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National Taichung University of Science and Technology 國立台中科技大學 Internship at 2016 summer vacation in 周祖珍建築師事務所

Education Experience

Internship at 2015 summer vacation in 蔻思創藝室內裝修工程有限公司 The First in 2016 THD Award 兩岸手繪競賽首獎



In Taiwan , tattoo is a "Subculture" If the subculture is more originality than main culture. Let we can trying to accept it . Trying to develop it? "We want to create a area for tattoo." Project: Location: Date: Software:

Tattoo Taichung city, Taiwan Winter,2016 AutoCAD, Adobe PhotoShop, Lumino, Adobe Premiere


Right: site analysis,to analyze the surrounding of site. Ex:gas station, Residential,construction site,etc

Bottom: the diagram of architecture mass. To help researching the route.

Interior Top, Top Right: Exhibition hall, for user to understand tattoo's history. The idea of this hall is about time of tattoo moment let transfer to ceiling and wall.

Center Right: Relax area,side by the hall, the place for user to relax or drink the coffee. Bottom: City analysis, reserch for traffic route, people communication,and surrounding area.

SOFTWARE Artlantis with Adobe PhotoShop.

architectural composition

SOFTWARE Lumino with Adobe PhotoShop.

Top, Top Left: Forum , for passers to comunicate with this forum. Trying to connect the social of this area. The concept is the relationship between tattoo and skin. what's represent transverse section, so we decide to dig to the base floor..

Center Left. Texture, Architecture's material 1.Reinforced Concrete 2. glass

Project: Location: Date: Software:

JOE Taichung, Taiwan Spring,2016 AutoCAD, Adobe PhotoShop, Artlantis, SkrtchUp

Mixed-use 1F,Residential


Top: Section

Left: Living room, 1F

Center & Right: Model , The roof form is including function, and a little transition. The roof can Improve Insulation. The fornt stair is for customer up stair to second floor, the roof garden.

SOFTWARE SketchUp with Artlantis

Top: 2F Restaurant's seat area. Reference janpanese style


Public Art

Project: Location: Date: Software:

Pubilc Art NUTC, Taiwan Winter,2015 Adobe PhotoShop,


Useing Pubilc Art Combine NUTC's requirement, a stage for band performance. Material: Steel ,canvas

SOFTWARE Adobe PhotoShop

My sketch

Left: 12/7 2016 sketch about diffent construct in same place.

Center: 11/16 2016 Sketch some detail.

Right: 11/16 2016 draw from Stilt Style Architecture


Works: Location: Date:

Night Taipei city, Taiwan Summer,2016

Works: Location: Date: Software:

Day and Night Tokyo city, Japan Winter,2017 Snapseed

Works: Location: Date: Software:

Day and Night Tokyo city, Japan Winter,2017 Snapseed

Works: Location: Date: Software:

Reflect Hong Kong, China Winter,2017 Snapseed

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