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Strength and support when life is in transition Karuna is a Brisbane-based charity established to help people live a meaningful and happy life while embracing uncertainty and change. Life is our most precious possession. Its loss our most difficult yet inescapable experience. Karuna believes that having the skills and support to face the challenges and uncertainty can make the journey easier. As a result, we have developed models of care and education which help people understand, prepare for and face the end of life with calm and acceptance. Since 1992 Karuna has used its expertise and compassion to help thousands of individuals and families cope with illness and loss. We take the time to understand your needs and provide a holistic approach to delivering the best possible support. In serving the community Karuna strives to follow the inspirational ideals and examples set by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Karuna’s Spiritual Patron, whose own lifelong mission is to serve others with universal compassion and kindness. These are Karuna’s underlying values. Karuna relies heavily on the kindness of others. Only a portion of our funding comes from Queensland Health and the remaining money must be raised through donations. Community support is vital.

The Karuna Hospice Service Ltd ABN 28 055 211 473

PO Box 2020 Windsor Queensland 4030 27 Cartwright Street Windsor Queensland 4030 Phone: 1300 KARUNA (1300 527 862) Fax: (07) 3857 8040 Email: Web:

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Care when you need it most In-home care

Our family will always be thankful to Karuna for helping us achieve the ‘impossible’…

Admission to Karuna’s in-home care can be arranged through a:

Karuna’s in-home care allows people with a life changing

• direct request from you or a family member

health condition to stay in the comfort of their own home,

• general practitioner or specialist

where they can be with family and receive the best of care.

• treating clinic or hospital

Philip and I were the happiest we had ever been in our lives. We had just finished building the farm we

• community organizations.

had dreamt of for years. But one day, not long after

Our specialist staff and volunteers work in partnership with families and we make decisions together. Services are free

Karuna’s admitting team will work with your medical

of charge and available to people of all ages including

practitioner to ensure appropriate coordination of care

children and young carers.

and then meet with you and your family. This can happen

we moved in, Philip was diagnosed with cancer and that changed everything. The first few years after the diagnosis we looked

either at Karuna or in your home. An individual care plan Caring for a family member at home can be a completely

Bereavement support

new and unfamiliar role and having a life changing health condition can be the most difficult time of your life. We

for answers and tried everything. However, despite

will be developed in consultation with you and your carer. Please call 1300 KARUNA to access these services.

understand this, and are here to make things easier. When

Karuna has a reputation as a leader in bereavement

feeling overwhelmed and uncertain we will be there to

We also provide people outside Karuna’s area with

support. We have a wealth of experience and expertise

provide reassurance, confidence and support.

information about:

helping people suffering from grief and loss.

• palliative care

Philip’s amazing determination to ‘beat’ his cancer, he started to get very sick and we realized he was not going to get better. The hospital advised us that he should stay in their care but Philip had different ideas, he was coming home and I was determined to do everything I

We service Brisbane North, Caboolture and Redcliffe

• local services and support organisations

We provide:

areas. In addition, helpful information is available online

• counselling and emotional support for grief, loss

• counselling

and bereavement.

• support groups

Although I was scared, Karuna helped me believe

For information about these services please call Pcis on

• memorial services

we could get through this. Karuna was with us at

• Mind Life Wellbeing workshops and courses

every turn, extending the care beyond just Philip by

• online information.

supporting the whole family. Karuna kept us going.

Spiritual care

Philip’s passing, as sad and difficult as it was, will

Karuna offers spiritual support and guidance for people

did it! We fulfilled the greatest and biggest wish he

Our free services include: • assessment of client and family health and social needs

freecall 1800 772 273.

could to honour his wishes.

• home nursing care for pain and symptom management • nursing equipment • liaison with family GP • family counselling and emotional support • spiritual support • carer education, training and support • meditation programs • after hours support • linkage to other community and social services.

faced with declining health, the end of life and loss. Care is provided by counsellors, ordained Buddhists and trained

had, to die at home surrounded by the love of his family and his favourite music. At home we gave

spiritual care volunteers.

him what no hospital could have, a view that meant

We provide:

people he cared about most and Harry, his dog,

• support and guidance • closure ceremonies • online information.

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always shine a light of warmth in my heart. We

the world to him, a place that filled his heart, the lying with him to the end. Joan Wilson-Jones

22/8/09 10:42:10 AM

Karuna Care Brochure  

The Karuna Care Brochure

Karuna Care Brochure  

The Karuna Care Brochure