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Samples for all these colours are available to order at

CAPPIO: A concentrated burst of mid to deep brown particles on a silvery grey background with a hint of sparkle.

MOONSCAPE: A captivating mix of concrete grey and sparkling white that creates swirls of both and all shades in between.

COLOURS FOR 2018 Here are the latest additions to our product range, expanding the classic, timeless colour options available to you. So, whether you are looking for your worktop to make a statement, or to complement your other design choices, you will find it with MISTRAL.

New Marble-Inspired Decors Mistral’s exciting new colours have been developed to emulate the beauty of marbled stone taking inspiration from classic marble to the majestic swirl of granite. Each worktop has a natural variation with the flow of the pattern creating an organic appearance adding a whole new dimension to surface design. These colours are made from the same enhanced acrylic material as the rest of the MISTRAL range, delivering a durable, hygienic and replenishable surface with limitless design possibilities.

ARIA: A sparkly white base with a classic marble-inspired vein subtly woven throughout.

Joints in these new decors will also be seamless and smooth as with other MISTRAL colours however, the random pattern of these new decors can make the appearance of any joints more obvious. The unique patterning occurs within every worktop and is the essence of these wonderful new colours. This also results in an expected variation from product to product.

MANUKA: A subtle blend of honey-coloured, natural and pearlescent chips on a warm white base.



Samples for all these colours are available to order at

MISTRAL New Colours for 2018  
MISTRAL New Colours for 2018