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Zasoby wodne Powiatu Tucholskiego Lakes and Rivers in the Tuchola District Gewässer im Kreis von Tuchola The tributaries of the Brda Rivers are highly respected by anglers as well. The list of the most favoured fisheries includes the following: Czerska Struga, which intersects with the Great Brda Canal in Fojutowo (where you can see the biggest Polish aqueduct, a unique hydrotechnical construction completed in 1848), Bielska Struga and its upper section Zwierzynka running from lake Białe, Stążka, whose upper course is referred to as Ruda, Szumionka, and Kamionka. These small rivers are frequently visited by amateurs of angling in the springtime, where a good catch (pike, perch or roach) is a regular occurrence.

8. Jezioro Wielkie Cekcyńskie / Lake Wielkie Cekcyńskie / Großer Cekcyńskie-See

Lake Koronowskie was formed in years 1956-1961 by damming up the Brda River for the hydroelectric power station. Having absorbed the neighbouring lakes, it now has a surface area of 1506 hectares. The lake has a distinctive elongated shape and extends from Koronowo 36km to the north; its shoreline measures 102 km. It is surrounded by dense forests with the predominance of pine trees. The large population of fish makes this water reservoir an outstanding fishing spot. It lies within the protected landscape area which borders the Tuchola Landscape Park to the north, the protected valleys of Kamionka and Sępolenka rivers to the west, and Byszewskie lakes to the south-west. The lake, whose maximum depth reaches 20 m, is regularly stocked with fish of the Cyprinidae (carp family), such as carp, crucian carp and grass carp, and less frequently with pike perch, pike and ide. Die Tucheler Heide ist eine ungewöhnliche Gegend, die im Flussgebiet von den Flüssen Brda und Wda liegt. Typisch für diese Landschaft sind zahlreiche Seen, die in der Zeit der letzten skandinavischen Vergletscherung gestaltet wurden. Malerische Wälder, Flüsse, Seen, auch kleinere Bodenerhebungen und Moränenhügel bilden


Bory Tucholskie - Przewodnik Turysty Wedkarza  
Bory Tucholskie - Przewodnik Turysty Wedkarza  

Seria specjalistycznych przewodników po Borach Tucholskich pomaga w wyborze najciekawszych miejsc. Dotychczas ukazaly sie przewodniki dla gr...