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MISTRAL CARE AND MAINTENANCE MISTRAL worktops by KARONIA are easy to clean and maintain. By following these simple care & maintenance instructions, your worktops will retain that ‘just installed’ look throughout there life. RECOMMENDATIONS OF USE: – Never place any objects directly from a heat

source onto your MISTRAL worksurface. As with all worktop materials, intense heat can damage or crack the surface. Always use heat pads or trivets with rubber feet.

– Make sure that pans do not overhang the edge

of the hob. Deflection of heat directly onto the worktop and surrounding surfaces, such as upstands/splashbacks, can cause scorching.

– Never cut objects directly on your MISTRAL worksurface, always use a cutting board/worktop saver. – Avoid sliding hard and rough objects across the worktopsurface, especially those with unglazed ceramic bases as ceramic is extremely hard and abrasive and will most likely scratch the surface. – Dark colours will show general surface wear more readily than lighter colours. This is because surface grazes and scratches on any solid surface products appear white and as a result are more noticeable. – Although MISTRAL surfaces are non-porous, it

is still recommended that any spills are wiped up as soon as they occur. Any dried-on spills can always be removed, but the relevant cleaning processes may need to be repeated.

– Limescale build up over time can easily removed

using products such as Viakal® or similar. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions of use on the bottle.

– Avoid exposing your MISTRAL surface to strong chemicals such as, oven cleaners, paint removers etc.


This kit is designed to complement your normal everyday cleaning products so that you have everything you need to care for your MISTRAL surfaces. The Kit Contains: 1 x Plastic Carry Case 2 x Microfibre Cloths 1 x Hand Sanding Block 2 x Abrasive Paper (Red – P320) 3 x Abrasive Paper (Yellow - P400) 3 x Abrasive Paper (Blue - P600), 1 x Red Mirlon Pad 1 x Grey Mirlon Pad 1 x KARONIA Solid Surface Guard.


We would also recommend our KARONIA Solid Surface Cleaner which has been specifically designed for acrylic-based worktops and is ideal for daily use.


Remove day to day grease and grime using warm, soapy water (or ideally KARONIA Solid Surface Cleaner), then wipe clean with a damp cloth. Stubborn, dried-on spills can be removed by spraying the cleaner directly onto the affected area, leaving for a few minutes and then rubbing the area with a damp cloth. After cleaning ensure the surface is dried thoroughly. We recommend you use KARONIA Solid Surface Guard on a weekly basis. Shake the bottle thoroughly and then apply evenly over the entire surface. Thoroughly buff dry using a clean, microfibre cloth.

SURFACE MAINTENANCE: Similar to other worktop materials, minor scratches and scuff marks will appear on your MISTRAL surfaces over time. However, one of the outstanding features of MISTRAL is that it can be fully replenished. REMOVING SCUFFS AND MARKS: – When carrying out this procedure, the aim is

to use the least abrasive method you can.

– Simply place the (Grey Mirlon) pad onto the

hand sanding block.

Be sure to continually wipe the area using a damp Microfibre cloth as dust can hamper the sanding process.

– Once removed, you will need to work your way

back up the scale, finishing with the Grey Mirlon Pad.

– Applying light even pressure, rub over the

– At each stage widen the area you are sanding to

affected area working in small clockwise circular motions until the scuff/mark has been removed.

blend/feather the area into the rest of the surface.

– If the scuff/mark is still visible, you will need

– Once complete, re-apply the Karonia Solid

to move up to the next abrasive and repeat the process and so on down the scale until the scuff/ mark has been removed.

MOST ABRASIVE Abrasive Paper (Red - P320)

Surface Guard to the entire area and thoroughly buff dry using a clean dry Microfibre cloth.

Abrasive Paper (Yellow - P400)

Abrasive Paper (Blue - P600)

Red Mirlon Pad


For higher surface finishes or darker colours, we would recommend that you contact your installer to ensure that the operation does not leave the area noticeably different to the rest of the worksurface.

PRODUCT REPAIR Another great benefit of MISTRAL worktops is that in the rare case that you accidentally damage your worksurface, it is possible to repair it by using another piece of MISTRAL material (you should have been left a spare piece such as the hob or sink cut-out). In this event please contact your installer who should be able to perform this process and restore your worksurface.

If you are unsure or have any questions regarding the care and maintenance of your MISTRAL products, please view our MISTRAL care & maintenance video at www.karonia.com or contact us on 0845 6580 333

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MISTRAL Care and Maintenance Advice  

MISTRAL Care and Maintenance Advice  

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