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The purpose of this book is to encourage tourists visiting the Tuchola Forest to enjoy a range of activities and explore waters of local lakes and rivers. An extremely popular outdoor activity, fishing may be pursued here all year round. Specimens of 50 or so fish species, the most popular of which are pikes, carps, pike perches, eels, breams, roaches and perches, may easily become your trophies. The book, however, does not aspire to be a classic fish atlas, but rather a guide which will teach total beginners to identify freshwater fish species (the distinguishing characteristics of many are included) and will help practised anglers to be even more effective. The publication contains brief descriptions of all major freshwater fish species, full-colour photographs portraying each fish species in precise detail, exhaustive descriptions of angling methods, basic information on major lakes and rivers, several recipes, addresses of agritourist farms and their special offer for anglers, specially commissioned batimetric maps, and a map of the Tuchola Forest LAG. For some people fishing is simply a family tradition, for others it is a totally new pursuit. We hope that this guide will give all users an insight into the unique and fascinating region whose invaluable assets include crystal clear lakes and rivers populated by a variety of fish species. However, there is much more to the Tuchola Forest than a fishing experience; consider seeing the following attractions: the Museum of the Tuchola Forest in Tuchola, wooden architecture dated back to the 19th century in the villages of Klocek, Stobno, Łosiny, Legbąd, Rzepiczna, Raciąż, and Krąg, the aqueduct in Fojutowo, nature trails in Woziwoda and Gołąbek and the Leon Wyczółkowski Reserve of Old-Polish Yew Trees in Wierzchlas. Amateurs of kayaking will be delighted to participate in kayaking trips organized on the Brda River and on the Great and Small Brda Canals. Moreover, enthusiastic mushroom hunters can enjoy an abundant season throughout autumn until first frosts.

3. Z perspektywy łowionego / From a fish’s perspective / Aus der Perspektive des zu fangenden Fisches


Bory Tucholskie - Przewodnik Turysty Wedkarza  
Bory Tucholskie - Przewodnik Turysty Wedkarza  

Seria specjalistycznych przewodników po Borach Tucholskich pomaga w wyborze najciekawszych miejsc. Dotychczas ukazaly sie przewodniki dla gr...