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 2007-2008


AQAReport of GFGC.Kuvempunagar.Mysore 2007-08


Department of Collegiate Education

Government First Grade College Kuvempunagar, Mysore-570023. The Annual Quality Assurance Report of IQAC, Year 2007-08

In pursuance of the National Action Plan of the NAAC, Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) has been established as a post accreditation quality sustenance measure in our institution. IQAC has defined the objectives of our institution and worked out an action plan to achieve the same.

IQAC Team of the College 1. Dr. S.Indiramma





2. K.P.Ragotham





3. Dr.R.Nalini





4. Dr. Shylaja





5. Basavanna





6. Dr. Sudhamani





7. B.S.Javarappa




Member Page 2

AQAReport of GFGC.Kuvempunagar.Mysore 2007-08

PART - A The plan of action chalked out by IQAC towards quality enhancement outcome achieved by the end of the year this consists of the continuation of already consisting programs partly achieved and the new programs to be launched during the current year. 1. Use of modern education technology by equipping the institution with audio-visual and multimedia technologies. 2. Training students in the art of public speaking. 3. Career counseling and creating an opportunity to attend campus interviews. 4. Providing better administrative support for students. 5. Arranging special lectures and industrial visits. 6. Organizing special programs for National Science Day. 7. Promoting extra curricular activities.

Curriculum Aspects Vision of the College: 1. Reaching education to the unreached and improving the intellectual quality of the students and faculty. 2. Continuous learning process for students and faculty. Mission of the College: 1. Make teaching learner centered. 2. Build competency in the students. 3. Develop Human Resource latent in them. 4. Strengthen the EQ and LQ for better functioning of IQ 5. Enable students to become multifaceted persons. 6. Empower the students intellectually 7. Make the students socially responsive citizens. 8. Expose the students to the rich cultural traditions of our country. 9. Create a congenial atmosphere for learning. 10. Improving the number of strong students and the quality of weak students. Page 3

AQAReport of GFGC.Kuvempunagar.Mysore 2007-08

PART - B (1) Activities reflecting the goals and objectives of the Institution a. Non-academic support to students to overcome their personal hurdles. b. Scholarships have been fully utilized. c. Cash Awards to toppers. d. Participation of students in Cultural and Sports competition has been increasing. The talents among the students are identified, encouraged and trained in the field of their talent. They are also provided a platform to show their talent. (2) New Academic Programs Initiated (UG) •

IQAC Room.

Career and Counseling Room.

(3) Innovation in curricular design and transaction. Since June 2004 the semester system has been introduced by University of Mysore and syllabus has been changed, incorporating latest developments. Teachers are well equipped themselves to face the new challenges i.e., latest developments in their subject field, and also facilitated them to attend various seminars and workshops in their subjects. (4) Interdisciplinary programs  Personality development programs  Communication Skill improvement programs (5) Examination reforms implemented As this college is affiliated to University of Mysore, the examination

system is followed as per the University guidelines and regulations. 

Periodic tests are conducted.

(6) Candidates Qualified: NET/SLET/GATE -NILPage 4

AQAReport of GFGC.Kuvempunagar.Mysore 2007-08 (7) Total No. of Seminars / Workshops Conducted Seminars/Workshops/Conferences Conducted: 10 Date Programme 31.7.2007 Current Scenario of MBA 18.8.2007 Orientation


First Year students 29.9.2007 Problems in Women 6.2.2008

Resource Person Ms.Bhavya, Career


Mysore Branch for College Teaching Faculty & Odanadi Seva Trust

Children Development Corporate World’s perception Prof. Vani and Sri. Nuthan, on employability

19.2.2008 Information


Mysore Employment Employment


Opportunities 11.3.2008 Today’s Banking 12.3.2008 Employment



Business, Information

Officer, University of Mysore Mr. Gopal, Marketing Officer, Corporation Bank, Hassan. Opportunities Mr. Pradeep, Software

and Challenges in Software development Development



(8) Research Projects: -NIL(9)Patents generated: -NIL(10) New Collaborative Research Programs: -NIL(11) Research Grants received from various agencies: -NIL-

(12)Details of FIP Research Scholars: -NILPage 5

AQAReport of GFGC.Kuvempunagar.Mysore 2007-08 (13)Citation Index of Faculty Members and Impact Factor: -NIL(14) Honours / Awards to the Faculty -NIL(15)Generation of Internal Resources: -NIL(16)Details of Departments getting SAP / COSIST / DST / FIST etc. assistance/ recognition -NIL(17)Community Services: NSS Activity: Blood Donation, Camp. (18) Teachers and Officers newly recruited: -NIL(19) Teaching-Non Teaching ratio: 21: 7: : 3 : 1 (20) Improvement in the Library Services: (a) New books as per semester syllabus have been added. (b) Date entry is in progress. (c) New CD’s have been procured. (d) Library automation is in progress. (e) Back Volumes are kept for reference. (f) Bar-coding cataloguing is in progress.

(21) New Books / Journals subscribed and their value :

Page 6

AQAReport of GFGC.Kuvempunagar.Mysore 2007-08 General






(22) Courses in which Students assessment of teachers is introduced and action taken on student feedback: As per the guidelines from NAAC, every year ‘students feedback on teachers’ academic performance is recorded in the prescribed pro-forma. Accordingly necessary action has been initiated. (23)Unit Cost of Education: About Rs. 11,000/- per student.

(24)Computerization of administration, process of admission, examination, results and issue of certificates:  Salary is computerized- ECS mode of Salary disbursement has been adopted.  Computerization regarding admission, examination, results and issue of certificates by the University of Mysore.

(25) Increase in infrastructure facilities: i.

The College building is under the maintenance of State Public Works Department.

It has taken several steps to provide basic necessities for the

teaching and non teaching staff. Apart from this, part of the funds is also being invested on the renovation of the existing building. ii. iii.

At the departmental level the improvements in the infrastructure is in progress. The principal’s chamber & other departments have received new furniture.

(26) Technology up-gradation : Page 7

AQAReport of GFGC.Kuvempunagar.Mysore 2007-08 

Computerization of the existing Library is in the process.

(27) Computer and Internet access and training to teachers & Students ;  Computer Labs are provided with a few more Advanced Computer Systems.  Internet facility is provided to the Staff. (28) Financial Aid for Students : 1. Scholarship to all SC/ST Students. 2. Scholarship to OBC Students 3. Scholarship to Physically handicapped Students. 4. Scholarship to Ex-Service men children. 5. Scholarship to Labour class Children. 6. Sir C.V.Raman Scholarship to meritorious science students. 7. SanchiHonnamma Scholarship for girl students.

(29) Activities and support from Alumni Association : Annual Meeting with Alumni Association Members has been conducted. (30) Activities and support from the Parents-Teachers Associations:  Many Teachers have been financing poor students for their education and personal needs.  Some of the parents have contributed essential items to the college.

(31) Health Services :  NSS Unit regularly organize blood donation camps.  Lectures pertaining to Health Awareness have been organized.

(32)Performance in sports activities: Page 8

AQAReport of GFGC.Kuvempunagar.Mysore 2007-08 Date





Place/ Grade

Level Amruth Kumar.K.R. Gold Medal


Final B.Com

Competition(60 Kg) 3.12.2007



Karate Dileep Kumar.H.M, First


Second B.Com


(Black Belt)

(33) Incentives to outstanding sports persons: Felicitated Amruth Kumar.K.R. Final B.Com and Dileep Kumar.H.M, Second B.Com. for their achievement. (34)Student’s achievements and awards: Date



State Level Essay H.P. MahadevaSwamy First Place Competition


Place/ Grade

Second B.A.

(35) Activities of Career Guidance & Counseling Unit: Date 3.1.2008

Program Resource Person Short Term Course on General Dr.R.Nalini,

Arithmetic 16.1.2008 Training in leadership skills

Dept. of Commerce Dr.Suma Embar,

28.1.2008 Training in General English

PG Center, MAC, Mysore. Dr.Shylaja, Dept. of English

(36) Placement services provided to students: -NIL(37)Development Programs for Non-teaching staff: 

Total Quality Management (TQM) Training was arranged for non-teaching staff by Commissioner of Collegiate Education.

Computer Training was given to selected staff. Page 9

AQAReport of GFGC.Kuvempunagar.Mysore 2007-08 (38) Healthy Practices of the Institution:  Various competitions are held at the college level to inculcate cultural values and healthy competitive spirits among the students.  Healthy events like news paper keeping and educational tours are being practiced.  A few teaching staff are invited as resource persons by various institutions.

(39) Linkages developed with National / International, Academics / Research bodies: -NIL-

PART – C : Action plan achieved: Action Plan has been satisfactorily achieved.

PART – D : Plan for next year: Conduct Orientation programme for the First year Students. organising Spoken English Classes and Establishing a New Laboratory for Computer Science.

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AQAReport of GFGC.Kuvempunagar.Mysore 2007-08


Certified that the data included in this Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) are true to the best of my knowledge.

Principal Chairman IQAC


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IQAC report 2007-08  

IQAC report 2007-08 of Gfgc kuvempunagar mysore

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