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Virtual Exhibition View of Artworks by the Artist Juyeon Kim, Korean Artist Project 2012

KOREAN ARTIST PROJECT Launches its New and Improved Website, Featuring Virtual Exhibitions Korean Artist Project 159 Anguk-dong Jongno-gu, Seoul 110-240, South Korea T 82. 2. 735.4031 F 82. 2. 736. 4034 E:

Korean Artist Project is pleased to announce the launch of its 2012 new and improved Website including highlight artists. Korean Artist Project (KAP), which comprises three-year plan spanning from 2011 to 2013, is a global online platform that presents a series of virtual exhibitions featuring artworks by Korean contemporary artists to internationally promote them, allowing them to enter into the global art arena. Now in its second year, it is hosted by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and organized by the Korean

Art Museum Association. Following the first year 2011 in which 21 Korean artists participated, the second year 2012 includes new more 21 Korean contemporary artists, presenting approximately more than 1500 artworks with a wide variety of genres including painting, sculpture, drawing, installation, and photography as well as video and digital art. A total of 42 participating artists were selected by a number of curators from 19 Korean art museums and then juried by Korean and international art critics. Since its inception on 5th December 2011, the KAP Website has been receiving a lot of positive responses from Website visitors while providing them with a wide array of information regarding selected Korean artists as well as Korean contemporary art scene. As a result of its informative Website, which acts not only as a communication technology but as a tool for creating an imaginary museum, some participating artists grabbed opportunities to present their exhibitions abroad in the regions of China, Germany, Singapore, France, and so on.

Following the successful first year, KAP expect that the second year 2012 will keep playing a significant role in the promotion and development of Korean contemporary art –locally, regionally, and internationally. Participating artists include 2011: Hyun Wook KANG, Hyung Koo KANG, Nak Beom KHO, Ki Beom KWON, Seung Young KIM, Joon KIM, Chang Kyum KIM, Ho Deuk KIM, Mioon, Byung Hun MIN, Dae Cho PARK, Bong Chae SON, Chang Hong AHN, Yangachi, Gap Chul LEE, Sang Hyun LEE, Lee Nam LEE, Jia CHANG, Kwang Ho CHEONG, Yeon Doo JUNG, Ki Chang HAN

2012: Youngmin KANG, Myungkeun KOH, Juyeon KIM, Kyungmin NAM, Hyungmin MOON, Seon-ghi BAHK, Donghun SUNG, Youngchurl SHIM, Hein-kuhn OH, Seoungwon WON, Hyunmi YOO, Gilrae LEE, Seahyun LEE, Yeesookyung, Yongbaek LEE, Boyoung JEONG, Bocsu JUNG, Siyon JIN, Yuyeung TCHINE, Jeonghwa CHOI, Inkie WHANG

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About Korean Artist Project Korean Artist Project is a global online platform created in December 2011. Its mission is to promote Korean contemporary artists internationally. The KAP Website is designed to present virtual exhibition

spaces of artworks by participating artists; VR system provides a three dimensional display space, allowing the Website visitors to explore and simulate in exhibitions.

The Korean Artist Project creates the opportunity for artists and art lovers worldwide to meet various Korean contemporary artists and artworks, and share information wherever and whenever they want beyond national boundaries. Besides the virtual exhibitions, more variety of online services provided by the KAP Website are as follows: the open-source digital archiving system which handles large collections of 42 artists and artist information such as their biographies, artist and critic notes, and the artist interviews; the latest relevant Korean contemporary art news which keep the Website users up to date with all the KAP artists’ exhibitions and related information.

Providing a wide spectrum of the Korean contemporary art including painting, sculpture, drawing, installation, and photography as well as digital art, the Korean Artist Project has become the leading platform for Korean artists to help them expand their activities overseas, and also serves as a stepping-stone to create global networks with diverse art people.


Korean Artist Project 2012