. We try to understand Customers and their businesses from the Customer’s perspective. Our lenders dig in and learn about the people and the operations, not just the financials. We never go to a Customer and say, ‘tell us about your business’. We say, ‘here’s what we know’.” –Walter Unangst Vice President of Healthcare


hen executives from WellSpan sat down with their TD Bank deal team, they learned all about WOW!

“We know a lot about healthcare, which is not the case with every prospective lender,” said Senior Credit Officer Margaret Gibbons. “I think they were impressed with the intelligence we have about the business, and the way we described how we wanted to build a relationship, not just a transaction.” WellSpan Health is an integrated health system serving the greater Adams-York County, PA region. As a community-based, not-for-profit organization, WellSpan is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of the people it serves, providing programs such as HealthConnect to the surrounding community. As its name suggests, HealthConnect brings together uninsured individuals and families and medical and healthcare programs that might benefit them. WellSpan is anchored by two hospitals which have a total of 614 beds: York Hospital and Gettysburg Hospital. After our Integration was complete, Margaret, Vice President of Healthcare Walter Unangst, Sector President for Metro Philadelphia Middle Market and Healthcare Lending Groups Joe Tammaro and Portfolio Manager/Senior Analyst Scott McElhone, were able to start a great relationship with WellSpan. The timing was perfect from a lending perspective. Walter noted that TD Bank’s credit rating increased substantially after Integration, matching the financial standing of WellSpan Health. But the fact that the TD team knows their stuff was a strong selling point, too!

“This win exemplifies a consistent and tenacious calling effort that benefits both the borrower and the Bank.” –Joe Tammaro Sector President for Metro Philadelphia Middle Market and Healthcare Lending groups

APR 2010

PG 10

“Our knowledge of healthcare was certainly an important consideration,” said Walter. He explained that TD Bank’s healthcare lenders try to understand Customers and their businesses from the Customer’s perspective. Lenders dig in and learn about the people and the operations, not just the financials. “We never go to a Customer and say, ‘tell us about your business’,” Walter said. “We say, ‘here’s what we know’.”

ng our footprint Taking the Time to Build Relationships The WellSpan win was not just the result of TD Bank’s top flight knowledge of the healthcare industry – it also owes a great deal to perseverance!

Metro Philadelphia healthcare lenders headed into Central Pennsylvania to WOW! a new Customer

The deal team had pursued a relationship with WellSpan for more than five years. Determined not to give up, the team consistently called on the potential Customer. “This win exemplifies a consistent and tenacious calling effort that benefits both the borrower and the Bank,” said Joe. The full-service relationship with WellSpan includes investments, deposits and a direct pay letter of credit, which provides credit and liquidity support for variable rate bonds. Essentially, TD Bank’s credit is substituted for the health system’s credit in the eyes of the bond holders. The deal established TD as one of WellSpan’s primary banks, and the relationship also has the potential to grow through cross-selling – an important focus for the growth of Commercial Banking right now. “We now have an AA-rated health system, which expands our footprint from Eastern to Central Pennsylvania,” Scott said. While we WOW!ed our new Customer, the healthcare lenders were equally WOW!ed by WellSpan’s acumen. “They’re very smart people,” Margaret said. “They have a very strong healthcare system.” Joe said he was impressed with the community knowledge of the high-level officials at WellSpan. Everyone in the organization, all the way up to their CEO, is attuned to the market and what is happening in the communities WellSpan serves. “This is a smart organization, but it’s not just about being smart, it’s about being able to implement,” Joe said, adding that WellSpan executes as successfully as it plans. WellSpan must be smart – they decided to bank with us!

Philadelphia healthcare lenders called on WellSpan - an AA-rated healthcare system - for more than five years, growing their future relationship. From left to right: Joe Tammaro, Scott McElhone, Walter Unangst, WellSpan’s Director of Treasury Management Rick Harley and Senior Vice President of Finance/CEO Mike O’Connor.

APR 2010

PG 11

save some Keeping more of your hard-earned money in your bank account just got easier. TD Bank’s Employee Discount Program makes it easy for Employees to take advantage of fee discounts and the best rates on our products! “We developed the Program to present our Employees with an opportunity to experience the same legendary service we provide our Customers,” said Mike Copley, Senior Vice President, Retail Lending.

What Does The Program Offer?

Many of our rates are already the best around, but the program offers you special Employee rates on a number of our products, including mortgages, home equity lines of credit, loans and credit cards. As an added benefit, many of the fees associated with these products also have been waived!


Employee Discount

Home Equity Line of Credit

Waive $99 origination fee

Home Equity Loan

Waive $99 origination fee

Credit Card

Best rate of Prime +7.99%


$500 credit applied to closing cost

Auto Loan

Indirect Buy Rate, waive $35 origination fee

RV/Boat Loan

75 bps*, waive $35 origination fee

Collateral Loan

Waive $35 origination fee

Personal Unsecured Loan/HI Loan 75 bps* *Note: APD discount already applied, maximum Employee discount including APD is 75 bps (basis points).

APR 2010

PG 12

Everyone loves free stuff. And as a TD Bank Employee, you get one Convenience Checking account with no monthly service charge, one Savings account with no monthly service charge, and free standard checks!

The Same Legendary Service For You

Need a loan, mortgage or credit card? A team of TD Bank lenders and underwriters will work together on your application to ensure you get a decision quickly. Are you familiar with the saying, “one to say yes, two to say no”? It applies to you as well. Our “Bump-It-Up” process makes sure that every application is thoroughly reviewed should any questions about your application arise. We think like our Customers every day – and we thought like our Employees when developing the Discount Program, too. The application process is designed to protect Employees’ privacy and ensure that your application and personal information is handled securely and confidentially.

Our Employee Discount Program Saves You Money on Mortgages, Auto Loans, Credit Cards, and More!

Donna Courchesne, a Construction Loan Processor in Lewiston, ME, discovered firsthand how easy it is to take advantage of the Employee Discount Program when she applied for a 15-year mortgage. After Donna submitted her application online, her mortgage processor was in constant contact to ensure that her application proceeded smoothly, letting her know when additional documentation was needed in a timely manner. “My processor was awesome,” said Donna. “My loan closed in just a few weeks. The process was painless and convenient.”

How Do I Apply?

If you are looking for a new home, need a new car or have some money you’d like to invest, applying is easy! Talk to one of our Loan-ByPhone Representatives at 1-800-937-5020 or visit www.tdbank.com to apply. If you’d simply like to learn more, search the WOW! Answer Guide (WAG) for “Employee Loans.” Pictured at right: Money In Product Manager Shelly Photiades

APR 2010

PG 13

protec t • If you’re providing financial information or placing an order online, be sure the site is secure. Look for a URL that begins with “https://” and the “closed padlock” in the lower right-hand corner of your browser. • Install, use and regularly update anti-virus and anti-spyware software on your computer. • E  -mail isn’t secure. Never e-mail personal financial information such as account numbers or your Social Security Number.


• C  arefully review credit card and bank statements to ensure that all activity on your accounts is accurate.

Identity Theft is on the rise – here’s how to protect yourself


magine getting a phone call that someone has used your name and Social Security Number to apply for a credit card. Or getting a collection notice in the mail for a delinquent account that isn’t yours – but is attributed to your name and home address.

Identity theft – and identity fraud – can create myriad issues in your life. Caught early on, you can minimize its impact. Undetected, identity fraud can be a nightmare, leading to difficulties in applying for credit or opening new accounts, even if you have great credit yourself, for months or even years. Last year, 9.9 million adults – or 1 out of 10 U.S. consumers – were the victims of identity fraud, according to a 2009 Javelin Strategy & Research Identity Fraud Survey.

• If a bill you regularly receive doesn’t arrive, follow up with the company and find out why. • U  se a paper shredder. Shred any documents with account numbers, your Social Security Number – even your address. It will help deter “dumpster diver” identity thieves from obtaining any of your personal information. • N  ever carry your Social Security card or number in your wallet or purse. • A  void writing your Social Security Number, telephone or driver’s license number on checks. Want more tips on ID theft prevention? There’s a wealth of information at the Security Center on www.tdbank.com.

So how can you protect yourself from identity theft and fraud? Check out these tips for keeping your personal information safe:


• W  hen creating passwords, don’t use information that easily could be linked to you – like your birth date, Social Security Number (SSN), phone number, or the names of family and pets. Use a mix of numbers, letters and characters in passwords, too – it makes them harder to guess! • C  hange passwords often – it’s recommended that you switch your password every 30 days – and use unique passwords on each system you access.

APR 2010

PG 14

Identity Theft vs. Identity Fraud Identity Theft happens when personal information is accessed by someone else, without your permission. Identity Fraud occurs when a criminal takes your illegally-obtained personal information to use it for financial gain.


your green TD Insurance’s New ID Theft Prevention Tool TD Insurance and TD Bank have joined forces against ID theft. This year, we made Identity Theft Protection available to our Customers – and Employees – with ITAC (Identity Theft Assistance Center) Sentinel Plus®. The program takes the guess work out of preventing identity theft and fraud by monitoring your accounts and personal information for you!

• Online credit education tools • Unlimited access to Service Education Specialists • ITAC Victim Assistance • $20,000 Identity theft insurance Visit www.tdbank.com/protect or call 1-866309-4424 to enroll or get more information on the program.

ITAC Sentinel Plus provides comprehensive identity theft protection. It’s ideal for Customers with multiple financial accounts, those looking to make a major purchase, or anyone who simply wants all-inclusive protection. Customers who do not have internet access or a computer can even obtain paper reports from the monitoring service. Features of the program include: • Equifax®, Experian®, & TransUnion® credit report & credit scores • Credit monitoring & alert notifications at all three bureaus • D  aily Internet surveillance of cards, account numbers, & SSN • Lost/stolen card assistance • Quarterly credit updates & updated credit scores

Wendy Blackwell-Moore, Senior Vice President, Consumer Protection Product Development at TD Insurance, was instrumental in developing the new product, and ensuring it met consumers’ needs: “We worked closely with the Bank and conducted a thorough market scan of potential solutions that would give our Customers greater peace of mind and ease in monitoring their accounts and protecting themselves. Statistics show that the longer an identity theft goes undetected, the larger the financial impact and loss to the Customer. This service goes a long way in helping Customers detect a potential theft or fraud sooner.”

APR 2010

PG 15

Profile for Karyn DiMattia


2nd issue of TD Bank's Limelight employee magazine


2nd issue of TD Bank's Limelight employee magazine