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Karya Dirik +90 (506) 978 46 88 Date of Birth: 22.05.1995 Address: Turkey-Ankara All rights are reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without prior permission of Karya Dirik 2018


I am Karya,

My biggest passion is trying new things. My motivation of life: having courage to start something new and finding out the things that can make me happier. I am always trying to push my limits and achieve something better. I really like creating new things or remodifiying the existing. I am self confident and open minded, highly responsible, meticulous, entrepreneur and enthusiastic. I am pleased to share with you some of my works.

Education Middle East Technical University METU (2014-ongoing) Faculty of Architecture Department of Industrial Design (English) CumGPA: 3.24/4.00 High Honor (2016-2017) Bahcelievler Anadolu Highschool (2009-2013)


Computer Skills

Social Activities & Hobies

Adobe Photoshop cc Adobe Illustrator Adone InDesign Rhinoceros Keyshot Microsoft Power Point Microsoft Word Adobe After Effect

2009-14 Private Caglar Music Instutio-Violin Membership of Caglar Music Instution Children Orchestra for 6 semester

Autodesk Fusion 360


DESIGNNOBIS/Ankara/2018 Summer Practice in a Design Office

2018 Volunteer Animal Shelter Workshop by Metu, Supported by TUBITAK, AU Veterinary School

METU/2017 Computer Literacy in Design

2018 V. Internaitonal Graphic Design Workshop by Hacettepe University

Arcelik Dishwasher Factory/Ankara/2017 Summer Practice in a Production Establishment

2017 “I am Design” Worshop by Inegöl Furniture Industry Association. Award: Championship with chair “TabuLe”

METU/2016 Elementary Workshop Practice & Computer Literacy in Design

2017 University4society entrepreneurship event by METU Research and Development Club

2014-15 Membership of METU Ankara Volunteer Team (AGT) 2014-15 Membership of METU Aikido Society 2014 (July) IBG Internatioanal Workcamp Stuttgart/Germany 2015 (July) BE-VIA Boombal Festival Workcamp Gent/Belgium 2015-16 Membership of European Students’ Forum (AEGEE) 2017(August) PRO-DE-02 Internatioanal Workcamp Deetz/Germany 2017-... Mountaineering and Winter Sports Club

Languages Turkish (Native) English (Upper-Intermediate) Italian (Beginner)

Content Baggy tabuLe



Rocky Twin Bottles Relevium Lux


A sitting unit for artist who play music instruments.

Sinan Altun Karya Dirik Nurbike Erberk Rümeysa Efnan Gültekin Kevser Yetim

*Based on the word for stool in Turkish “Tabure “

Problem Definition and User Research


After some trainings on parametric designs by Emmanuel Ruffo (Domus Academy), some parametric patterns were created. Main pattern of the project which consist of L shapes were shaped.

Musicians who is playing in an orchestra are getting tired in time, have pain of their neck, shoulder and back, because they should stay in right posture long time and needs a chair to rest.

Scenario They can sit or just lean to “TabuLe� and continue to play comfortably.

What is Parametric Design?

3D Modelling


Parametric design is, as the name implies, design that is guided by a set of parameters: rules, values and relationships that control or even generate the design.

TabuLe was printed by CNC machine on a MDF plate.

Baggy What things do you always carry with you? Whatever it is, this packing unit which they would always want to carry it with them.

Problem Definition

Market Research There are lots of different options for travelling and some of them also offer different solutions to theft.

Theft is one of the most common fact in the world nowadays, especially for travellers. Baggy was designed to preserve the personal effects better and create a good experience for short term travellers with some features.



Scenario User can preserve his/her important items such as passport in the frontbag and easily reach them.

User can easily separate the clothe’s pack from the bigpack and leave it to the home or hotel.

Baggy turn a daily bag after separating from the extra clothes bag.


Last Version

Exploded View

After varies luggage options which offer efficient placement opportunity, last idea were created as a backpack. The main idea was developed with thinking o theft and travel usage.

Other Mock ups

Prototyping Different textile options were tried. (felt, leather) In the last version, waterproof polyester textile were used. (Inside: black, out: gray) Also claret red vislon zipper was used.


Extra Part When the user want to carry the clothes, he/she can use the extra pack, the extra pack can be easily attached to the bigger pack with snaps and clips. And user can easily separate the clothe’s pack from the bigpack.With the varies pockets in the bag, user can arrange his/her stuff.

User can transfer the weight to their waist by using straps. They can attach the strap which they want in front of their waist, therefore they can carry the pack easier.


DreamBox aims to give a new concept to classic piggy banks and encourage children to save money in a fun way.

Problem Definition and Literature Research According to some researches, having the freedom of managing money is the best way of teaching children to save it.

There are some examples to encourage children to save money. Most of them show the money to kids as a goal, not a tool.

User Research

After some interviews with the kids, most of the answers show that children enjoy determining their desires, then save the money for them. Also thanks to their critics, existinf ideas were developed.


Different forms were created and generally triangle shapes are more suitable for the functionality of the DreamBox


MoneyBox supports children to save money for 2 seperate goals. They put their money according to their decision, top compartment for the cheaper goal and the kid can give up the cheaper one, they can invests their money to the larger compertment by pulling the sliding caps between the 2 compartments.

It also can be seperated and used as different money box (by siblings or the kid can carry one of the parts), there are magnets between 2 compartments.


Materials DreamBox has been produced from healthy materials. Also the kids can easily see how much money they saved from the little windows in the left side.




Previous Mock Ups

MDF Plate

Veneer (Lamination)


BikePub A warm place for your bike! BikepuB is a closed parking area that bicyclists can use easily and safely.


Problem Definition

Literature Research There are lots of options to bike parks all around the word .

According to varies research, bike theft rates are increasing day by day. Boston



Basis Working Principle Inside the container, bikes stay stable and the main shutter mechanism turns, door always go to empty place and wait for new customers. Zig Zag order prevent saddles from crashing each other.

Rail Roof

Shutter Door

Screen and Scanner

Rail Base

Structural Element Between the Lifting Bars Place for Bars

At the beggining of the project, main question was how the bike can be storaged most efficiently. Then mechanism were developed according to bike shapes and placement. Varies ideas were created, for both vertical placement and horizontal placement.

Lifting Mechanism



You are connected to

Let’s park!

Open the door!

Lock the door!

Firstly, user connects to the machine by BikePub app. When the main body stays stable, shutter door turns and it stops when the door come to the front of the empty place. After the door openned, user can slide the bike easily.


When the users wants to take their bikes back, they should scan the 2D code, in the same way the door slides and door opens when it came to the right place. Then locking mechanism will open and let the bike leave.

Details Rail Cross Section Base has inclined edges to help bikes slip easily. Top View



Rail for the shutter door part. Rail for main shutter part. Inside


Top 370 cm

120 cm

8 cm

300 cm

220 c


45 cm

10 cm

Rocky Impack resistant tea glass package.

Literature Research


After a research about different tea glass shapes and packages, a special tea glass was determined. Brand: LAV Type: Demet

Original Package

Tea glasses have variesthickness on its different parts. First vulnerable parts were detected then with the helps of its measurements different supports were created.


This package immobilize the tea glasses with the help of the bottom and top cardboard details.

Storage Packages can be stocked on the shelves efficiently and steadyingly

After lots of different shape, most proper type for the bottom part was shaped.

Open Stage It have 6 tea glasses and when the package was dropped down from 1 meter height, none of the glasses broke.

Measurements Big piece: 75x23 Small piece: 13x23 3 Package can be produced from a 70x100 cardboard.

Twin Bottles Package to carrying 2 wine bottles at the same time.

Literature Research


There are several different options for wine bottles in the market. Generally, for carrying just one bottle.

Different ideas were created, but the main aim was creating one piece folding package with cardboard.

Details With this package, user can carry two bottle of wine at the same time easily. It was designed as a gift package.

Package covers the bottles and folded parts towards to inside of the package can prevent bottles to crash to each other. Blanks on the front surfaces allows to user to see the labels on the bottles.


Relevium Lux A relief lighting unit from different type of white papers.


The base form of the lighting was inspred by a wall figure from Alhambra Palace.

After analyzing the basic geometry, shapes has been made 3D and with different types of papers and heights of the pyramidal figures, it gained an energetic look.


3D Modellings

Thank You!

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Karya Dirik Portfolio