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Do you have an adventurous spirit? Would you like to know a new place?. We will show you

It’s advantageous location in the Persian Gulf makes a good place to trade especially with countries like India and that nations of the west. In 1983 the British government took

one of the cities in the world that has grown in the last

control of Dubai , and remaines more or less in the position

decade, Dubai is one of the turistic destinatios today is more

until 1971, when they left the region.

sought by travelers from around the world.

Dubai and other nearby emirates

Why travel to Dubai? Could we have

formed the United Arab Emirates since 1973.

any good excuse to visit Dubai, but because Dubai is roled by His Majesty the

of its steady growth wants to present to the

Sheikh (Emir) who is also, vice

world the Arab culture and the same time to

president and prime minister of the

offering the best entarteiment for all ages.

United Arab Emirates and governor of

Dubai hasn’t meaning un Arabic , but in Hindi means “Two Brothers”. Dubai is not just a city is one of the jewels within seven that make up the United Arab Emirates, is halway to the Arabian Peninsula at the southeartern end of the Persian Gulf.

Dubai. According to the constitution Dubai has control over their own in come and has the rights to their natural resourses. Dubai has a very hot weather like many parts of the Persian Gulf, with temperatures well above 40 degrees during the summer weather.

Also Dubai surronded by the Arabian Desert to the south ,and east, and is also, blocked by the Gulf west , and north. Hajar mountain of the western border with Oman brand and its unique, Dubai Creek, which has been artificially deepened to allow boat trips.Dubai has a population of approximalely 1.5 millions , and of that amount more than 1 million are men. It has differente ethnic groups among which we can mention Indians , Pakistans, and Bangladesh, this makes a fascinating fusion of Hindu, and muslim cultures, representing a significant percentage of its population.

Dubai hits or celebrate Muslim holidays such as Ramadan, the national day of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) every December 2. Dubai as a torustic destined offers comfort and luxury driving adventure in Arab culture and history. Dubai also, offers tourist visas , which allow the rigth of a non-renewable 30-day stay. To acces this life the person must be sponsored by their hotel or tour operator. Some countries are exempt from visa requirements are: Australia, Canada, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Dubai is famous for having hundreds of tourist attractions, and

Dubai is a destination for families as a honeymoon or a

great area of skyscrapers, including the Burj Dubai , and its

business trip, you will not leave without anythings to do.

blocks of buildings in Sheizh Zayed Road, which is situated in the business district of Dubai.

The most beautiful beaches in the

Beach and the Kite Beach are some of the public beaches most

world are only in Dubai

also they are very famous, and many people come to visit

visited by tourists. These beaches are the cheapest to visit, but

them, since they do not have to pay any money to entre. In Dubai is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and

these beaches tourist can find many options in entertainment.

one of the best places to do tourism. For people who love the

Jumeirah Beach is located next to the Hilton Beach Club; it is

beach; Dubai has a long and scenic coastline dotted with clean and beautiful White sand beaches. The soft, warm and crystal clear blue water, make Dubai an exciting place to visit. In this article we are going to do a brief description

one of the cheapest, but also one of the most visited, beauteous and famous beaches in Dubai; it offers many options of entertainment, night activities and the most beautiful sand and water tour will ever know. Another free beach in Dubai is Al Mamzar Park which is also a public beach at Al Mamzae Park on the Deira side of the Greek; this dinky beach is considered one of the most amazing beaches of Dubai; many people come to surf on it since it has the nicest waves of Dubai beaches.

of some of the most amazing beaches of Dubai.




offer public facilities

such as

playgrounds, barbecues sites, food kiosks and picnic areas for As many countries, Dubai has public beaches, and these beaches are called public beaches since, they are free for all people. Jumeirah Beach, Al mazmar Beach Park, Jebel Ali

families. Additionally, we must not forget to mention Palm Beach; this dreamy beach provide a wide range of recreational

and entertainment facilities in resorts to its visitors. It relaxing

most qualified waiters. Tourist; you will really love to come to

soft sand is ideal for tourists who want to spend a good time.

Dubai beaches. But, do not forget that Dubai is a country with

Something so important to talk over Dubai is that it winter is

different traditions. So, when you think about Dubai beaches

one of the most Pleasants, and people in Dubai must be

you must be sure that there, you will find beaches plenty of

grateful for that because it helps to full beaches of

recreational activities to enjoy, but you do not have to forget


to take into account that in Dubai beaches wear is fine for

On the other hand, we have the private beaches of Dubai. This country is plenty of private beaches attached to famous luxury

both men and women on the beach, but it is advisable to change into casual every day wear before you leave the beach.

hotels. These private beaches are free for guests to use, and

So, the next time you are looking for a place to visit during

also accessible to non-guests against paying an entrance free.

your vacation, think about the lovely beaches that Dubai offers

Private beaches in Dubai are well equipped for a wide range of

to tourists.

beach activities. Some of these beaches tourists must come to visit are Sheraton Jumeirah Beach Resort Dubai, Burj Al Arab Hotel Dubai. Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Hotel, Mina A’ Salam Hotel, Dubai Marine Beach Resort and Le Meridien Mina seyahi Beach Resort. These marvelous beaches offer a wide variety of activities for tourists, besides that they have the option to stay at the swimming’s pools of the hotel; in which they are served by the

Hotels in Dubai The range of prices in each hotel is immensely wide, and the Dubai is a beautiful country in which tourists can enjoy excellent vacations in any hotel in Dubai; this country has glamorous hotels in different places with a complete and ample selection hotel in any categories to find the best hotel for your stay either 5 stars or even 7 stars. In Dubai you find

travelers looking luxury will find in all forms while travelers with a tight budget will find a doubles rooms from 40 euros. For unforgettable vacations; you must stay at one exclusive Hotel located in the best areas of the city, which are along the Arabian Gulf.

tallest hotels skyscraper, and some residences that are located in the highway, and hotels that are located undersea. Also, you can find a countless of hotels with a range of prices from hotels with economic prices to some luxurious hotels in the world.

Some famous hotels in Dubai are: Burj Al Arab , Jumeirah Beach hotel, Grovenor House hotel, and Al Murooj Rotana.

Burj Al Arab It´s a famous and beautiful hotel in

meters, and it´s the third tallest hotel in the world.

Dubai , and the unique that has 7

It´s located in the sea on an artificial island, and a road that connect with

stars in the world. The Burj Al Arab its

the land; it has 202 rooms, and the prices vary between $ 2,500 and

luxury hotel with a tower of 321

40,000 per night. It has 9 restaurants with different exclusives dishes.

Another hotel is located under of the sea offering transport by cars that

There is another hotel located 200 meters high allowing a panoramic view

were imported from Britain. Also, the customers can be transported in

of Dubai city.

the helicopter that goes directly to heliport that is located in the hotel.

Jumeirah Beach Hotel districts of the city of Dubai, coffee shops, luxury boutiques and other distinguished places. Also, complete with its own private beach and located within a promenade area with restaurants and contemporary Arabic Cultures. Choose from a selection of rooms and suites overlooking the pristine white sands of the Persian Gulf coast, and there is a gym of 400 square meters. It has 598 luxurious rooms, and beautiful suites. Also, it has 20 restaurants and some bares that have a beautiful view of the sea; this This is another important and famous hotel in Dubai . It is a 5 stars hotel;

hotel has a beautiful wave-shaped. It´s located in front of The Burj Al Arab

it´s very luxury, and it has the best location in the most dynamic city of the

Hotel; the customers have limited access to the aquatic park in that zone.

United Arab Emirates. This hotel has an easy access to the main business

This famous Jumeirah hotel has a famous mosque, and is visited for the

customers and non-Muslim visitors. The tuoristics can choose from the

Dubai, including a scuba diving center, five swimming pools, Sinbad’s Kids

widest array of leisure facilities around one of the best family hotels in

Club, and many things more.

Grovenor House hotel

The Grovenor House Hotel has two iconic towers of 45 floors, Tower One and Tower Two, redefined the world of luxury. Their Gleaming twin towers of the hotel are well-known in the port of Dubai, and the hotel has with 749 spacious, contemporary guest rooms, suites, and apartments with signature Luxury Collection beds. Also, the hotel has large windows with spectacular views of the sea, and attentive on-call butler service. The hotel is located just minutes from the beach, golf clubs, malls, and more, offering an exceptional setting for business, leisure and exploration. The food zone offers a stylish bars and restaurants that are the talk of the social scene, offering a world of taste from Turkey and across the Mediterranean to India. In Tower One and B two are Treatments designed to restore well-being to the body and mind in laid back but luxurious atmosphere. Also, the Guests also have unlimited access to our sister hotel called Le Royal MĂŠridien Beach Resort & Spa, which offers beach access and 13 additional restaurants and bars. Almost all installations are prepared to organize different events, meeting, and, delicious banqueting. Step into a world of refined heritage, and effortless chic.


imitation of an island which make people feel as in a real paradise; inside and out it is nicely decorated, the sky view

Dubai has become one the most visited place worldwide; this

bar give visitors a priceless experience.

populous city and emirate in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) received millions of tourist every year. It is located on the emirate´s northern coastline and heads up the Dubai-

A city with the most wondrous beaches in the region; some

Sharjah-Ajman- on the Persian Gulf on the metropolitan area.

under water hotels also there are restaurants that have

This city is famous for its amazing buildings of various

settled tables for visitors to sit there and have a glorious

architectural styles, shopping malls, beaches, stunning views,

meal with their feet being caress by that celestial waters of

places to practice different adventurous sports, water theme

the sea, all along the beach tourist can find private clubs,

parks, the best restaurants and hotels 7 starts and museums.

public places such as playgrounds, barbecue sites, food kiosks, picnic areas to enjoy with family, and waiter/waitress from restaurants attending: Al Mamzar beach and Jumeirah

Dubai has 5 starts hotels with the most sophisticated rooms,

beach are the most attractive beaches in Dubai. On the other

delicious food and an excellent service plus everything is near

hand, incredible desert landscapes where can practice desert

whether a mall or another great places; it is easy to find a

safari where it is also a camp with rhythms of best belly

good place once one might want to leave the hotel: for


instance, Burj Al Arab is an hotel officially state as the world only 7 star hotel: what makes this unique is that is built on an

People enjoy by

Besides that, Dubai is one of the safest cities in the world and

practicing skiing in

has low rates or almost nothing of crime. This place is also



known for its world- class racetracks and sports such as

beaches, the warn

diving, sailing, water skiing, 4Ă—4 racing, exotic sports like

water and the sun

camel racing and falconry.

shining make this a


adventure. On the other hand, this is a nice place for shopping in shops, boutiques and malls located around the city where people can find a variety of goods, over there is famous for its bargains. The climate is ideal for those who like a warn location, or for those who live in areas of cold weather.

Dubai is a lovely cosmopolitan city with an exciting nightlife; visitors enjoy by visiting bars with alcoholic drinks, dancing; most of the clubs present their best dancers that perform on the stage, professional belly dancers, and beautiful women with colorful clothing.


Excelent magazine of Dubai city and their beautiful an luxurious places that touristics can visit in the Arabic Peninsula at the southearte...


Excelent magazine of Dubai city and their beautiful an luxurious places that touristics can visit in the Arabic Peninsula at the southearte...