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DISMANTLE Karolina Tamara Sikorska

DISMANTLE // Brand’s concept

DESCRIPTION OF THE BRAND The company can be characterised as an combination of the labels focused on the vibrant youth movements, which are the leading wing of the contemporary fashion scene and brands focused on high-quality printed textiles. Brand’s collections will be made locally and with a limited amount of an each style. The company will try to manufacture the collections in the most possible sustainable way of production, with an emphasis on respect for the craftmanship. The collections should be curated as celebration of artists and actual art. Behind every piece, there is a special meaning, representing the trend, symbolising and honoring the youth, sexuality, human body, freedom and diversity. The brand’s name is an English verb of dismantle, which can express two main meanings: to take (something, such as a machine or structure) apart so that it is in separate pieces and to destroy (something) in an orderly way : to gradually cause (something) to come to an end. This should signify the new direction of the perception of the world at the moment, to break the preconceived norms from the past. The products are tending to help to shape the future of fashion, but still remembering the heritage of the past. The principles standing behind the company can be stated as transparency, creating community surrounding the brand and its founders.

BRAND’S DNA VISION To empower people around the world through fashion design taking all the actions in sustainable way. MISSION To create unique high quality products for young people to embrace their personality & celebrate diversity. VALUES diversity, creativity, unity, courage, rebellion, freedom, artistic aproach



DISMANTLE // Target group and personas


‘To erase the norms, celebrate the imperfection & to liberate’

TARGET GROUP Age: 20-34 Location: Big cities Gender: Male/female/everyone in between Income level: 15000-25000 DKK per month Education level: Higher education Marital or family status: Single or non-formal relationships Occupation: Young creatives - journalists, graphic designers etc, students The choice of target group is motivated by the fact that young adults are very influential target group in fashion, always up to date with trends and brave in their style choices. To visualise target group were created two personas.


Kim, 31 Photographer, freelancer “I live with my girlfriend in the loft in Nørrebro, where I have my studio as well. I’m a busy person always involved in different projects. I’m a Danish Royal Academy of Art graduate. Usually my day starts with having a cup of coffee from The Coffee Collective. I’m a social person, often going to parties and networking, but I like cycling far away sometimes on my own and listen to the music. When it comes to fashion, I like to standout.”

Freja, 23 Fashion design student, barista “My home is Vesterbro. I live with 2 of my friends. Besides studying fashion I’m as well performance artist and DJ. I make techno music and play at raves. My life is always colorful and I meet a lot of interesting people doing different stuff. I’m a big fan of Japan and japanese art, which from I take a lot of inspiration in my work. I love to travel. Last 4 years I was living abroad and exploring European capitals. My style could be described as an experimental and vibrant. ”


DISMANTLE // Design Method



SILENT MOVIES full of contrast dramatic disturbing movement


rebelious unisex freedom oversized experimental


texture gender detailed sexual imperfection

MATERIAL inspired by Youth Tonic trend but as well by a Body texture and lines on the skin. Youth Tonic brings in mind usage of cotton that is comfortable and suitable for everyone and Body something that is natural. keywords: freedom, sexual


SHAPE mostly inspired by Youth Tonic trend and fading of genders. The silhouette is oversized to fit all body types. It takes also movement from Silent Movies. keywords:experimental, freedom, oversized, movement, unisex

COLOR equally inspired by Silent Movies and Youth Tonic. A lot of black and white with solid color accents and a bit of details. keywords: rebelious, unisex, full of contrast, dramatic PRINT equally inspired by Silent Movies and Body. From Silent Movies it takes the contrast, graphic feel, expression. Body is a subject for an experiment and taking it apart. Nowadays people explore body a lot and the boundries are faded. keywords: full of contrast, disturbing, dramatic, detailed, texture, gender

SAMPLED MOODBOARD The photo in the centre was chosen because it shows person. We don’t know if is either boy or girl, especially because of the jacket that person has on. The picture as well is in the contrast red that will be used in the collection. This photo reminds the trends from Youth Tonic and it’s red accent. Picture with the bodies and cutted face is and inspiration for a print design that use repetition of the motive and is sampling. Portrait in the left down corner reminds about uniquennes and trend for being different and yourself and standout. The artwork above the portrait comes from the 70’ colouring book and it’s placed in the context of breaking rules and being rebelious.

KEYWORDS: -repetition-contrast-sampling-unisex-dramatic-


MATERIAL Some of the fabrics for the collection have to be very stiff and having a feel of paper feel, hard to iron. Some of the fabrics suppose to be lighter but still have some sort of the stiff structure but a bit see through. Photo in the top left corner shows facade of the building and how the texture of the fabric should look like. Top right one with legs shows the contrast between harder structure and softness of the body. Two fashion pictures shows how the wanted fabric falls on the body. Folded black paper is chosen to give the feel of the thickness.


PRINT Picture on the top shows visual artist Yayoi Kusama and her artwork. Is used as a strong accent being obsessed with repeating the same motive again an again and digging into the same thing in different ways. The bottom one shows the contrast of the similar element used many times in the print. Portrait of the women express the overall feel and exploration of body parts and being not able to use your senses, some distortion. Print has to be contrast, powerfull, young and expressive.


COLOR Color palette is limited to very contrast Fairy Red, black, white and different shades of grey. Photos presented in the color story shows how the color interact in different designs. Red as a contrast color is mixed with black a lot. White and black and are different background for the standout accent of red.


SHAPE Two pictures of the body are used to show the fluidity between the genders and that everything fit to each other. Three fashion pictures are set together as and inspiration for a shape from Youth Tonic trend for tracksuit and the shape that fits everyone. Silhouette has to be oversized and loose. It’s gender cool.





DESCRIPTION OF THE COLLECTION Single item collection will be based on shirts design. Each piece is a statement itself, intented to be wearable art piece for young expressive crowd. The shape of the garments will be oversized to fit all the body types and the size range is the same for all of the genders. Woven hand printed fabrics as cotton. Prints included in the collection will be very contrast and graphic, taking as a subject of exploration and redefinding human body and its details.

full of contrast dramatic texture detailed unisex experimental freedom oversized


DISMANTLE // Design process







DISMANTLE // Print collection



DISMANTLE // Print collection



DISMANTLE // Collection overview



101/ear-short-basic price

DESS: 6643 EARS DUMPLING FABRIC: Cotton poplin Construction: Woven Composition: 100% cotton PRINT:

DESS: 7544 EYE DROP FABRIC: Canvas Construction: Woven Composition: 100% Cotton PRINT:

DESS: 8525 LEAF REFLECTIVE BASIC FABRIC: Cotton poplin Construction: Woven Composition: 100% Cotton PRINT:

DESS: 2462 DRAMATIC FACE FABRIC: Canvas Construction: Woven Composition: 100 % Cotton PRINT:


104/hearthh-shirt-medium price


ng-medium price


103/eye-long-core price

Non gender, unisex collection was created as a statement artwork pieces to be worn and feel confident. All the shillouettes by it’s oversized shape, lenght, drop shoulders would fit every kind of body and look in different way . Prints used in the collection are a strong message as a blend between what is considered as a feminine, what is masculine and what’s in between without any prejudice to escape the boxes. There is used only one accent color to remind the color of the blood, that in all of our veins is exactly the same.

105/bloody-face-core price


Karolina Tamara Sikorska