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Dear Parents, Your daughter will be involved in the Year 8 camp from Monday, 1st May to Friday, 5th May 2017 as part of Queenwood’s Outdoor Education Program. The aim is for the girls to develop a greater awareness of themselves, their place in the year group and their environment, and to learn about other students at a deeper level. They also need to build on the experiences they acquired last year, developing their skills further by experiencing more challenging and demanding activities in the great outdoors.

Camp goals: 1. To persevere through challenge, and to develop personal strength through the experience. 2. To experience and become comfortable with the unknown. 3. To learn to appreciate the importance and role of a group. 4. To learn to take responsibility for all they do. 5. To reinforce skills previously introduced in year 7. 6. To appreciate the outdoor environment away from mainstream society.


The camp will be at run by the Outdoor Education Group at the Castle Mountain Centre, Webbs Creek Road, Wiseman’s Ferry. All Outdoor Education Group staff are fully qualified outdoor education teachers and Queenwood staff accompany the girls in support.

Activities Include:

Low risk: initiative games, low ropes, theatre sports, raft building Moderate risk: bushwalking, abseiling, canoeing and an optional overnight sleep out in a clear space (dependent on weather conditions). It is anticipated that all students will stay in dorms for 2 nights and tents for 2 nights. During activities girls are supervised at all times by an instructor and a Queenwood staff member. No special equipment is required for the camp, except a sleeping bag. A good quality waterproof jacket is also essential for your daughter’s health and comfort in case of rain. To access a complete list of essential equipment students and parents can log onto OEG’s website (see over the page).


The cost of the camp is $550. Please use to make your payment before the 24 March 2017. (Use the search word “queenwood”)


The girls will travel by Forest Coach Lines fitted with seat belts. Girls must be at school for roll call at 8.00am on Monday, 1st May. The coaches will leave Queenwood at 8.30 am from Waitovu Street and will return to Waitovu Street 3.15 pm on Friday, 5th May.

Medical Forms All medical information will be accessed via CareMonkey. This online risk management system records vital information such as allergies, medical conditions, emergency and medical contacts. An email detailing medical requirements will be sent to you shortly by CareMonkey. More information regarding this system is outlined overleaf. Please read and sign the attached indemnity form and return to your daughters tutor no later than Friday 24th February. Yours faithfully, Ashleigh Mace Year 8 Outdoor Education Coordinator

Year 8 Camp Times 8.00am

Roll Call is at Lawrance on the Multi-Purpose Court, 44 Mandalong Rd Campus.


Bus leaves from Waitovu Street Monday 1st May 2017

3:15 pm Bus returns to Waitovu Street Friday 1st May 2017

Location & Camp Organiser Run By: Outdoor Education Group (OEG) Location: Castle Mountain Webbs Creek Road, Wiseman’s Ferry.

Equipment required for camp Please refer to the separate gear list provided by OEG. To access the list (and any additional information regarding Yr 8 camp), log onto OEG’s website: Under Schools Login : Queenwood. You will need to enter the password: QWSinthewoods This is a fully catered program with meals provided for all participants from lunch on the first day to lunch on the last day. Students will need to bring morning tea on the first day. (No nut or nut derivative ingredients (eg: Peanut Oil , Almond Meal) is to be brought on camp). Special Note: The Outdoor Education Group has the best available communication systems available for each program. All communications between the field and the school will be conducted through the AHC (All Hours Contact) system. Mr Christopher Daunt Watney will be Queenwood’s School AHC person. The school will provide an emergency contact number should the need arise for parents to contact their daughter for the duration of the program. More information regarding the AHC system will be provided to parents via the schools newsletter in the week preceding camp.

QUEENWOOD SCHOOL FOR GIRLS Parents or Guardians: Please read, sign and date the following. Risk Warning under Section 5M of the Civil Liability Act 2002 issued on behalf of Queenwood School for Girls Ltd OUTDOOR EDUCATION Queenwood School for Girls Ltd (‘Queenwood’) organises outdoor education for Year 8. While Queenwood and The Outdoor Education Group take measures to make the activities as safe as possible for participants, there is a risk that students may be injured and suffer loss (including financial loss) and damage as a result of their participation in these activities. Injury can occur while the student is engaging in or watching an activity, or travelling to and from the event. The injury may result from a student's actions, the actions of others or from equipment failure. In very rare cases the injury can be life threatening or result in permanent disability. Students could also suffer loss as a result of their personal property being lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed. The school takes out an individual accident insurance policy as a service to each student. The events covered by this policy can be obtained from the Bursar’s office. Parents may wish to take out additional comprehensive insurance. Indemnity and Release I permit my daughter/ward to participate fully in all activities associated with the proposed camp/excursion, including (but not limited to) those described by Queenwood as indicated in literature and/or oral presentation. While every precaution shall be taken to ensure the good welfare and protection of my daughter/ward, Queenwood, its management, staff members, employees, or any person acting on their behalf are hereby indemnified and released from any and all Liability in the event of any accident or misfortune that may occur to my daughter/ward or damage or loss to their property arising from her participation in the proposed camp/excursion. Charges The cost of the camp is $550. Please use to make your payment before the 24th March 2017.(Use the search word “queenwood”) Attendance at camp is part of Queenwood’s Outdoor Education Curriculum. A request to be excused from camp should be treated as any other request for leave in advance, which requires a letter to the Principal. The request must be received no later than Monday, 27 February 2017. The full camp charge will be payable, regardless of whether or not a girl attends, unless a request for leave is received by Queenwood by this date. If your daughter cannot attend camp due to illness a doctor’s certificate will be required. Please note that participant numbers are confirmed and paid for months in advance and the camp fee will not be refunded if a girl cannot attend camp for any reason, including due to illness. Queenwood has accident insurance cover for all students. Our insurance provider is Willis Australia. Please be aware that if the camp is cancelled due to extreme weather or other unforeseen circumstances the costs associated with the program are still incurred by Queenwood. Therefore no refunds are available. My signature below indicates that I acknowledge and accept the information in this letter concerning the:  Medical Form  Risk Warning  Indemnity and Release Statement  Charges  Camp conditions herein  I declare that the information which I have provided on this form is complete and correct and that I will notify the school if any changes occur.  I authorise the teacher or any employee of the Outdoor Education Group who is with my child, to give consent where it is impractical to communicate with me, and agree to my child receiving such medical or surgical treatment as may be deemed necessary.  I give permission for OEG to pass this information to a third party [e.g. Doctor, Hospital] to facilitate the medical treatment of my child.  I give permission for OEG to retain this form for statutory archival requirements, noting that I can access it by appointment as per Privacy Policy documented on our website: (

SIGNATURE, OF PARENT OR GUARDIAN CERTIFYING Student’s Name……………………………………….. Parent/Guardian Signature……………………………. Date………………………

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