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As a fourth year undergraduate architecture student, I have developed a thorough passion for designing and have learned that architecture plays a very important role in today’s world. I am a detail oriented person, a quick learner and can quickly adapt to develop new skills and apply it to the projects. I have worked on various projects and have done research projects during my academic years, which has helped me garnered my skills and implement my knowledge in the practical world. I always believe in group effort and I have ability to work with different people and opinions.

Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Adobe InDesign



Currently seeking an internship in the architecture/construction field.

2014- Present Newark, NJ

Vidyavardhini’s Bhausaheb Vartak Polytechnic 2011- 2014 Diploma in Construction Technology Mumbai, India 4.0 GPA

Autodesk Autocad Autodesk Revit Google SketchUp Physical Model Making

RESEARCH Vidyavardhini’s Bhausaheb Vartak Polytechnic Spring 2014 Final Diploma Project Researched and redesigned Acoustical properties of college’s Seminar hall.

HONORS/AWARDS Rothe Johnson/ Fletcher Thompson Scholarship 2017 - Present Awarded to third year student who demonstrates outstanding design talent utilizing imaging technology.

EXPERIENCE NM Residency Pvt Ltd, Mumbai, India

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EDUCATION New Jersey Institute of Technology Bachelor of Architecture Expected Grad- May 2019 3.81 GPA

Rhinoceros 5 V-ray Grasshopper

Summer 2015

Summer Site Intern Gained on-site experience about the construction procedure of excavation and foundation. Himesh Gupta & Associates, Mumbai, India Cad Intern Summer 2016 Assisted in creating plans and elevation for Residential Projects. Helped designed the floor space and the outer area for greater usability.

NJIT Undergraduate Scholarship Merit Based Scholarship

NJIT Design Showcase Contributer 2015, 2016, 2017 Best Works in NJIT College of architecture and design NJIT Super Jury Fall 2015, 2017, Spring 2016 Best work in semester throughout the class Bhausaheb Vartak Polytechnic- Excellence in Academics Construction technology Topper

Architecture Intern Summer 2017 Assisted in creating different models for Residential and Commercial Complexes. Created Schematic drawings for various Projects.


American Institute of Architecture Students, NJIT


Shop Volunteer 3-D Modeling Room Volunteer

2016 - 2017


Fall 2017


Fall 2017- Present



TABLE OF CONTENTS 1) Urban Grid 2) 240 MLK BLVD 3) In The Glass 4) Shifted Tower 5) Refugee Resettlement- Highland Park 6) Harrison Clinic


URBAN GRID Year : Fall 2016 Type : Group Project Partner : Bridgette Bocanegra Critic : Maria Hurtado De Mendoza

An internal grid from within the unit was spread throughout the site to form a grid of a larger scale. Each unit is constantly rotated and placed within the grid to form three different configurations. The ground floor provides isolated units, whereas the top two floors are made up of shared living and co-op workspaces. Columns and beams emphasize the grid, which forms a superstructure. The space in between the columns accommodate the program of live and work. Four column itself could form a space without the use of usual walls or partitions. This is seen throughout the site and each unit.



Grid Form

Plan - Unit

Section- Unit Circulation Diagram

Shared Living

Isolated Living Conditions Overall Grid Concept


12’ 36’ 12’

36’ 12’



Shared Co-op / Work Spaces

First Floor Plan


Second Floor


Third Floor Plan

Fourth Floor


Section A-A

Section B-B







240 MLK BLVD Year : Fall 2016 Type : Individual Project Critic : Maria Hurtado De Mendoza

This Project is situated at 240 Mlk Blvd, Newark, NJ. The project was to reuse the building. The concept was divinding the spaces into horizontal bands and giving it a new addition based on the horizontal bands. The project deals with live- work relationship based on the idea as the interior courtyard being the center of the site, the Live spaces will be closer to the interior courtyard and as one moves away from the center they will encounter work spaces. The program of the building follows radial strategy. Top floor of the building would house game area, Recreational Spaces, and Work spaces.



Area Calculations

Form Diagram

Connecting the System by Perpendicular Extrusions Cellar Floor Area 18,100 Sqft

First Floor Area 15,000 Sqft

Second Floor Area 17,500 Sqft

Overall Form Third Floor Area 15,000 Sqft

Top Floor Area 14,000 Sqft

Total Floor Area 79,600 Sqft

Form Diagram

Live- Work Strategy

Horizontal Extrusions

Horizontal Projections From Building


First Floor Plan

Top Floor Plan


Second Floor Plan



Site / Cellar Floor Plan

Main Elevation




Model Photo


Model Photo


IN THE GLASS-NJIT Year : Spring 2016 Type : Group Project Type : Studio Members Critic : Micheal Mostoller In order to display the mirrors on our kiosk, our team considered the context of the site of our kiosk as well as the personal interactions that would happen within it. The kiosk is positioned in a way that a student who is traveling to Weston Hall has the opportunity to choose a route where they can enter the kiosk and leave the kiosk while still moving en route to their desired destination. During this time, students enter this central intimate space with a full length mirror. While immersed in the space, they are able to reflect on who they are and where they stand in their personal collegiate journey as they become professional adults. Reflection is encouraged both within the inhibitor as well as the architectural elements used. The design consists of two walls that have been dually reflected over the two lines of symmetry on the 6’x8’ pad. In order to put more emphasis on the wall with the column of mirrors, we reduced the secondary wall. In order to read the structure as one whole, there are wooden beams and columns that stretch up and over connecting the two differentiating walls. The integration of wood and masonry implies a unified space of different materials. There are also apertures in the taller wall that allow light from the outside to shine through to the inside. The walls are composed of two different kinds of brick, light and dark, put together in a flemish bond pattern with a repeated coursing of one header with two stretchers. The interior stretchers are dark in order to emphasize the intimate space while the exterior stretchers are lighter in color to contrast the variance of spaces made. The headers are all dark brick in order to fuse the interior and exterior colors. Standing between the main wall and the implied wooden wall creates an interior space that provides a barrier from outside distractions. The outside spaces to sit provide a clear view to the main path to the CoAD building or to other buildings across campus. Overall, this kiosk is very specific to this site as it connects the students to other students in a sociable manner, but most importantly allows students to personally reflect in an intimate interior space.



Massing Diagram

Material Analysis Base Brick

Interior Brick (Angled Header)

Exterior Brick (Stretcher)

Angled Mirror

Interior Brick (Stretcher)

Stretcher Mirror

Header Mirror


Cmu Block

Horizontal Wood Member

Vertical Wood Member Feature & Half Walls


Diagrams of Construction Process


Feature and Short Wall


Section A-A

Section C- C

Section B-B

Plan A



3‘- 3 3/4”


3 ‘-3”


0 ‘1







Bluestone Seating

Cedar Wood - Connection

Final Model

Photos of Construction Process and Mod-


Conceptual Rendering

The Man In The Glass Peter Dale Wimbrow Sr.



SHIFTED TOWER Year : Fall 2016 Type : Group Project Partner : Kris Edquilag Critic : Maria Hurtado De Mendoza

This project manipulates the concept of shifting to define shared spaces. Cutting a perfect square in half resulted in two equal rectangles which were repeatedly shifted then mirrored. This created an overlap in the pattern, making it a shared workspace. Movable walls are placed to create different working conditions in the shared workspace: all private, all shared, or semi-shared. To have an uninterrupted shared workspace, the circulation cores are shifted to the sides. This project also offers a variety of living configurations, which not only provide plenty of light to the living spaces but also creates a pattern in the facade.



Vertical Core Diagram

Concept Diagram

Tower with Central Core Breaking and Shifting

Repetition and Shared

Tower with Voided Core

Reflect and Shared Space


Floor Plan Level 3,5,6,9,11,13

Floor Plan Level 2,4,6,8,10, 12


Site Plan


Parking Plan


Main Section




Refugee Resettlement - Highland Park, NJ Year : Fall 2017

Type : Group Project Partners : Mathangi Raghupathy, David Kushner, Anupama Thaigarajan, Naymah Hashmi Critic : Georgeen Theodore The inviting aroma of paneer tikka masala might be one reason why Global Grace Cafe is bustling for lunch on Monday afternoon. But the other reasons are in the kitchen, where refugees, asylees and asylum seekers from across the globe cook every meal at this cafe — food from India Syria, Jamaica,Nigeria. Global Grace Cafe is a ministry of the Reformed Church of Highland Park. It exists to raise funds to support Refugee Resettlement, to create small jobs and job training opportunities for recent arrivals to this country, and to raise positive awareness about refugee resettlement in New Jersey. One of the primary criteria for deciding sites for refugee resettlement is affordable housing and proximity to a resettlement agency like IRC AND CWS, but the successful model in highland park broke all the rules and was proof that the existence of a powerful resettlement agency and inclusiveness of the community were of foremost importance in identifying sites for refugee resettlement. While we were analyzing housing aspect of highland park, there wasn’t enough vacant housing as well as affordable housing. Highland park has a majority of renter based population and there is near to zero vacant housing available for renters. A majority of people travel outside of highland park for job opportunities. Places like new Brunswick, Edison, and New York. Having these conditions, we came up with few ways to tackle the problem of housing and Employment, but having more emphasis on housing aspect. We started analyzing highland park ownership and found there wasn’t enough city owned, or county owned land. Most of the land was around edges and mostly park and preservation sites. Then we focused on the main street where there was already resourceful commercial area and under the current zoning we were able to build four storey building, where the first floor is commercial and the top three floors are commercial. We identified opportunity sites along the corridor, where we are proposing new mixed use buildings. Changing the commercial corridor into an extension of CBD. This would also help us to develop the extension corridor adding more commercial and residential space. The first solution includes vacant land development. The second solution was to develop additions on existing underutilized buildings. To suffice the need of parking we are also proposing a multi level parking deck, and taking some of the parking sites and infilling them with mixed use building. The Multi level parking would have 200 new parking spots. Our proposal also includes to rehab underutilized sites. And our final solution includes introduction of ADU, which would help create more affordable housing options. The new commercials developed under our proposal would serve as the potential job opportunities in the future. In order to promote transportation for refugees, we propose to have designated bike lanes along the raritan avenue. This connects to places in New Brunswick and Edison. We envision Highland park woul0d serve as a model town for refugee resettlement after the completion of the proposals


Highland Park Characteristics

Job Centers/ Employment Opportunities


Analysis of Housing in Highland Park


Main Corridor Analysis


Main Corridor Analysis


Completed Proposal


Detailed Proposal for Development of the Main Corridor



Details of New development, Parking Fill-in, Reuse, and Additions development


Details of New development, Parking Fill-in, Reuse, and Additions development


Design Guidelines

New Developments Proposal 103 Woodbridge Ave

401 Raritian Ave


Addition Development

New Development


Community Inclusiveness



Improved Street Conditions

Bike Lanes


Highland Park - Urban Framework Plan


HARISSON CLINIC Year : Spring 2017 Type : Individual Project Critic : Marcelo Lopez Dinardi

This project is situated in Harrison overlooking Newark Skyline. The intersection at which the site is situated is busy with all time traffic, leading to excessive unwanted noise. The idea for the project was to create a buffer zone, which separates the outside from the inside. But giving interior space a direct connection to outside. This is achieved by programming, Circulation, and Facade design. All the Circulation Space have a direct contact to outside and they Buffer at the street facing side and river facing side is provided by means of a garden space, which would help absorb noise from outside. The other two sides one facing towards the other street and towards the alley way is separated from outside by means of a thick buffer wall, which would help absorb the unwanted noise. Most of the programs are arranged towards the other street and the alleyway. Nevertheless, the facade is perforated and carefully articulated by means of sun study, so there is ample daylight within the building. The facade also creates a playful shadows on the interior of the structure. The pristine white finishes and shadow play gives a character to the interior space. The landscape design of the project contrasts with it’s geometrically rigid form. The idea is having Oval patches going from the center and it will move radially outwards and eventually in the future, would take over the neighborhood.



Site Conditions

Site Conditions

Site Plan



Landscape Concept

Interior / Exterior Concept

Program Concept

Circulation Concept


First Floor Plan / Site Plan


Second Floor Plan


Section/ Sun Study on Facade


Section/ Sun Study on Facade


Section Perspective 1


Section Perspective 2


Model Photos / Renderings


Model Photos / Renderings



Karsh shah architecture portfolio  
Karsh shah architecture portfolio